Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 156


Frieza felt very intrigued. They dared to come out and attack him, which required a lot of courage! Their strength in the entire universe was quite moderate, but compared with Lord Frieza, it was too far from.

Looking at their appearance, they were challenging his authority!

Frieza swept around with his hands behind his back, with a playful smile on his face, “It’s interesting, didn’t you see how the king strike just now. How a cat or a dog dare to challenge this king? But since you have come out, do not think about going back, this king will grand your wish to die.”

Son Goku frowned. He felt that the dwarf in front of him was talking too big. He directly told him that the opponent only had a few hundred thousand power levels, but how could he be arrogant to such an extent? It was simply a rhythm of death! On second thought, he was a bit dazed, unaware that he was considering the opponent with his power level. It could be said that time had changed. Thinking about his strength before the breakthrough, his eyes had been limited to the Earth. At that time, had he ever heard of a strong man with a power level of tens of thousands?

That was simply an extraordinary existence!

Now that his own power level was over a million, he could look at hundreds of thousands of power level strong people, not looking up but looking down. Subconsciously, it was not worth mentioning.

Glancing at the Vegeta lying in a deep pit, he knew very well Vegeta’s strength. So, to be able to beat Vegeta miserably, this Frieza’s strength was also noteworthy.

The ground collapsed tens of meters below the pit. The massive force of the impact had long hit the mud and sand to splash around. Part of the soft soil and rocks covered Vegeta’s body streaked with cracks on top of the green and blue armour.

After the blurry figure came into view, Vegeta opened his eyes with difficulty and saw clearly that the visitor was Kakarot, who grew up on Earth.

A sad expression showed up from Vegeta’s stiff cheeks.

Perhaps he was aware of his injuries, Vegeta thought of the glory of the Saiyans. The blood flowed from the corners of his mouth, and his breath was faint, “Kakarot, you actually came to Planet Namek. Cough…. In fact, our home planet – Vegeta is not destroyed by meteorite impact, but by Frieza. That bastard destroyed Planet Vegeta. Kakarot, you must avenge the Saiyans and kill Frieza, please….”

Son Goku nodded firmly and said, “Do not worry, I will personally defeat Frieza!”

The matter of the Saiyan home planet he had heard from Ayaka. Although he did not talk about too much affection for this home planet, after all, it was the place of his origin. For the destruction of the entire Planet Saiyan by Frieza, he certainly did not have a good feeling. Even without Vegeta’s plea, just what Frieza did in the universe, Son Goku vowed to kill him!

“Thank you!”

Hearing Kakarot resounding assurance, Vegeta relaxed. He was about to die. The biggest wish in his heart was to avenge all the Saiyans and kill Frieza with his own hands. If he could not accomplish this wish himself, he could only entrust it to another Saiyan. Kakarot, who looked more promising.

“Ah, yes!” Son Goku suddenly remembered something. He slapped his head and hurriedly took out a Senzu Bean from his pocket and stuffed it to Vegeta, “Quickly eat the Sense Bean, after eating it you can completely recover.”

Vegeta did not expect much from his words. This time, he was really hurt too badly.

Gently chew the Senzu Beans, he was surprised that the injuries on his body once again healed at once like last time. “Hmm?” Suddenly opening his eyes, the energy around him kept pouring into his body, and his whole body popped up with a clatter and flew out of the impact pit.

Landed on the ground, he moved his arms and legs a few times. His body, which was severely traumatized by Frieza, actually recovered to the best condition. This was his second time eating Senzu Beans, but the magic of this little bean still amazes him!

“Lord Frieza, that guy fed Vegeta something. He actually recovered all of a sudden!” Dodoria pointed at Vegeta in shock.

Just now, a paralyzed Vegeta was surprisingly alive and up, which was more magical than magic.

Frieza calmly nodded his head, “It is indeed very magical stuff, these guys actually have this kind of good stuff in their hands. But it does not matter, this thing will soon belong to me Lord Frieza! As for Vegeta, let him experience another pain is not wonderful?”

The efficacy of the Senzu Beans was indeed very magical, but it did not let Frieza high regard. There were so many magical things in the universe. Right now, the Senzu Beans were in the hands of the weak, and then there was no difference between it and Frieza’s hands. These weak people could be crushed at any time.

Piccolo here could not wait to fight with Frieza. He twisted his neck from side to side. He took off his cloak and hat and threw it on the ground, shaking his wrist towards Frieza.

That green skin covered with a thin layer of energy, “Are you Frieza? I will let you know that coming to Planet Namek is the biggest mistake of your life!”

“Is that so?”

Frieza smiled lightly, his face cold down, and the killing intent emerged from the corner of his eyes.

Dodoria could not help but shout, “What an arrogant guy, we still need your consent to act. Even if we will slaughter the entire Planet Namek, no one dares to say a word!

To this “little follower” Piccolo did not have a good face. His eyes directly ignored him, stretched out his finger, sending terrifying energy.

