Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 200


The next day, in the early morning, rain dew hung on the foliage. The sun shone down, reflecting the brilliant colors.

Muyang was in a small building in the Great Azure Mountain. He was suspended in the air with his legs crossed in the courtyard, emitting a burst of tangible whirlwinds around him.

However, the strange thing was that although these whirlwinds were strong, they had almost no effect on the surrounding area.

At this moment, Muyang opened his eyes, a cluster of streaks of light flashed in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a satisfied smile.

“Finally, I’ve reached 60,000 power level.”

Half a year ago, if he had this kind of strength, combined with the increase of Kaio-ken, he wouldn’t have chosen to retreat when he faced the Ginyu Force.

Since he had broken the second limit, his training’s speed had changed drastically compared to before.

The breaking of the limit was like the sublimation of life, in a sense that although the racial attributes had not changed, the layers had significantly increased.

This was somewhat like Son Goku, who could freely transform into a Super Saiyan. From the bloodline, the children born afterward were all very talented.

Because of the breakthrough of the Super Saiyan, the shackles on the bloodline were broken, and the level was significantly raised. Of course, whether or not they could become a master was a different matter.

In a small way, Muyang saw some of the famous names in the universe from this point.

No race in the universe was born powerful. From the beginning of their birth, they gradually grew from ignorance through generations of ancestors’ efforts.

Similarly, although the earthlings were a Low-Level Race, as long as they worked hard and gradually strengthened in the future, there would also be the day that they raised to High-Level Race.


A young silhouette quickly ran over.

“Senior Brother Muyang, I’ve completed a lap around the Great Azure Mountains.” Kanalita gasped, her little face turning red from the intense exercise.

The little girl named Kanalita was Muyang’s first disciple. Her parents were Aso and Ness; her fiery red hair was inherited from Niess’ genes.

At that moment, Mexia flew up from Kanalita’s head and complimented, “Senior brother, Kanalita’s talent is outstanding. She can run a whole lap around the Great Azure Mountain at only four years old.”

“Senior sister, I’m not that good.” Kanalita tilted her head up in embarrassment and reached out her hand to grab Mexia’s body and hold it in her arms.

It was unknown whether she regarded Mexia as a senior or a pure puppet toy.

Muyang smiled and touched Kanalita’s head a few times, “Kanalita is awesome; this is amazing. Your teacher and his wife weren’t even as good as you when we were little.”

“Really?” Kanalita’s eyes lit up, and she smiled. She actually liked to be praised by adults.

“Of course. That’s why you need to practice the martial arts of Kami School and become the most powerful person on earth in the future.”

“Uh-huh!” Kanalita was encouraged and nodded her head vigorously.

“That’s a good girl. Go back to your mom and dad; you have to exercise under their supervision, no slacking off.” Muyang amiably instructed Kanalita.

For small children, properly giving them high hats could inspire them to fight.

“I’m not slacking off.”

Sure enough, Kanalita wrinkled her nose and made a face towards Muyang and Mexia before bouncing off in the direction of her house.

Mexia laughed, “Kanalita is so smart. She’s so powerful at such a young age.”

Muyang watched the little one gradually run away and nodded approvingly, “She’s been practicing Kami School Martial Arts since she was a child. However, her starting point is a lot higher than ours in the beginning.”

Muyang’s talent was actually not particularly genius. However, because of the Acceleration Space in his body, he had done an excellent job of settling down in the early stages of “primitive accumulation,” which was why he was now soaring to the sky.

However, for Kanalita, Muyang had high expectations.

“Senior brother, I know you plan to use her as a successor, so when do you want to teach her something profound?”

Muyang smiled and shook his head, “It’s still too early. Too many fancy exposures will only distract her. When she grows up a bit more and builds a solid foundation, I’ll teach her the best techniques. I’ll have to talk to the teacher and the elders about that too.”

“Oh my, then in the future, when Kanalita learns senior brother’s martial arts, won’t she be invincible?” Mexia narrowed her eyes.

Kanalita’s talent was revealed early on, and the Kami School was treating her as a treasure.

“It’s still early!” Muyang smiled, then took out the purple card of the Galactic Patrol.

The card’s crystal clear material was very delicate, and he didn’t know what material it was made of.

Reasonably, the most technologically advanced in the Galaxy was probably the Galactic Patrol.

Even if their spaceships traversed the four great galaxies, it would only take a few months.

This would have been impossible for any other civilization’s spaceships to complete in less than a decade.

“In a little while, when the gravity spaceship’s transformation is complete, we’ll go to the Central Area.”

Mexia was interested, “Are we finally going to the Central Area? I wonder what it’s like there.”

Muyang said, “Of course there is a collection of strong people there. Some of the overlords who dominate the star territory regard it as a forbidden area and don’t dare to send their forces there. So you can imagine the number of strong people in there.”

“The four great galaxies are ruled by the East, South, West, and North Four Kais. Above the four Kais, there is the legendary higher level Grand Kai. The Grand Kai rule the entire Galaxy, and that Galactic Patrol, as the organization that maintains the stability of the Galaxy, has the support of the Grand Kai behind it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to communicate with the Other-World’s system.”

“The Galactic Patrol is really something,” Mexia exclaimed.

“What remarkable isn’t the power level of the Galactic Patrol itself, but its platform effect,” Muyang explained. “Although the Galactic Patrol is sparse and lacking in strength, as a platform that gathers strong people from all over the Galaxy, this number of people is already enough. Its value is also reflected in the platform’s information distribution.”

The Galactic Patrol maintained the Galaxy’s stability not by the Patrolman’s strength, but by the strongest people in the universe like Muyang, who had gotten their free mercenary registration cards.

“Senior brother, I really want to go to the Central Area as soon as possible.” Mexia was looking forward to the Central Area.

“Soon.” Muyang smiled, “By the way, Son Gohan hasn’t returned to earth yet, right?”

Mexia said, “Yes, I went to the Mount Five Elements to ask Annin. She said that Son Gohan is now training in Planet Namek.”

“Did he finally go to Planet Namek?” Muyang narrowed his eyes.

Five or six years ago, Muyang had reminded Son Gohan that he could go to Planet Namek after finishing his training at Kai’s Planet. It seemed that he had done so.

In the original story, Krillin’s power level suddenly soared tenfold to 15,000 power levels after the Grand Elders developed his potential at Planet Namek.

Now, Son Gohan was no worse than Krillin, and because of his years of training in the Kai’s Planet, his power level had surpassed that of Krillin before he went to Planet Namek.

It was worth mentioning that the Kai’s Planet’s training had also led to a breakthrough for Annin. She had now managed to break through the limits of a Third Level Dimension God.

After tens of thousands of years of waiting, she was finally promoted to a Level Forth God, with a status similar to King Yemma.

“Mexia, since Son Gohan is in Planet Namek, let’s go over there and take a look.” Muyang had an Elixir of Immortality in his hand that was for Son Gohan.

“Yeah!” Mexia nodded instantly.

After that, Muyang placed Mexia in the palm of his hand. One hand was on his eyebrow and searched according to the location of Planet Namek.

Planet Namek was very far away from earth, and it wasn’t easy to move there with Instant Transmission.

However, the good thing was that there was a clear target. The strongest person on it was strong enough that Muyang quickly caught the ki there in one direction.

“This ki, it’s from Son Gohan. It’s much stronger than expected.”

It wasn’t a situation like Son Goku’s where he couldn’t find the New Planet Namek. Muyang captured the ki from Planet Namek’s side very smoothly.

Instant Transmission was activated immediately.


A blur of light flashed by, and Muyang appeared in the blink of an eye on the distant Planet Namek.

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