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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 88: Appraisal Eye Level Up!


With Old Xuan leading the way, Yi Tianyun arrived at the weapons storage. After examining the weapons in this room however, Yi Tianyun feels somewhat disappointed. The weapon is all in common iron or in spirit tool level, which is not useful enough. And since the weapons here aren’t even used or properly maintained, most of them was already corroded, even some of the common iron level weapon is already reduced to scrap iron. The spirit tools are not an exception either, there is no helping it in this point, the weapons is already too damaged to be repaired again. It will be so much better to just make a new one.

“Is this all the weapon in the ruins?” Yi Tianyun asked Old Xuan. “Yes, I am sorry about the state of the weapon in here. It’s just that no one succeeded in becoming successor for such a long time that I don’t think it’s necessary to come here. But still, I didn’t expect them to be extremely damaged like this.” Old Xuan said to Yi Tianyun with a little bit of sadness in his eyes. He certainly wants to please Yi Tianyun as a new successor but things are not going his way.

“I understand, there is nothing we can do about this.” Yi Tianyun sighed, but he realized that he need to clean this pile of scraps away, after all there is no good thing left among these pile of trash in his place. 

Yi Tianyun quickly gathered all the damaged weapons and sold it all in one go. Old Xuan couldn’t help but gasp seeing the way Yi Tianyun deal with this, but he choose to not say anything, for he doesn’t know the extent of Yi Tianyun’s power.

After selling all the trash, Yi Tianyun frowns at the Crazy Point he acquired from the sale. It just too little for the amount of weapons he sold, the damaged Spirit Tools only worth around a few dozen Crazy Point, and the Common Iron one is even worse, only worth around a few Crazy Point. But this is not deterring him much, after all, all he wants to do is just clean the place up.

“Phew, finally the pile of trash is gone.” Yi Tianyun looks at the empty room in front of him and feels somewhat satisfied. Afterwards, he opened his Status Window and inspects it to see any changes. 

Player Name: Yi Tianyun

Level: 28 (Eighth Level Core Condensation)

Experience: 754322/2500000

Crazy Point: 58728

Prestige: 130 

Cultivation Techniques: Dark North Divine Art, Dragon God Secret Art, Xuan Tian Divine Art

Ability: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Sky Cloud Step, Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven

Weapon: Frost Fist, Scarlet Dagger, Wind Chasing Blade, Blood Fiend Divine Spear, Sword of Endlessness

Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots, Divine Armor, Shadow Cloak

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode, Lucky Aura

Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

Adornments: Forging God Hammer, Power bracelet, Power ring, Power Belt, Blood Fiend Bracelet

All items: Recovery Pill x18, Double Experience Pill x5, Gift Pack Lv31, Life, Bad Luck Pill

With his Crazy Point steadily increasing, and now it’s already around 58.000 points, he can upgrade the Appraisal Eye with this amount. But he hesitated on doing so, from his perspective, Appraisal Eye is not that important, thus leveling it up isn’t that necessary just yet.

“Forget it, leveling this thing up now is useless!” He said to himself, he’s really torn between this decisions. But after a while, he bites his lips in frustration and immediately level up the Appraisal Eye.

“Ding, consumes 50.000 Crazy Points, Leveling up Appraisal Eye!”

“Ding, successfully levels up Appraisal Eye! Adding new features: Double memory speed, double reading speed, and more detailed data. The next level requires 500.000 Crazy Point.”

Yi Tianyun huffed immediately after hearing the new features he gets, even though these effects are within his expectations. After re-reading the effect one more time, he wants to know what kind of new information that he can get with this more detailed data that he has. Immediately he uses his Appraisal Eye on himself to test the effect.

Yi Tianyun: Eighth Level Core Condensation, wearing Divine Armor, has an overall Combat Power of 61.000 Points. With Martial Art Dragon God Secret Art, Xuan Tian Divine Art. . . . Weakness: No Weakness.

After the martial arts line, he just skin through his own status to see what information is new with this new Appraisal Eye features. At the end of his status, he sees that one extra line was added, a Weakness! He clearly surprised, a weakness is the most critical aspect in martial arts, this is already become a great infestation in his head.

Immediately, he tries it on Old Xuan, to see if the feature appears to other things too.

Old Xuan: Peak Core Condensation, not materialized, Damage Nullification, Combat Power is 83.000 points, with Martial Art Xuan Tian Divine Art, Flying Thunder Palm . . . Weakness: Destroy Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins Great Array In order to kill, otherwise target is immune to any type of damage. Success on termination grants 20.000 Exp, 3000 Crazy Points. Chance on dropping: Xuan Tian Divine Art (Heavens Level), Flying Thunder Palm, Primordial Palm. . .

There is so much information listed in Old Xuan data that Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but to skim it through. “Turns out this upgrade is so good!” He says to himself

Yi Tianyun slaps his own thigh due to excitement, he didn’t expect the leveled up Appraisal Eye would give him this many information. He only expects it to give him double reading speed and that’s it. But now he can abuse this Appraisal eye to get a nicer drops and an easier victory. He already thinking on using Appraisal Eye combined with the Lucky Aura, he will not waste anymore Crazy Point on using his Luck Aura, he can assess the enemy drops chance first, if he sees something he wants, than he activates his Luck Aura, if they don’t possess anything he wants he simply kill them without activating the Luck Aura. Old Xuan that stands next to Yi Tianyun look at him weirdly, he only sees Yi Tianyun laughing and keeps on talking to himself like a madman, he can’t help but thought that Yi Tianyun is deeply upset by the state of weapons in the ruins.

“Young Master, something wrong? I know that the weapons are an embarrassment but I can assure you that the cultivation room will even things up” Old Xuan tries to comfort Yi Tianyun.

“No, there is nothing wrong, of course, take me to the cultivation room.” Yi Tianyun tries to put away his smiles, he still feels overwhelming satisfaction on leveling up the Appraisal Eye. He now learns that it so much better to just level up stuff he owns, than tried his luck on a lottery.

Immediately, Old Xuan leads him to Cultivation Room. The room itself still in a great condition, because of the Spirit Gathering Array, the concentrations of Spiritual Power in the room is extremely high. This room surely would be really useful later.

Yi Tianyun now can clearly see that Spirit King Xuan Tian didn’t just choose a random place to build his sanctuary. This place clearly is already been thoroughly investigated and checked before this place even built. The amount of Spiritual Power collected by the Spirit Gathering Array is enormous, but it’s true there’s no way to intervene time itself, he realized that the Spirit Gathering Array has deteriorated, and needs an immediate maintenance.

“There will be no problems as long as I fixed this.” Yi Tianyun says to himself, but he’s still unsure if he could restore it back to its prime state. If he can enhance the effect of Spirit Gathering Array, this place can become a better cultivation environment than Jade Palace.

“Well, this place is great. Is there any other place you can show me?” Yi Tianyun asked.

This place is a hidden place. So he can’t help but thinks that there is so many more room than the one he already sees. 

“No, those are the only rooms in this ruins, Young Master” Old Xuan said.

“Okay, I understand this place layout already” Yi Tianyun nodded. He already mapped all the rooms in the ruins, surely he doesn’t have any more problems inside here. Now comes the time to prepare to leave and look at the situations outside.

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