Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 452


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In the Yamanaka Clan, inside Lain’s room.

Hana, who has just used the Tenseigan eyes power, lay on her bed, experiencing her first fetal movement.

Lain and Yamanaka Ryo were now outside, guarding Hana.

“Brother, why does Sister Hana have Tenseigan?” Lain asked a little strangely.

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, “It’s very simple. Yesterday, I injected your cells into Hana.”

After thinking about it, Lain shook her head and said, “Even with my cells, is it possible? I remember Sister Hana said before that they need the Hyuga Clan’s Byakugan to turn on Tenseigan.”

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and continued, “Well, in a sense, it is true. The Otsutsuki Clan is proficient in Inyoton. As long as you get the Byakugan of the most powerful person of the Hyuga Clan bloodline, there is a high probability of getting the Tensigan. However, this is not the only way to open Tensigan.”

“Remember I told you that the Hyuga Clan ancestors, Otsutsuki Hamura and Senju, and the ancestors of the Uchiha Clan, Otsutsuki Hagoromo, were blood brothers. Their bloodlines all originated from Kaguya.”

“The cells in your body are the cells of the First Hokage. What you get by combining your cells with Hana is Kaguya’s chakra.”

“Hana is proficient in Inyoton, and Kaguya’s Chakra will make up for the shortcomings of Hana Byakugan, so she can turn on Tenseigan. “

“So that’s how it is. Then, brother, now what is wrong with Sister Hana?”

“She’s okay. This is the price of her inability.”

Hana Tenseigan’s first fetal movement lasted two days, and only on the third morning did Hana wake up from her deep sleep.

The swelling and pain in her eyes had disappeared, so Hana rubbed her eyes and slowly opened them. The Tenseigan light blue pumps appeared, but the blue in Hana’s through-hole was a bit darker than a few days ago.

After experiencing the first fetal movement, Hana’s eyes’ power is much stronger than three days ago. She is more proficient in controlling Tensigan.

Hana then closed Tensigan, got dressed, and went to the door.


As soon as the door opened, Hana saw Lain and Shisui at the door.

Hana was a little embarrassed, and she gave the two a bow and said, “I’m sorry for making you worry!”

Shisui sighed with relief and said, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Lain nodded, “Yes, it’s good that you’re okay.”

“Hana, are you hungry?”

After Shisui said so, and Hana felt her stomach was empty.

Shisui noticed Hana’s expression; she smiled and said, “After three days of sleep, plus Tenseigan’s fetal movement that consumes a lot of physical strength, it is normal to be hungry. Let’s go! I’ll treat you ramen and barbecue in the evening.”

“Okay!” Hana showed a bright smile and let Shisui pull her out of Yamanaka Clan’s house.

“It’s not good to forget friends when you see your lover. I’m so worried about you.” Lain muttered in a small voice.

“What? Are you jealous of that young couple? If you do, you should find one for yourself!”

Yamanaka Ryo’s voice suddenly sounded behind Lain, startling her.

Lain looked back, gave Yamanaka Ryo a blank stare, and went back to her room.

For the next few days, Shisui has been accompanying Hana on the Konoha tour.

At first, the Uchiha Clan was not comfortable with Shisui and Hana together, but Uchiha Fugaku stopped these comments. The Uchiha Clan people learned from Uchiha Fugaku that the one who was with Shisui was not a member of the Hyuga Clan.

After learning that Hana wasn’t from the Hyuga Clan, the Uchiha Clan turned a blind eye and ignored Shisui and Hana.


Meanwhile, in Hokage’s office, Tsunade was faced with a pile of papers and had a headache when the Konoha Hospital sent an application form.

Tsunade scanned the application form and said, “Shizune, I remember that Yamanaka Ryo is Konoha Hospital’s director.”

Shizune nodded, “Yes, indeed. However, Ryo-sama has rarely been to Konoha Hospital since he took charge, and now Rin is running it.”

“This guy, I’m working here, and he is enjoying life outside. Shizune, you go to inform him that from tomorrow, no, from now on, he has to work at Konoha Hospital.”

“Yes, Tsunade-sama.”

A few moments later, at the Yamanaka Clan, when Yamanaka Ryo received Tsunade’s order from Anbu, he sighed and walked helplessly towards the Konoha Hospital.

That afternoon the many medical ninjas at the Konoha Hospital saw Yamanaka Ryo, who had skipped work for a long time.

“Hey! I’m not dreaming, am I?! Why is the director here?”

“Director? Isn’t the director Rin-sama?”

“Ah, you must be new here. Konoha Hospital’s director is Yamanaka Ryo-sama, but he skips work all the time and does not come to work.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Such a conversation happened many times on Yamanaka Ryo’s first day back at Konoha Hospital. Even if Yamanaka Ryo was thick-skinned, he felt embarrassed. He hid in his office all day and didn’t come out until the next day when the wind died.

Unconsciously, Yamanaka Ryo worked at Konoha Hospital for a week. Although he was at work, there was nothing to deal with. Rin had already managed Konoha Hospital by himself.

When Yamanaka Ryo was bored and was about to get moldy, he got a few acquaintances in Konoha Hospital. Yamanaka Ryo’s eyes lighted up, and he teleported to them.


As soon as he arrived, Yamanaka Ryo saw Kakashi’s ragged and embarrassed look and couldn’t help but tease, “Yo! Kakashi, what’s wrong? Why are you so miserable?”

“Ryo, what are you doing here?” Kakashi was a little surprised to see Yamanaka Ryo.

Ahem, I’m here for work.”

Kakashi froze, then asked the nurse next to him, “Nurse, may I ask if the sun is rising from the north today?”

Yamanaka Ryo’s old face went red; he turned his eyes to Naruto and Sasuke on the other side.

Looking at the two scaly appearances, Yamanaka Ryo frowned and asked, “Hey! What the hell have you guys been doing? How did you get like this?”

Both did not say anything, nor did they use any other action, just sitting there dumbly.

Realizing that things might not be that simple, Yamanaka Ryo quietly established a mental link with Kakashi, “Kakashi, what the hell is wrong with you guys?”

“It’s not us; it’s Naruto and Sasuke. They both fought today, and the reason is not clear yet.”

“What about you? How did you end up like this?”

“These two kids, they fight so hard. I tried to stop them, but I received Sasuke’s Chidori and Naruto’s Rasengan.”

“I didn’t expect the full power of these two kids to be so strong already; that’s why it turned out like this.”

“Were you hurt?”

“They can’t harm me yet.”

After a brief exchange with Kakashi to find out what had happened, Yamanaka Ryo let him go back.

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