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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 160


As opposed to Garlic’s exasperation at this point, after sensing Shenron’s appearance, Kami knew that Mr. Popo had summoned it as planned.

Upon sensing that the few gates connected to the Demon Realm had been closed, the Old Kami’s face was slightly relieved. However, he knew that now was not the time to slack off.

As Niefer was leading his team to the Lookout, Son Gohan had already entered the Lookout one step ahead of him.

After explaining his intentions to Kami, Kami nodded and led him along the winding corridor to the depths of the Lookout.

“This is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. After you enter it, the time flow inside will become 365 times faster than outside…” When they arrived at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the Old Kami briefly introduced the situation inside.

Son Gohan listened attentively. When the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber opened, he took a breath and stepped inside.

The door rumbled closed, heavy pressure and heat coming from it, causing him to stiffen.

The gravity inside was ten times that of the outside world. The temperature changed continuously between fifty degrees celsius and forty degrees below zero.

This was why ordinary people couldn’t withstand the harsh environment inside.

However, the good thing was that those gravitational forces were not evenly distributed.

The closer the location to the entrance, the closer the gravity was to the earth’s gravity. Only the center was ten times the gravity.

“Time is running out; I must hurry and practice!”

Son Gohan was in awe and quickly went into training.


On Korin Tower.

Korin was sweating profusely, looking down through the tank at the situation below.

He was in a hurry as the endless number of demons were burning everywhere.

“What should we do? That guy is Garlic, right…”

“I didn’t expect him to make a comeback after turning into a demon. This time the crisis far surpassed that of the Great Demon King Piccolo back then!”

Korin kept pacing in front of the water tank, and its movements caught the attention of someone on the side.

“Immortal Korin, is something going on?” The one who asked the question was Gillo; he had been practicing on top of Korin Tower for many years. When Wuting, Liz, Arlo, and the others all left, Gillo stayed behind alone.

Since he had been exploring alone since childhood, Gillo’s martial arts were full of instincts.

After receiving Korin’s guidance, Gillo tried to merge with his martial arts, gradually evolving a whole new path.

Korin looked up and said, “There’s a catastrophe. A large number of demons have appeared on the earth.”

Gillo frowned, “Is that the same disturbing ki that appeared earlier?”

“That’s right. The demons now occupy the entire lower realm, and they are flooding like water.”

After hearing Korin’s words, Gillo’s face suddenly changed, “Immortal Korin, it seems I have to leave first.” Just after saying that, he jumped directly off the top of Korin’s tower and flew towards his hometown.


Korin watched quietly, not speaking for a moment.


The shores of the East Sea.

The demon race began to invade the surrounding towns. A winged demon race laughed loudly, his hands continually flinging blood-red ki waves.

“Hahaha, boy, you’re no match for me at all.”

There were four identical figures in front of this demon race. This was the Multi-Form School Disciple, Booker, who had made it to the top sixteen of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

At this point, facing the terrifying demon race, Booker’s stamina had reached the point where his lamp had run out of fuel.

“I definitely won’t let you hurt the people here.” Booker bowed his body; his eyes no longer open.

“Stupid human. You’re looking for death!”

The demon saw it and cried out in annoyance. It then condensed a ball of crimson ki in their hands and attacked Booker’s body.

The demon was an Earth Demon Race that came out of the Demon Realm along with the army of the Demon Realm.

However, because of its “weak” strength, it was not a demon race of the Greater Demon Realm.

That was why it could only come to the remote seaside by itself and never expected to encounter Booker of Multi-Form School.

The crimson ball of ki was about to hit Booker but at this moment—


A deep blue light came from the ocean, and the ki wave hit the demon’s ki ball, which scattered chaotic air currents.

A white-bearded old man dressed in black was seen floating slowly from the ocean on a turtle.

“Young man, you’ve done a good job. Leave the rest to me.”

Master Roshi patted Booker on the shoulder and pulled Booker behind him. He then faced the demon in front of him.

“You are Master Roshi!”

“It’s me.” Master Roshi blocked Booker’s path.

“A bad old man!” That demon laughed when he saw Master Roshi.

“It is sufficient enough to deal with you.” Master Roshi thought that he was no match for those powerful demons, but the one in front of him was still in control.

Swiftly, Master Roshi moved, only to come forward and fight that demon…

This happened worldwide as countless martial arts practitioners led their divisions out to the front lines of the battlefield.

Orin Temple, Thousand Cranes School, and the Maple Leaf School… group of Beast, which were practitioners with strength beyond that of ordinary people, all of them resisted the front lines of the battlefield.

Although they were fragile in the face of the terrifying demons, these martial arts practitioners stood out without turning back.

This, of course, was accompanied by endless deaths and injuries.


A hillock.

The cold wind blew, and small snowflakes drifted in the gloomy air. Master Shen was alone in front of a village.

Opposite him was a barbed demon race, a demon race that was no weaker than the Great Demon King Piccolo.

The terrifying demonic aura stimulated Master Shen’s nerves, causing him to break out in a cold sweat, yet he never gave in.

It was said that Master Shen was a sinister man, but when he was young, he had stood righteously before the demons.

Only when he got old, he parted ways because his philosophy didn’t match Master Roshi.

However, now when the demons appeared again, Master Shen finally showed his commitment as a martial arts master.

“Is this the only way?” Master Shen looked back at the crumbling mountain village – his former hometown.

He pulled a small bottle out of his pocket with a bite and placed it on the ground.

“Old Tortoise, I couldn’t outsmart you in the end.”


With this shout, pale green spiral ki whirled out to meet the then demon in front of him.

After that, the demon was sucked into the small bottle. Master Shen struggled to close the lid and died of exhaustion before he could affix the seal.

A little while later, with a rumbling sound, the small bottle was broken open, and the barbed demon race flew out again.

“That was close; what just happened?” The demon trembled for a while, then looked at Master Shen, who had fallen to the ground, and saw that Master Shen was already dead.

The demon patted his chest with a fearful face, his arrogance rising again… However, just as his hideous face was ready to kill that small village again, two figures, a man and a woman, blocked his way.

“Here come two more people looking for death.”

“Senior brother, he’s already dead.” The one who spoke was a dark green-haired woman, Mexia, who had come out of the Great Azure Mountain with Muyang and was preparing to head to the West City.

“Mm.” Muyang took a faint glance at the Master Shen’s corpse and turned his attention to that demon.

“Uh …….”

For some reason, when the human’s flat eyes stared at him, the demon actually felt a slight chill.


Ordinary people couldn’t know firsthand what was happening around the earth. However, these things could not be hidden from the Central City, which had just launched a satellite.

Moreover, the demons’ appearance in full view of the public had already been captured on video by many witnesses. Some television stations were still rolling them out.

At that moment, Central City’s office was terribly quiet. The contemporary king saw the sight of what was happening around the world through his monitor.

Then, the whole world was stunned.

On the monitor, and the wind was raging. The weather was gloomy, black figures gathered together, and the dark green demons kept firing terrifying energy bombs.

Each one of them was like a nuclear bomb, easily destroying buildings within a radius of several kilometers, turning a large city into ruins in the blink of an eye.


The king and senior officials of the Central City watched the video in stunned silence.

The ring-shaped blast crater was constantly striking everyone’s nerves.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on? Where all those weird looking creatures are coming from?” After being silent for a long time, The king broke the silence.

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