Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 58 Information Materialization


Sword Art Online. In 2022, humanity finally realizes virtual reality. VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)-Sword Art Online. A game that completely dives into the game puts consciousness into a virtual world composed of data and acts on its own consciousness.

NERvGear, a completely sneaky machine-a streamlined helmet that completely covers the head to the face. Numerous signal components are buried inside. These components are used to generate a complex electromagnetic field through the helmet, directly connected to the user’s brain supplements-burying the disaster for the mad scientist Akihiko Kayaba’s “Game of Death.”

November 6th, Sunday. Yuuki Asuna finished today’s class and returned home tired.

Flower arrangement and tea ceremony were not what she likes, but Asuna, who bears her mother’s earnest hopes, would do her best.

“I’m back. What is this?” Seeing his brother Yuuki Kouichirou, he was happily playing with the helmet-like machine.

“Asuna, you are back. This is NERvGear. Only 10,000 copies are sold in the world. On the day it was released, it was sold out within seconds.” Kouichirou looked up at the electronic watch hanging in the vast hall, and the red numbers on it showed 12:39:16.

“The server will be launched in 20 minutes. Hehe, maybe this game can provide good planning inspiration for our company.”

Ring~ Ring~. Koichiro’s phone rang.

“What? Okay. I’ll be right over.” Kouichirou hung up the phone, hurriedly, “I still have to go out in advance. My mother said I have something to discuss with you. I will go to her study at seven o’clock in the evening.”

“Well. Please go slowly.” Asuna asked Kouichirou at the door, “Right, this one, can you lend me?”

“Take it and use it.”

Yuuki Asuna picked up the helmet. Sword art online advertisements have long been overwhelming, and slogans such as “a stealth game that fully realizes virtual reality” could be seen everywhere.

Asuna herself was not interested in the game, but she was also curious at the moment. Lying on the bed in a comfortable position, she said.

“link start (start connection)”

Consciousness enters the luminous tunnel, and at the end was the login panel and registered identity information.

“ID? Asuna, all right.”

Yuuki Asuna (ゆうきあすな), derived from the Roman pronunciation of the name.

When she opened her eyes again, Asuna stepped onto the ‘Starting Town stone road,’ and every new player who logged in would start from here.

From the perspective of others, a blue halo flashed, and a figure appeared.

Each player could freely adjust their appearance, height, and voice. Asuna set herself in the image of aqua-blue long hair and pointed ears.

“This is Sword Art Online… It looks like the real thing.”

Asuna looked at her hands in amazement and then looked around. Except for the slight flaws in the human body modeling, everything else was exactly the same as real life.

This incredible feeling makes Asuna feel that the virtual character in this world is like her own clone, “If I were in this world, I…can be myself!”

The good times did not last long, and a tense atmosphere began to spread in the streets.

——Unable to log out of the game.

There was no explanation from the operator. As time passed, anxiety and fear began to linger in her heart.

The streets of the starting town began to swear, and some people even put their hands on the sides of their heads as if they were about to take off their transparent hats, trying to take off their helmets in reality.

However, Asuna knew that it was useless. To achieve a complete stealth environment, NERvGear ultimately canceled the command signal from the brain to the spinal cord and turned it into a signal that moves the body in this world.

No matter how hard she waved her hand here, the body lying on the bed in her room in the real world, her arms would not move even if she moved.

The icy cold that jumped up to her back made Asuna frightened inexplicably. The mail sent to GM was still falling apart. Just when her mood was wandering in uncertainty. The nightmare began to sway in the sky.

——If you died in the game, you were really dead.

Under the blood-colored sky, the terrifying death god who appeared from the massive drop of blood said so. Such a declaration, no one would believe it at first.

No, Asuna refuses to believe. The fear of death was instinctively rejecting. Ten hours after the death announcement, there were still many people waiting.

They thought this must be a mistake. Yes, yes, this must be just a joke made by the operator.

Maybe, they would be able to go out later, and then they must be angry with them “how can you do such a prank!”. However, ten hours have passed since the death announcement, and She still could not log out.

Asuna was desperate. She squatted helplessly in a dark corner, surrounded by noisy panic and anger. Asuna held her arms tightly, staring at the blank interface without blinking, where the logout button was original. Then appeared the words’ Dimensional Chat Room’.

This made her tremble, and Asuna clicked in hopefully.


【】(Sora) explained, “We are not a game developer, nor an operator, so literally, we are people from other dimensions. But speaking of game developers… Kayaba Akihiko, who is too obsessed with his childhood dreams, is trying to realize the fantasy of a ‘floating castle in the air’ in the virtual world. Well, I cannot understand his persistence. If there is a chance, Even if I fight for my life, I will make a similar move.”

Asuna shocked, “Are you kidding me? The game world is dead, and the high-power signal components buried in the helmet in the real world will burn the brain. This is murder!”

【】(Sora) tried to calm her down, “But don’t worry, do you know that Humanoid Interface? No human being is her opponent in terms of information and data. Even if the virtual level of the entire human world is advanced for hundreds of years, it cannot be The opponent of Humanoid Interface.”


Humanoid Interface? Is a master in the field of information? Although Asuna did not know what was going on, she finally heard the good news.

Sure enough, the outside world began a rescue operation. Moreover, this chat room was the best evidence.

Asuna felt like weeping with joy. She initially felt that this world should be dark, but it suddenly brightened at this moment.

Blue Sky said, “I probably don’t know. Talking about “Haruhi Suzumiya” to Asuna in 2022 is like talking about “Holy Biography” to the post-00s.”

【】(Sora) asked, “Asuna stopped talking. Do you doubt the authenticity of our story? Me too, dimensional chat room or something, it’s too much.”

Blue Sky disagreed, “Huh? Do you doubt it? I think you accepted it quickly.”

【】(Sora) replied, “You can’t just say everything naggingly.”

Asuna begged, “Please stop joking.” And asked, “Did the game crack smoothly? How long will we get out?”

Blue Sky answered, “Peace of mind, I have connected to your world’s network, Humanoid Interface has begun to analyze the built-in code of Sword Art Online, and it will soon liberate you.”

Hearing these words, Asuna’s tight heart finally relaxed. Ye You was slapped in the face as soon as he said what he said.

Humanoid Interface typed, “Can’t liberate them from the virtual world.”

“What?” Ye You were shocked. “The firewall set by Akihiko Kayaba, can’t even your breakthrough?”

Couldn’t you? Information bodies were intelligent beings that have existed since the birth of the universe. Information is interconnected to form a colossal information network. How could it be at a loss for the human network in 2022?

Humanoid Interface said, “No. The simple coding information has been deciphered. But there are more serious things.”

The informant explained, “Since just now, I have observed that ‘Aincrad,’ a floating formation composed entirely of data that should have only existed in the virtual world, tends to transform into an entity.”

【】(Sora) asked, “Fantastical manifestation?”

Humanoid Interface answered, “No, it’s information, materialization.”

Blue Sky asked, “Does this have anything to do with the inability to liberate the people trapped in the game?”

Humanoid Interface answered, “These ten thousand people are the continuous hub of ‘reality’ and ‘virtual.’ If they are liberated, ‘Aincrad’ may fully manifest.”

Blue Sky was curious, “What are the consequences of this?”

Humanoid Interface replied, “In the worst case, the world collapses.”

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