Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 130


After dealing with the 3rd and the people welcoming him in Konoha, Ryo immediately returned home to see his mother Chinse. 

When he arrived home, Chinse was sitting in the courtyard together with Shi chatting and… laughing! 

It seemed that his mother was doing a lot better with someone on her side, and it also seemed like she was getting along very well with Shi.

“Mom! I’m back!” After taking a deep breath, Ryo shouted greeting his mother.

What he did not expect was that Chinse glanced at him, and then looked back at Shi as if he wasn’t even there.

Ryo scratched his head, thinking of what might have angered his mom, and then, when fining nothing, he repeated: “Mom… I’m back…”

Chinse nodded, turned back at him and said: “Ryo, we need to talk!” 

“Mom…” Ryo was frightened by his mom’s seriousness. He had faced all kinds of Kage tier opponents on the battlefield, but never felt this kind of fear.

“Ryo, how could Uchiha Fugaku know your identity? How far did your late uncle and Sakumo go to protect it? Do you know how much trouble exposing it would bring?” Said Chinse angrily.

The matter was indeed Ryo’s fault. Although Fugaku obviously held no ill-will, but as Chinse mentioned, Ryo did have his identity exposed, and that could indeed bring danger to the ones protecting him.

Ryo wasn’t trying to make excuses as he listened to Chinse rebuke. 

“Chinse san, don’t get so angry! Fugaku just came to pay a visit, and he never mentioned anything about Ryo!” 

Help came from the most unexpected source. He gave Shi a grateful look, and his mother realized how tense she was and seemed to loosen up a little bit.

Seeing that his mother was no longer angry, Ryo felt relieved, and finally got to have his mother-son time with Chinse, chatting their heart off, with Shi on the side line looking at the two with a hint of envy.

The next day, Ryo overslept, only waking up at noon when his mother came to tell him that an Anbu was waiting by the door for him.

The Anbu was bringing the orders of the 3rd; Ryo had to be at his office to attend a meeting with Konoha’s elders before 3 pm.

Such meetings really annoyed Ryo. To him, these elders were just weak old men who were not making any contributions to the village. They were the type he liked to mingle with the least. 

However, as a Konoha Shinobi, he had to follow the 3rd’s orders. No matter how he felt about it, he had to attend the meeting.

After eating lunch at home, he walked into the conference  room exactly a 3 pm.

“Oh, isn’t that the Yamanaka’s little genius, getting so big, so many people have been waiting for you!” Ryo didn’t have time to sit down before he heard those words.

He looked at Danzo and sighed, not understanding why some people just seemed to have some sort of a death wish.

“Am I late, Danzo san?” 

Danzo could respond. The 3rd did indeed call for the meeting at 3 pm. But he thought, shouldn’t it be common sense to arrive early to such a high-level meeting?  However, Ryo was not late indeed, and he had nothing to say.

“Ryo, at the last second here you are! Take a seat!” Minato sounded somewhat cold.

Of course, Ryo understood Minato’s expression. He did not continue to argue with Danzo, and sat down right beside Orochimaru.

It’s worth mentioning that the 3rd was taking the center seat, with Minato being the closest to him from the left, followed by Kushina. On his right, there was Orochimaru, followed by Ryo.

The two advisers were sitting beside Kushina and Ryo, while Danzo was on the other side of the table facing the 3rd between him and the rest were the heads of every Clan and the elders of the village.

Ryo was at Orochimaru’s side when he heard him say: “Ryo kun, although I don’t want to have any conflicts with Danzo, if you ever need help, you can reach for me.”

“Orochi san, I’m never the one seeking that trouble. But no matter how much a stay away from him, he keeps provoking me! What can I do?” 

Hearing Ryo, Orochimaru smiled and said nothing.

The 3rd was looking at everyone on the table, and was very pleased with Ryo. Including himself, he found that the table had 5 Kage tier Ninjas, four of them were on the battlefield.

Minato who seemed to have scolded Ryo, was actually protecting him. Although he did nothing, his eyes showed that he couldn’t wait to attack Danzo. That’s besides Orochimaru who was openly a supporter of Ryo.

The mood in the conference room was quite tense, and the 3rd stood up to summarize their situation: “Cough… The war in the Lightning Country is over. Yesterday, our heroes returned, and today’s meeting is about their wat.

“We are very happy that we’ve won on that battlefront. However, this doesn’t mean that the mistakes that had been made there could be ignored.” As soon as the 3rd finished his words, Kuharo interfered. 

“What Kuharo just said is correct. Kushina, could you explain to us how and why you escaped from the village in secret?” Homura Mitokado also asked.

“Without Kushina, we wouldn’t have been able to win the battle in the Lightning Country. Homura, Kuharo, there’s no reason to make a fuss about that.” The 3rd tried to help Kushina explain.

“But this can’t offset the mistake she made. I suggest getting Kushina under Root’s surveillance from now on. If you’re Anbu aren’t reliable enough, we could only count on Danzo Root.

“Are you finished old woman?” The Red Hot Habanero’s temper was unforgiving; she said that angrily as she looked at Kuharo.

The latter never thought that Kushina would talk to her in such a manner. She stood up, pointed at her and asked the 3rd: “Hiruzen, did she just say what I heard her say?”

“Want to get the old man to handle me? Then shall I bring the Kyubi to deal with you?” 

“Kushina, calm down!” The 3rd heard Kushina say that and hurried to try and stop things from getting more aggravated 

Kuharo knew that Kushina had become a perfect Jinchuriki. Knowing that she was such a powerful force, she could only strive to get that power under full control. 

However, she ignored one thing: she didn’t have enough strength to gain control over Kushina.

Among the older generation of Kage tier Ninja, she had Jiraya, who was like a Sensei to her, on her side. And when it came to the younger ones, Minato was her boyfriend, while Ryo was her disciple.

Kushina got angry, turned around and left. Minato apologized to everyone and went behind her.

“You elders are having it easy. You can’t just make such a decision concerning Kushina Ne-san.” After that, Ryo also stood up and left.

Orochimaru also wanted to leave; he had things to discuss with Ryo. But he couldn’t just do that, out of respect to his sensei. 

With the returning “Heroes” all gone, the 3rd sighed, as all he could do was to announce that the meeting was temporarily over.

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