Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 137


Before Ryo realized it, over half a month passed since he sent Yugao to workout with Orochimaru.

During that time, Ryo devoted all his energy to help Shisui master the Lightning Chakra Mode.

While he wasn’t that naturally talented with Lightning Release, there wasn’t stopping Shisui’s hard work. His Lightning Chakra Mode began to be developed.

After Shisui achieved the Lightning Chakra Mode, Ryo felt that he had enough defensive capabilities to endure the battlefield. That was exactly where he was taking Shisui, to let him comprehend the cruelty of war.

Ryo and Shisui went together to the 3rd’s office. On their way, they met an Anbu going in the opposite direction.

“Ryo san! Here you are! The Hokage Sama sent me to summon you into his office. Come with me!”

Seeing that he was summoned to the office, Ryo could no longer take Shisui along, so he sent him off and went with the Anbu.

“Oh, so fast?” the 3rd saw the two enter his office and was a bit surprised.

“Hokage sama, I just left when I met Ryo san!” The Anbu explain.

The 3rd nodded and signaled him to leave. However, Ryo found out that he wasn’t summoned there on his own, as Minato and Orochimaru were already there.

Ryo linked his mind to the two, telepathically asking: “Ni-san, Orochi san, what happened?”

“I don’t know. I that there was something wrong in the Wind Country.” Said Minato.

“When Sarutobi Sensei received the information, I was present. It’s indeed a problem in the Wind Country, an alliance between the Sand and the Rock.” Orochimaru explained to the two.

Hearing about the alliance, Ryo knew that the Battle of Kikyo Pass was about to break out.

Sure enough, the 3rd confirmed Ryo’s speculations.

“Orochimaru, Minato, Ryo, the final battle is on doors!” Saying that, he gave the scroll he received to Orochimaru.

The 3rd read the information, and the 3rd went on to say: “By today, we’ve been in this 3rd World War for 6 years. During those six years, all major countries suffered heavy losses. This next battle should be the final decisive one. What do you thing?”

After the three locked at eachother, Orochimaru was the 1st to talk: “Sarutobi sensei, since those two sides made an alliance, unlike before, we should go all out, since we don’t have to worry about the Cloud.” 

“Orochimaru san is right. However, I don’t think that this battle will take place in the Wind Country.”

“Oh? Explain you idea in detail Minato.” The 3rd was intrigued by Minato’s words.

“Even though the two sides are in alliance now, they had been in war forever by now. So what I think is that they would definitely pick a place where none of them has an advantage over the other. Their best bet is the border between the three countries.” Minato pointed to the map on the side.

Minato’s analysis was very sound. The 3rd and Orochimary agreed, not to mention that Ryo knew about this all too well from the Manga.

The four stared at the map looking for the place where the battle might breakout. Ryo having the edge, was the 1st to locate it.

“It’s Kikyo Pass!” Ryo pointed at the pass, which was between the Rock and Fire Countries, and not too far from the Wind Country.

“Yes! That should be it!” The 3rd, seeing all other options, was certain that Ryo’s guess was right.

“Sarutobi sensei, how many Kage tier Ninjas do the Rock and the Sand have?” Asked Orochimaru.

After giving it some thought, the 3rd said: “They should have seven. The Sand have the 4th Kazekage, Chiyo, Ebizo, and the Ichibi Jinchuriki Bunpuku. The Rock have Onoki, Kitsuchi and the Gobi Jinchuriki, Han.”

Hearing that there were seven Kage tier Ninjas, Minato’s face was a bit heavy.

Besides him, Konoha had the 3rd Hokage, Sakumo, Jiraya, Orochimaru and Ryo. That made for only six. Would it be necessary to bring in Kushina?

Ryo noticed his worry, and quickly comforted him: “Minato ni-san, Kage tier Ninjas are not all in the same league. Chiyo and her brother are not that strong, we could have just one of us take care of them. The jinchuriki should be rather tricky to handle, but we can beat them. The only troubling one is Onoki.”

“If Onoki is the only problem, I’ll handle him on my own, and I will certainly win!” Minato’s words surprised Orocimaru and the 3rd a little bit.

Onoki had the legendary Dust Release Kekkei Genkai. He was right there with the 3rd Hokage and 3rd Raikage in the league of the most powerful Shinobi in the world, and Minato is confident in his victory!

“Minato, do you really have confidence in defeating Onoki?” The 3rd asked seriously.

Minato nodded firmly, and the 3rd, having this positive answer, laughed out loud. It seemed like that there was already another one in Konoha that could protect it from the mightiest dangers.

“In fact, it isn’t only me, Orochimaru san and Ryo could take care of him as well. At the very least, we would not be defeated.”

Orochimaru Minato was kidding, and revealed his usual smile. Ryo looked at him and said nothing.

He did not know that Ryo had further developed his Ice Teleportation, and that now he should at least not lose to Onoki too quickly.

However, Ryo felt that could even beat Onoki if using Sage Mode and the Lightning Chakra mode to their full extent.

With these techniques and his current level, Ryo felt confidence even to face the likes of the six paths of Pain, let alone Onoki.

“Alright, enough with discussing strength and capabilities. Now, I’ll appoint Orochimaru as Chief Commander of this battle. Minato and Ryo will assist him, and you will all lead 10000 Ninjas to assist Sakumo and Jiraya. You also take Kushina along. You’ll be setting off tomorrow!”

“Yes, Hokage Sama!”

Well, if you have nothing else to say, start your preparations!” The 3rd said to the three.

“Hokage sama, wait a minute!” 

“Ryo, what else do you have?” asked the 3rd.

“Hokage sama, I want to bring Shisui along to the battlefield. 

After a few moments of silence, the 3rd agreed to Ryo’s request. He knew that the battlefield was the fastest way for a Ninja to grow.

When the three left the office, Shisui was still waiting under. After bidding farewell to Minato and Orochimaru, Ryo returned with his apprentice the 3rd training ground to practice some more.

“Alright, stop Shisui. Today’s training is over. You will now immediately return to you clan, prepare yourself, and join me tomorrow to participate in the next battle.”

Shisui stopped practicing and nodded firmly before leaving.

After Shisui left, Ryo went to Orochimaru. He had learned that the latter wasn’t intending on bringing Anko and Yugao, so Ryo wanted bid farewell to the latter before leaving.

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