Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 183


The Snake Road’s ethereal and clear space was filled with auspicious clouds and surrounded by divine ki.

The long Snake Road meandered and hovered above the golden clouds, like a long dragon with no visible beginning or end.

On the way back, the Snake Road pressure was far less intense than when he came. Muyang’s movements were light and swift like a bolt of lightning. In the blink of an eye, he ran ten thousand kilometers away.

Mexia floated beside Muyang. As she gradually moved away from the Kai’s Planet, her body became unreal once again.

“Senior brother, where are you planning to go now?”

Muyang maintained his swift flight as he flew and said, “There is a mystical planet in the universe called Planet Yardrat. There are many magical mysteries in it, so I plan to go there to see them.”

“Planet Yardrat?” Mexia silently recited the name over and asked, “Do you know the location of this planet?”

Muyang replied, “I’ve already consulted this with Kai when I was training with him. Planet Yardrat is located on the east side of the North Area. It takes about four months to travel from the earth.” 

“Four months!” Mexia stumped her tongue, “That’s really far away. It only takes a month to get to the Planet Namek.”

Muyang said, “It’s actually not bad. The North Area is so wide that there are planets that take two or three years to travel one way.”

In the original story, Vegeta and Nappa were on a mission at the North Area’s edge. It took them a full year to come to earth.

Of course, this was due to the speed of the spaceship. It was also the same for Planet Namek.

It took Bulma and the others a month to travel in an armored spaceship and only six days for the modified spherical spaceship. 

However, no matter how fast the spaceship was, the time spent on the journey would always be no less, which caused many inconveniences.

That was why Muyang wanted to go to the Planet Yardrat and learn the Instant Transmission.

This skill was comparable to one of the best in the Dragon Ball original story. So, as a traveler, he couldn’t miss it no matter what.

Muyang was talking to Mexia while flying quickly to the Other-World. With the sacred ki in the air gradually becoming less, they had entered the Other-World from Kai space. From here on, they would be affected by the chaotic ki from Hell again.

Muyang stopped, his body floating above the Snake Road. He then opened the Acceleration Space.

With a fluctuation in the space, the two of them had appeared in the Acceleration Space. 

“Mexia, you stay here first.”

After settling Mexia in the Acceleration Space, Muyang’s eyes casually glanced around and subconsciously looked up.

He saw that the sky eighty kilometers away from the ground had already gathered thin clouds and mist. According to the term earth’s atmosphere, it was already in the ionosphere.

There was a slight smile on his face, and Muyang no longer had much pressure on the constantly forming clouds.

Upon looking at the cloud state, there was still a considerable amount of time before it was formed and pressed down.

For him, who had mastered the Kaio-ken, the third limit was no longer a problem; he was confident.

What surprised Muyang instead was the ki that pervaded the Acceleration Space. When he was in Kai’s Planet, he hadn’t missed pouring in Kai’s Planet’s divine ki.

Under the influence of this divine ki, the Acceleration Space transformation seemed to accelerate quite a bit.

The air became fresher, and clusters of bright green grasses grew on the originally bare ground.

It looked even more vibrant than before.

This seemed to be an excellent start to the year.

After being intimate with Mexia for a while, Muyang said goodbye to her. He then left the Acceleration Space and continued to fly on the Snake Road.


With over 12,000 power level in full force, Muyang’s speed increased to an astonishing level.

Only a white flash of light quickly swept across the void, while the golden clouds on either side automatically cracked a path. 

The frenzied tail currents followed closely behind, creating a violent storm.

Soon, a blurred building appeared in front of the ground line. The golden clouds pressed down on the ground, and a Snake’s Head with a bloody mouth open appeared.

Upon seeing the entrance to the Snake Road, Muyang drummed his speed up another notch.


Both his feet stepped on the entrance of the Snake Road. Muyang then turned around and flew towards the building where King Yemma’s office was located.


At the King Yemma Palace entrance, the kid with horns on his head was still maintaining the soul procession’s order.

When he saw Muyang coming, the witty kid wiped his eyes. His face changed, and immediately acted politely, leading Muyang into King Yemma Palace.

“Lord, please follow me in. Lord Yemma is in his office; please wait for a moment.” 

“Well, thanks!” Muyang said politely.

In the palace, King Yemma was holding books to judge the souls below. When he saw the kid leading Muyang in, he was surprised and asked, “Oh my, you’re back from Kai’s Planet so soon?”

“Yes, King Yemma. Please send me back to earth.” Muyang smiled and nodded.

King Yemma responded, quickly picked up the seal, and stamped it on the book. He then contacted Annin in a way reserved for gods.

It wasn’t long before Annin, dressed in a godly outfit, appeared in King Yemma’s palace.

This time, Annin didn’t come alone. She also brought Son Gohan with her.

“Yo, Gohan, long time no see.” Raising his hand and smiling, he greeted Son Gohan.

After not seeing him for a while, Son Gohan’s skills had improved again. His power level had reached 900, similar to the Saiyan Saga’s Z-Fighter during the Saiyan invasion. It seemed that he had been working hard to train. 

Son Gohan was also thrilled to see his old friend. After chatting with Muyang for a while, he respectfully said to King Yemma, “Lord Yemma, please allow me to challenge the Snake Road.”

King Yemma waved his hand, “Go ahead and go. However, it would be best if you remembered the rules. You can only see Kai if you pass the Snake Road test.”

Son Gohan then glanced at Annin beside him; he said, “Would Annin like to practice at Kai’s place? You’ve been stuck above the third level dimension for tens of thousands of years; it’s time for a breakthrough.” 

With a slight frown on her fair brow, Annin thought for a moment and said, “Alright, I’ll try to see if I can make a breakthrough!”

Next, King Yemma signed two more licenses with a big wave of his hand. Before that, Annin still had to send Muyang back to earth.

On the way back, Muyang told Son Gohan about North Kai’s interests, hoping that it would help him.

“By the way, Gohan, didn’t I leave a spaceship in the Mount Five Elements? That spaceship will be given to you. After you finish your training at Kai’s Planet, I suggest that you go to Planet Namek. The Grand Elder there has an ability that will help you improve your strength. Annin knows the coordinates.”

Muyang estimated that after Son Gohan finished his training from Kai’s Planet, his strength could rise several times.

After that, he could go to Planet Namek to practice. It shouldn’t be a problem for his strength to surpass Krillin, who was more robust than Son Gohan when he was in Planet Namek.

Reasonably, Son Gohan, at this period, was not less talented than Krillin.

Of course, Muyang knew that it was physically exhausting for the Grand Elder of Planet Namek to perform his abilities under aging conditions.

So he suggested that Son Gohan took some extra Senzu Beans with him when he went to compensate.

“Thank you. I will seriously consider your suggestion.” Son Gohan thought about it and said gratefully.

Muyang nodded lightly. He then returned to the Mount Five Elements, escorted by the divine power of Annin.

The scene before him changed in a whirl. When he came back to his senses, Muyang was already in the Mount Five Elements.

Annin had left a parting body to manage the Furnace of Eight Divisions’ fire as she turned around and gone back to the Other-World. 

“It’s really inconvenient not having Instant Transmission. I need help everywhere.” Muyang shook his head.

Once again, lamenting the importance of Instant Transmission, thinking that it would be better to go to Planet Yardrat to learn Instant Transmission quickly. 

After leaving the Mount Five Elements, Muyang did not return to the Great Azure Mountain but went straight to Korin Tower.

Before the demon invasion, Muyang had handed over all the ingredients to refine the Elixir of Immortality to Korin. Korin had promised a year, but he didn’t know how the refining was going until now. So, he decided to check it out. 

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