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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 80: Explaining


After Yi Tianyun going on full circle around the room, he didn’t find anything. It just as Qin Xue says, “There is nothing on the ruins beside the smelting trial stone tablet in the middle of the ruins.”

It’s pretty much a waste of time to look around, he thought to himself.

He proceed to return to the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet, when he reaches the hall, he sees a beam of light coming from the sky, along with a spark of light that falls into the hand of the disciples.

With much enthusiasm the disciple reached out his hands and quickly grasp the spark of light that come down ever so slowly. When the disciple received it and checked what it was, he shows a little bit of disappointment “Middle human level martial arts?” He shows his disappointment a little bit more with a sadness in his eyes.

A middle human level martial arts is actually a very good level of martial arts, but their objective in this ruins is to get their hands on an earth level martial arts, if they don’t, it goes without saying that they would be a little bit disappointed.

The disciple look up and notice that Yi Tianyun is looking at him, and frantically tries to hide the martial arts that he just got. After finishing the meditation the beam of light is slowly fading away which means he’s no longer protected from damage and susceptible from getting robbed or attacked inside the ruins.

There are many of the disciples of a great factions use this kind of advantage they have for getting a better martial arts than the one they got for them self. Their victims can only bite their nails as they can’t do anything and coming back empty-handed because Smelting Trial Stone Tablet only grant them martial arts once per entry.

This fact can be proved by the existence of the token, the token will lose its energy when it is used as a key. The energy would regenerate over time, and would take one or two years for it to replenish its energy.

The token is the only thing that preventing everyone to abuse Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins power. There can only one person for one token in any opening day of the ruins, you can’t enter and exit the ruins anytime you like. 

Its either you take the chance to get a martial arts and start cultivating those martial arts here, or tries to cultivate your base cultivation. The concentration of spiritual power in here is making it a one time opportunity to improve cultivation level as fast as possible.

Yi Tianyun stops looking at the disciple and walks to find his own place to meditate. Once he began meditating, the disciple breath a sigh of relief, for he knows that Yi Tianyun doesn’t seem to be interested on him.

After starting his meditation, Yi Tianyun was immediately covered by a beam of light. He felt that his consciousness is being drawn into the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet!

After a while, he entered an illusion realm surrounded by stone tablets, the floor around the stone tablets itself is yellowish colored sand. The yellow sand is very suspicious looking for him. when he took a look at the stone tablets, he noticed that each tablet has different content from each other. 

“Transforming Heaven Palm…”

“Heaven Cloud Palm…”

“Fantasy Light Palm…”

The stone tablet only provides the name of martial arts, there is no explanation about what kind of martial art it is. There is nothing to indicate what the martial arts is about, there is no way anybody could guess what the martial arts’ level is, or what effect it would have.

Would he leave everything to luck and randomly picked one of the martial art in front of him? He understands that he he only has one chance.

After a quick stroll around the tablets, Yi Tianyun notices that he couldn’t find any earth level martial arts that he knew. From the looks of it once a martial arts is granted to someone, it completely disappeared from this realm

However, Yi Tianyun doesn’t think of it too much, he reminded himself about his main quest. He understands that there’s nothing else other than the smelting trials stone tablet in the middle, seems to be relevant to finish his quest. There must be something inside here to finish his quest.

“What do I do to finish this quest now?”

Yi Tianyun frowned while thinking for a solution. After circling around the tablets, he believes that most of the martial engraved in there is the human level martial arts. It’s not surprising since the expert who create this Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins possess that many human level martial arts.

For First Level Faction, human level martial art is considered to be strong and good martial arts, but for a high level faction, human level martial arts will not bring you anywhere.

After a while he give up on circling around the tablets. He couldn’t find any clue on what he got to do to finish his quest. 

“It seems that there is only one way that I have yet to try.”

Yi Tianyun steadied his breath and activated the Luck Aura.

He really doesn’t know what to do anymore and decide to rely on his luck. With the amount of prestige he has combined with his Luck Aura, if his math is correct, his luck should be 500 times greater than before.

He also knows that luck doesn’t work mathematically like that, because luck is so bizarre that he could always fail even if his luck is enhanced to the brink of infinity. There are so many factors that could make the luck insignificant.

Even with that fact on mind, he couldn’t help but rely on it in this situation. He couldn’t find other way to progress his quest.

After activating his luck aura, he still didn’t touch any of the stone tablets, instead he continues walking around the tablets to see if there’s some kind of change with his extra amount of luck. After some time passes, he still can’t spot any differences at all. The tablets still arranged neatly like it was before he activates his luck aura.

“Strange, so it has nothing to do with luck?” Yi Tianyun frowned, “Or is this amount of luck still not enough?”

After trying many things in here with his lucky aura activated, like running off to the end of his vision only to return here to the tablets area short after. It seems that he can’t go out from this place.

When he decide that he needs to choose a stone tablets to end it, he quickly looks for one that he thinks has a nice ring on the name. When he found one, and about to touch it suddenly as it was, he comes to a revelation. Like being shocked, he quickly pull his hands away from the stone before he even touch it.

“Since it’s like a maze in here, it should be nothing wrong to try to solve it like one.” Yi Tianyun stood up, glanced around to all the stone tablets in the room. He quickly envisioned this room with all the stone tablets inside, and soon he realize that one stone tablet, is slightly apart from another one, and that stone tablet is right in front of him.

Yi Tianyun became somewhat frustrated from his own revelations, and shouted “Son of a bitch! I completely do something useless this entire time, moreover I wasted many Crazy Point just to find something right on my face this entire time!” He’s so frustrated, he can’t help but swear.

“Fuck this stupid stone tablet!” He destroys the stone tablets in front of him out of frustrations, completely smashed it to pieces. 

After the Stone Tablet was destroyed, his surroundings is changing into another environment. This time it seems like he is in the beach by an island with blue sea and blue sky.

“Seems like Luck Aura does have some effect after all, without solving the puzzle of the stone table i wouldn’t be able to come here.” Yi Tianyun shake his head in disbelief, and if by some chance he touched the stone tablet instead of destroying it, he probably would get the martial arts engraved in that stone, but that’s all, he won’t have any other clue leading to his main quest.

It seems that it’s really one luck after another.

If it was anyone else, surely they will not give in to their inner emotions, and destroys the stone tablets. They surely would touch it and get the martial arts engraved in there, but he surely think that the stone tablet he destroyed contained highest grade martial art in that room, probably would have to be a high tier earth level martial arts.

But Yi Tianyun doesn’t want any martial arts to begin with. He wants the entire Heavens immersing Ancient Ruins for himself!

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