Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 106


One day, after a meeting in Konoha’s camp, Minato asked Ryo to stay. Speaking or Ryo, he’s been teaching the trio for half a month.

Over the past two months, Minato didn’t ask about his disciples. So today, with him asking Ryo to stay, the later realized that he needs him for something important.

Minato remained silent for a long time after everyone left, So Ryo had to ask: “Minato nii-san, is everything okay?” 

“Ryo, did you train the three well?” 

“They’re my friends, of course I did. If that is all, I’m off.” Ryo prepared to leave.

“Hold on Ryo. In fact, I have a secret mission that requires your assistance.” Seeing Ryo about to leave, Minato spoke out his mind.

Ryo felt awkward. Minato’s behavior meant that there must be something serious. 

“What kind of mission?” Ryo cut straight to the chase. 

“I’ll tell you all. A few days ago, I returned to Konoha to report to the 3rd. durting that period, there were sharp space-time fluctuations in the Wind Country. Because of my work on the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, I’m very sensitive to such fluctuations, so I noticed it.” 

“Space-time fluctuations?” Minato’s description made Ryo suddenly think of the movie: “Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower”. Could it be that Naruto had arrived?

“Yes. The Wave Country is near the Wind Country, and the Hokage speculates that these fluctuations come from the legendary Roran ancient kingdom.” The 3rd speculation also confirmed Ryo’s hunch.

“The mission is to go to the ancient Kingdom of Ronan to find out the reason behind these fluctuations?” 

“Yes, that’s one thing. The other is to protect the Queen of Roran.”

On the surface, Ryo was really calm. But deep down inside, he was ecstatic! He didn’t expect to participate in such a mission. This was the only story he knew about that involved the passing through time and space, within the Narutoverse. Ryo was really looking forward to it. 

Minato didn’t mean to interrupt Ryo’s wandering in imagination, but continued to say: “Hokage Sama asked me to assign someone to complete the mission as fast as possible. I was thinking of going there and taking you along, accompanied by the head of the Aburame clan and Kakashi.”

Ryo nodded. Two Kage tier Ninja, a top tier Sensor Ninja and Kakashi should be enough for the mission.

Seeing Ryo’s approval, Minato let Ryo prepare himself to go directly to the Wind Country the following day using Flying Thunder God.

The next day, Ryo and Kakashi came to Minato’s tent after having breakfast. There was man with no presence, wearing sunglasses in the tent: it was Shibi Aburame. 

Shibi Aburame was Shino’s father, one of the twelve strong Konoha Genin in the Manga. He himself was very strong.

When it comes to one on one fight, Shibi is Jonin tier. But in a large scale war, his bugs can play a much greater role comparable to that of a quasi Kage.

“Hello, I’m Ryo Yamanaka, pleasure to meet you!” Ryo took the initiative in saluting Shibi.

The latter did not expect that Ryo would actually notice him. He didn’t have much presence and was rarely noticed by others. Feeling flattered, he answered: “Hello, I’m Shibi Aburame. The pleasure is mine!” 

“Hey Kakashi, don’t be so rude, introduce yourself!” Ryo gave an elbow to Kakashi by his size.

“Hey! I just didn’t notice him. Shibi san, I’m Hatake Kakashi, it’s my pleasure to meet you!” 

After the three got to know each other, Minatp gave Shibi and kakashi a brief explanation of the mission, and then used flying thunder god to bring the three along to a spot in the Wind Country’s desert.

“I marked this place before during the 2nd world war. Now we need to locate Roran. Ryo, Shibi, it’s your turn.”

Ryo nodded and entered Sage Mode, that was his best bet in order to inhance his perception enough to locate Ryūmyaku. Locating Ryūmyako equates locating Roran. 

On the other hand, Shibi spread out his bugs, and he only had to analyze the information they send back.

Even with Sage Mode, Ryo found within the scope of his perception. So he left Sage Mode and waited for Shino to find something.

After a while, Shino had a result: “I found it, my bugs told me that there was a huge energy in East.”

He then proceeded to summon back all the bugs he sent out, and walked leading the way for the others. It took them a while or so before Roran appeared to everyone.

After sneaking in, Kakashi looked around and said: “It’s a prosperous country, unscathed by war. Seems like everyone can live and work in peace.” 

“Don’t draw your conclusions too early Kakashi! This country indeed looks very harmonious, but it keeps giving me a strange feeling.” Said Minato.

“Indeed Minato Nii san, I think we shouldn’t go head on yet. We should first split up and look for anything that might be suspicious.” 

Ryo’s proposal was accepted by everyone, and the foir split into two groups to collect information about the surroundings.

“Ryo, just now, Minato Sensei said that the country felt strange. Do you agree?” Asked Kakashi.” 

Ryo nodded and answered: “On the surface, this looks like a paradise preserved from war. But did you notice the high tower in the town center? I felt massive energy coming from it. And that energy is connected to the people on the steet. It’s just too abnormal.

Hearing Ryo, Kakashi nodded, and gave the matter a thought.

The two continued to move forward. They didn’t find anything along the way. They didn’t encounter the soldiers who appeared in the movie, nor did they hear Sara’s singing. Ryo decided to try to locate her himself.

As soon as he entered Sage Mode, Ryo was shocked by what he perceived. 

“Kakashi, this time, we might have some trouble.” Ryo said with a bitter smile.

“What’s wrong? We have two Kage Tier Ninjas on our side. What could ever cause us trouble.” Kakashi just couldn’t believe it.

Ryo didn’t explained, and he ran, followed by Kakashi in the direction of what he perceived.

On Minato’s side, he encountered an Armored Puppet of Roran. Of course, he didn’t want to face them. He was on a mission to protect the Queen, and having a conflict with the Kingdom’s armed forces was a bad idea.

But this puppet had already identified him as an enemy, and it never stop its pursuit. He could only destroy it.

What he did not expect, was that it started repairing itself before his eyes.

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