Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 181


The training was ageless. In the blink of an eye, Muyang had already spent three months in the North Kai’s Planet.

Under North Kai’s force, Muyang’s every movement was incomparably difficult. Finally, after he managed to capture Bubbles, North Kai stopped his training on speed and movement.

North Kai’s said, “You should now be able to overcome twenty times the earth’s gravity easily and have met my requirements in terms of strength.”

“Honestly, you are already powerful now. There is not much more I can teach you in terms of martial arts. Since there’s nothing to teach you in terms of strength and technique, I’ll teach you something special.”

At this point, North Kai’s voice rose, and his face showed a proud look.

“What does North Kai’s intend to teach me?” Muyang pretended to be confused, when in fact, he had been looking forward to it for a long time.

North Kai’s proudly said, “The technique called Kaio-ken. This is a technique developed by me after countless years of observing the martial arts of the Lower Realms and spending my life’s work on researching it!”

This was it. Kaio-ken!

Muyang’s eyes lit up. Actually, compared to the Kaio-ken, what he wanted to learn most instead was the Spirit Bomb.

Because he was now able to mobilize the entire space’s power in the Acceleration Space, once combined with the Spirit Bomb, it would be perfect for blasting through the third limit.

However, Kaio-ken wasn’t bad. Although it was a bit more severe on his body, the doubling power level feature would also be a great help for his future breakthroughs.

North Kai’s held his head high and looked very proud of himself.

“Kaio-ken is a move that forces the body to increase its power level. An ordinary Kaio-ken can increase the power level of 1.5; twice as Kaio-ken can increase the power level two times, triple Kaio-ken can increase the power level three times. Theoretically, as long as the body can withstand it, it can continuously increase its power!”

“But there is one thing that must be remembered.” North Kai’s solemnly cautioned, “The use of Kaio-ken must be within the limits of your ability. If it is beyond your body’s capacity, Kaio-ken can cause great damage to your body. So, to be safe, it’s best not to use more than twice as much Kaio-ken!”

In fact, North Kai’s was guessing about the high multiplier of the Kaio-ken. Because so far, there was simply no human who could withstand power level beyond the triple range.

Savagely boosting power level was the same thing as Super Saiyan Transformation. The difference was that Super Saiyan started with 50 times power level, while Kaio-ken would directly crush the flesh down if it tried to reach 50 times.

Muyang listened attentively to North Kai’s bragging about his best technique there. He knew that Kaio-ken was actually not as magical as North Kai’s imagined.

Due to North Kai’s strength limitations, most of the conclusions that followed were inferences.

Muyang was not a Saiyan; he did not have the luxury of greatly multiplying his power level.

In his consciousness, abilities like the Kaio-ken, where the power level was borrowed in various ways, were not like his power level. Whether there were side effects or not was unknown, and Muyang always felt ungrounded.

Just as the Old Kai had said, blindly pursuing the multiplication of power level would lead someone to fall into an evil path.

With Kaio-ken, twice the amount was enough.

When the situation was critical, whether or not to make an exception was another matter. However, it was important not to place too much hope in Kaio-ken.

Of course, for Muyang, as long as it could help him blast through his future limits, he was willing to learn either the Kaio-ken or Spirit Bomb.

However, the essence of power still had to rely on himself, and he could not form a dependency on them.

“Please teach me the Kaio-ken technique!”

“Hmmm, get ready to learn my great fighting technique. The trip will be worth it if you can learn Kaio-ken!” North Kai’s hummed and laughed.

His obese body trembled violently. He then explained to Muyang the training technique of Kaio-ken.

Muyang listened attentively.

North Kai’s Kaio-ken was a technique that he had created through countless years of observing the Lower Realm’s martial arts and then developed it through his research. It was actually an upgraded version of the Power Up, used to increase the power level.

After all, North Kai was a martial arts master who had experienced countless years. After his exploration, Kaio-ken substantially overcame the hazards caused by exploding ki by a large margin.

Kaio-ken within twice as much was safer; the energy efficiency was far higher than exploding ki.

Afterward, in his training, with the more in-depth study of Kaio-ken, Muyang felt more profoundness of the Kaio-ken; many parts of it had opened his eyes, and there was much to learn from it.

North Kai’s didn’t have any worries about Mexia’s existence when Muyang was learning Kaio-ken.

It should be said that the North Kai actually wanted more people to learn his Kaio-ken.


Two months later.

Muyang had fully absorbed the principles of Kaio-ken. In fact, if he were only performing Kaio-ken, he would have already learned it. However, studying the principles within it took him a great deal of time.


With a loud shout, a bright white light erupted from Muyang’s body. Within the bright white light was a hint of dark red light. It was the effect that came from casting Kaio-ken.

After this training period above the Kai’s Planet, Muyang’s power level had approached the 10,000 marks.

So, when he performed twice Kaio-ken, his power level whooshed upwards, reaching a level close to 20,000.

North Kai sat on the recliner, leisurely watching Muyang practice. When he saw Muyang display twice Kaio-ken, North Kai nodded inwardly.

“This guy’s qualifications are so good. It’s completely impossible to tell that he’s a human from a Low-Level Planet. Such a person, perhaps with a little training, could become a strong person in the universe. Tsk, with 20,000 power level, he can already walk across the North Area.”

There weren’t many races in the universe that had reached 10,000 power levels. Even the King of Saiyan Race, who was so powerful, could live very freely as long as he didn’t mess with those Universe Overlords.

Mexia fluttered her turquoise eyes at this time, looking at Muyang with a look of horror in her eyes. She shouted loudly, “Kaio-ken is so powerful. I will have to learn this technique in the future.”

“It’s awesome, isn’t it!” North Kai turned his head proudly, “Actually, my best technique isn’t even the Kaio-ken… It’s just that this technique is too demanding, and no one can learn it.”

“Uh-huh.” Mexia nodded, serenely approaching North Kai, “Lord Kai, what is your other best technique? Can you teach me? You’ve taught my senior brother Kaio-ken, but you haven’t taught me anything yet?”

North Kai looked at Mexia and shook his head, “Don’t think that I can’t see what’s in your heart. My other best technique is called the Spirit Bomb. It requires a pure heart to learn. Your mind is now full of filth, so you can’t learn it. It’s already a blessing for you to be able to see Kaio-ken.”

With that said, he also gave Mexia an expression that said, ‘You should be content.’

Mexia’s face reddened; North Kai actually said that her mind was now filled with filth; it was too damned.

She glared fiercely at North Kai. Instead of teaching her, he said that her soul was filthy.

It wasn’t her wish to be infected by the demon’s ki. Sitting down on her butt in exasperation, Mexia beckoned a glass of drink and took a hard sip.

“How can there be people with pure hearts in this world?”

North Kai smiled proudly. The Spirit Bomb was the most prideful of his life’s work; it was hidden as a pathway to a higher dimensional level.

Its training was so demanding that the entire North Area couldn’t find anyone qualified to learn it.

Even Muyang might not be qualified to learn it!

However, when it came to the North Area that he commanded, North Kai was not in a good mood.

The North Area was said to be under his jurisdiction, but it was just a scattered mess in reality. Most of the territory had always been dominated by both fathers and sons, King Cold and Cooler.

It was said that recently, there seemed to be another guy named Frieza, who was also a villain. However, sadly, North Kai had no slightest way of dealing with the three of them.

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