Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 58


The disciples of the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts Dojo were roughly divided into three categories.

The first was a true disciple like April, who was enrolled in the Heavenly Sky School. This category allowed the disciple to learn all the Heavenly Sky School’s martial arts.

The second was a martial arts practitioner from the neighborhood or a more talented teenager. This category allowed disciples to learn the Heavenly Sky School fighting techniques by paying a fee to become a dojo disciple. 

The third was the villagers who listened. For this category, the dojo teacher wouldn’t give them any special guidance, and it was up to them to decide how much they could understand.

Of course, through selection, the dojo would also recruit several people to become teachers at the dojo and be responsible for teaching the basic martial arts to everyone.

At this time, the number of the first category of disciples was the smallest among those who were currently residing in the martial arts dojo.

There were only a dozen or so true disciples of the Heavenly Sky School, except for a few who needed to practice and were residing in the martial dojo. The remaining few were children like April. They were still young and needed to learn about the culture in the village.


When Muyang and April pushed open the door and walked into the dojo, there were already some disciples practicing in the dojo.

of them were children from a few nearby villages, as there was a regular school not far from the dojo, and the village parents were happy for their children to learn a bit of self-defense.

“Senior Brother Muyang is here. Senior Brother Muyang is here.”

As soon as they stepped through the door, the disciples inside saw their big brother coming, shouting loudly. Soon three or five teenagers ran over. They were about fourteen or fifteen years old.

They were the true disciples of the Heavenly Sky School. Besides them, there was also some older martial arts practitioner who practiced in this martial arts dojo.

“Senior Brother Muyang, I heard that you won the World Martial Arts Tournament, can you tell us about it?”

“Yeah, tell us about it.”

The fellow disciples gathered around and chattered non-stop. Even the other disciples who were practicing in the dojo came together, all watching with admiration.

Muyang had a smile on his face. Not many people within the Heavenly Sky School knew about the World Martial Arts Tournament in the past. But since Muyang had won this year’s tournament, of course, Isaac and the others were vigorously promoting this kind of glamorous event.

It was so much so that all of the nearby Ten Mile Countryside knew about it. Thus the number of the Heavenly Sky School Martial Dojo’s disciples became much more extensive.

When you listen to the name, the World Martial Arts Tournament, how noble and classy it was.

Since Brother Muyang had won this tournament, wouldn’t that make him the best martial arts practitioner in the world?

This perception was a bit off, but in reality, with Muyang’s current strength, he was qualified to declare himself as the best martial arts practitioner in the world.

“Okay, I’ll tell you about it later.” Muyang nodded and smiled.

“Senior Brother Muyang, why do you have time to come to the martial arts dojo, is there something you need to explain?” The one who spoke was one of Muyang’s junior sisters, Ness. She was one of the temporary teachers at the martial arts dojo.

Muyang nodded, “That’s right. This time I come to the dojo to stay here for a while. If you have any questions about your training, you can come and ask me.”

“Really? Great, we have a lot of questions.”

“The teachers often say that Senior Brother Muyang’s strength has surpassed theirs.”

A few disciples opened the floodgates of conversation, excited that Muyang was able to stay in the martial arts dojo.

Because Muyang’s martial arts had always been the best among all the disciples, and with everything that the teachers often talked about after the World Martial Arts Tournament. They all had even more confidence in Muyang’s strength and wanted to learn something from him.

In the same way, the other disciples in the martial dojo also had an excited expression on their faces when they heard Muyang mention this.

Most of them were lacking in martial arts talent but desperately dreaming of becoming martial arts practitioners. It was such an honor to have a winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament to teach them now.

They made up their minds that they would study hard later, and if they could learn a little bit more, it would be useful enough for them for the rest of their lives.

April then pulled one of the older brothers beside her and asked, “Hey, Brother Yiya, what’s the World Martial Arts Tournament?”

The disciple named Yiya looked at April and said, “The World Martial Arts Tournament is an event attended by martial arts practitioners from all over the world, which is said to be held only once every five years.”

“Only once every five years!!!”

April listened in amazement and wrestled her hand to count. She was soon shocked as she was just a little over five years old herself.

Came to think of it, the World Martial Arts Tournament seemed pretty awesome.

Yiya proudly said, “Yes, the grand event attended by masters from all over the world. The most recent one was just half a year ago when Brother Muyang participated in that competition and then defeated all the opponents to get the title. Sister April, don’t you think it’s awesome!”

“Ummmm, awesome!”

April’s mouth was wide open, and she was nodding her head like a little fangirl. Suddenly, she remembered the power her brother had shown when he had rescued her.

When he fell from the sky and defeated the bad guys with a few swishes, her brother was undoubtedly the best in the world.

Muyang looked at everyone’s excitement and pressed his hand, “Alright, you guys continue your training. I’ll go with April to drop off our stuff so that you can ask me any questions later.”

“I’ll take you to your room, Brother Muyang.” A junior brother volunteered to lead Muyang and April to the backyard.

There were six or seven indoor martial arts venues in the Heavenly Sky School Martial Art Dojo. A large courtyard with eight or nine rooms in the back provided private residential for disciples and dojo teachers to live in.

After Muyang and April left, the disciples began to return from their excitement. Under the direction of the teacher, they swung their fists and kicks in a single motion.

The dojo only taught basic punches, but you could still become a formidable fighter if you could integrate them.

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