“There is no place for you to talk here. Go to hell!”


The scorching, swift red energy shot out from between the fingers, swooshing through the air and leaving a bright streak.

On the other hand, Dodoria’s eyes widened. He did not believe the opponent dared to do it. What was even more frightening was that seeing the red beam attack coming, he was dismayed to find that he was too late to dodge!

With a thud, Dodoria’s body was penetrated by energy, burning, severe pain from the lungs to the brain through the nerves.

Dodoria’s face was full of disbelief, a horrified expression was fixed, and his whole body collapsed unwillingly, surprisingly dead.

Vegeta watched in shock. His brain was on the spot, “How did the Namekian become so powerful? Compared with the time on Earth, it was like two people! How did he become so strong that Kakarot?”

He still remembered half a year ago; the opponent still needed to join forces with Kakarot to fight with himself. How could it be that in just half a year, he had become so powerful that he could kill Dodoria with little effort? It was too terrible.

Seeing that the powerful Dodoria was easily killed by the opponent, a dozen cosmopolitans behind Frieza were instantly scared out of their wits and retreated backwards in panic.

With a gloomy sweeping glance, Frieza’s viper-like blood-coloured pupils scared the cosmopolitans into a cold sweat.

Gently clapping up his palm, Frieza smilingly looked at Ayaka and others, then said, “Wonderful. Very good skills. It seems that you do have capital to be proud of, but you are still far from this great king!”


Piccolo disdainfully skimmed his mouth, as the leader actually did not feel sad for the death of his subordinates. The evaluation of Frieza’s heart immediately lowered a few notches. In his arrogant and unbeatable face, he was still ruling a side of the empire of the universe? The coldness of that was enough to be on the level! His body suddenly crouched down, his whole body swayed, and he appeared beside Frieza in a flash of lightning. He aimed a heavy punch at Frieza’s smiling face.


Frieza flashed a trace of dismayed expression, but his body shot out like a meteor.

Piccolo’s blow directly made Frieza fly straight across several thousand meters. Because only half a meter or so above the ground, the rapid stirring of the wind belt actually cut a deep gully in the ground.

“Damn, this great king will make your life worse than death!”

Feeling the long-lost burst of pain from the corner of the mouth, Frieza’s face was blue. Gently wiping away the blood from the corner of the mouth, his expression excitedly roared.

He thought he had never suffered a sneak attack before, and now he was injured by a few unheard-of guys!

A short while later, he calmed down again and looked at Piccolo with an evil smile, “You, a Narmekian, can actually hurt this king, really remarkable! But this is thanks to your luck, it is the fault of this great king himself, which is too careless. I actually forgot that this I’m still the normal power level.”

Frieza’s mouth lightly said, but the guard had risen inside. The attack just now was certainly a sneak attack. Still, he knew that ordinary people’s attacks could not even get close to his body. The opponent was not only close to him but also able to injure him. He was never a generalist. Facing such a person with a normal power level had been stretched to the limit and was very unsafe.

Frieza didn’t want to be killed before showing his strength, so he decided to transform.

Although he himself felt that the transformation was a bit ludicrous, Frieza still decided to take out their real strength for insurance reasons.


Terrifying aura began to erupt in Frieza, and the hard armour could not withstand the impact of the powerful aura, sizzling and cracking lines, clanged into pieces and fell down.

With Frieza as the centre, the ground collapsed downward, the surging gas along the ground to the surrounding.

“Frieza unexpectedly began to transform so quickly, it seems that his eye is not bad. He has judged the danger of the norm.” Ayaka nodded; the scattered airflow puffed up her hair.

“You call that a transformation with this level of cracked armor?” Krillin asked in disbelief.

Ayaka shook her head, “No, Frieza is a member of the universe’s rare Frozen Clan, born with the ability to transform. The number of transformations depending on their power,. With Frieza’s ability to transform three times, each time the strength will double! This Vegeta should know, right?”

Vegeta’s eyes shifted, guarded a few steps back, then gruffly said, “I heard Frieza said he has three transformations, but his words are not necessarily credible!”

“Vegeta, you must believe his words!” Ayaka looked at him with certainty.

On the other hand, Frieza’s first transformation was about to be completed. His body became much taller, and his whole body muscles swelled powerfully. The most obvious was the black horns on his head. The original two pointed black horns, now changed into curved upward, like the shape of a bull’s horn.

His ki had tripled, the original 530,000 power level had become more than 1.5 million!

“1.5 million power level. Ah, now there’s something to play for.” Krillin and Yamcha opened their mouths wide, wanting to rush up and fight painfully. However, thinking that this was still only the opponent’s first transformation and that the subsequent power had to be increased, they were a bit dumbfounded.

“Interesting, none of you interfere, Frieza will be left to me!”

Piccolo grinned, his face hung with excitement, turned back to the crowd.

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