Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 143


After the Jinchuriki was injured by Minato, he used too much of the Biju’s Chakra. This new Jinchuriki had a really bad relationship with Son Goku, so his consciousness was soon taken over by the Yonbi.

After the Yonbi took over his host’s body, Chakra oozed out of it, getting it to enter the Tailed Coat Mode, and then turning him into a the Yonbi.

“Ha Ha Ha! I’m finally able to immerge again!” The Yonbi laughed.

Looking back at Son Goku’s usual behavior, Ryo felt that this laughter was out of his usually character. Normally, this would something that the Ichibi would say.

However, Ryo understood this behavior. After all, it’s inevitable that one would burst out like this when leaving a state of captivity that they entered just a few days after regaining their freedom.

“Ryo, now is no time to be in a daze. Work with me to get this guy out of the battlefield!” Minato saw Ryo lost in thought, and he quickly scolded him.

Hearing Minato, Ryo immediately came back to his senses

“Ni-san, the two of us are more than enough to bring down the Yonbi. There is no need to transfer it.” Said Ryo.

“We need to be careful. It’s a Biju after all, and the Yonbi’s Lava would be lethal for ordinary Ninja.

Ryo didn’t disagree with Minato, who immediately began to immediately form a ground seal to make an area Teleportation Barrier, while Ryo was responsible of keeping the Biju busy.

After the Yonbi vented for a while, he calmed down and looked at Ryo and Minato.

“It’s you! You wicked brat! You’ve killed Roshi! [Lave Release: Flower–Fruit Mountain]!” 

Seeing the enemy who killed Roshi, the Yonbi raged, releasing a Massive Lava Release Jutsu at Ryo.

While he wasn’t exactly in harmony with his old Jinchuriki, with the two often quarreling, Son Goku had been with Roshi for over 20 years. So to him, he was the closest thing possible to a friend.

Therefore, seeing Roshi’s killer made his blood boil.

The Yonbi, being a Biju, had practically Infinite Chakra. That, coupled with his hatred to Ryo, made his attacks particularly fierce.

Ryo was helpless; he could only use Ice Teleportation to avoid the Lava, all while being careful not to get Konoha’s Ninjas in the crossfire.

“Ni-san, are you not ready yet? If you don’t hurry, I’ll be getting cooked in here!” Ryo shouted at Minato.

“Patience, I’ll be ready soon!” Minato also sounded anxious, as he was fully aware of Ryo’s state.

“Since that’s the case, than I shall give this guy a little lesson.” After Ryo finished his words, he condensed a small Ice Bow.

Unlike before, Ryo’s new arrows were made out of Ice, but of Lightning Chakra Instead. While they weren’t as destructive as his Ice Arrows, they were much faster to launch and traveled much faster.

Ryo shot a few Lightning Arrows in a row at the Yonbi. While the attack didn’t do any real damage, it still have a paralyzing effect that bothered the Yonbi to the extreme.

“Wicked brat!” The Yonbi just ignored Ryo’s attacks, and started forming a Biju Dama that was aimed at Konoha’s ordinary Ninjas, as he discovered that all Ryo was doing was covering up for them.

Konoha’s Ninjas also noticed the Biju Dama pointed at them, and they instantly panicked! It was a Biju Dama, something that they have no way to deal with!

“This guy is smart. Minato Ni san, do you have way to stop it?” Asked Ryo.

“I’m about to finish my preparations, I can’t stop now! Please Ryo, find a way to handle it on your own!”

Ryo was helpless, and he could only hit head. 

As the Biju Dama was about to be launched, Ryo used Ice teleport to get in front of Konoha’s Ninjas.

“Everyone, point all the water you can produce at me, NOW!” Ryo turned back to Konoha’s Ninjas and shouted.

Everyone heard the order, and without hesitation, they all used their Water Release ninjutsus. The amount of water gathered from hundreds of small to medium sized Water Release Jutsus was huge.

Ryo froze the water, controlling most of it to form three massive Ice Shields. The remaining formed an Ice wall to fend off the aftermath of the explosion.

(Translator Note: I imagine these three shields being laid out similarly to Orochimaru’s Triple Rashomon.)

Understanding the power of the Biju Dama, Ryo didn’t stop there. Even though he had three Ice Shields and an Ice wall, he still felt that it wasn’t enough.

Ryo entered Sage Mode, and condensed a Rasenshuriken.

At this time, the Bijudama was also completed. At the same time of its, Ryo released the Rasenshuriken. 

The two attacks collided in midair, and the Rasenshuriken did manage to offset a portion of the power of Bijudama, making it much smaller than its initial size. 

“Boom!!” The Bijudama hit the 1st shield, easily breaking through it.

The second did manage to fend it off for a good while before ultimately being crushed as well.

The 3rd Shield stood against the attack for what seemed like an eternity, and eventually the Biju Dama didn’t go through and exploded.

The Ice Wall behind the Shield took the impact from the explosion, and none of Konoha’s Ninjas was harmed.

Ryo Ice Teleported back to where the Yonbi used to be, and continued to stall it.

Unlike the Kyubi, the Yonbi wasn’t capable to use consecutive Biju Dama without rest. Without that threat, Ryo was more comfortable dealing with it.

“Complete! Ryo, let’s both transfer this beast!” Minato finally completed the Teleportation Barrier.

Ryo nodded, and following Minato instructions, he injected Chakra to a seal he stepped on, and the Jutsu was performed instantly.

Ryo, Minato and the Yonbi all disappeared from the battlefield.

Somewhere near a river far away, they instantly reappeared.

Minato chose the target location to be near a river side to give Ryo the water he needed to get an edge over the Yonbi.

The beast was still a little puzzled by everything that had just happened, when Ryo and Minato started attacking.

This time, Minato was the one fighting the beast, while Ryo was supposed to make use of the water around him to help Minato by offsetting the Lava’s effect.

Minato didn’t have any worries facing the beast. Using his speed and consecutive Rasengan, he was able to fully occupy the Yonbi.

The beast was in a pinch against such an opponent. Without any way to keep up with his speed, the beast couldn’t do anything.

However, as soon as Minato got an edge, Ryo stopped assisting him and formed an Ice Bow.

An Ice arrow appeared on the bow. While pulling it back, Ryo gathered natural energy within the arrow, making it more and more transparent.

Minato was also a Mount Myoboku contractor. While he hadn’t completed his Sage Mode training at the time, he was also sensitive to Narutal Energy.

He sensed that in the arrow that was barely the length of an arm, there was an immense amount of Natural Energy. Once such a thing exploded, it should even be enough to kill the Yonbi.

Knowing what Ryo had in stores, Minato could only cooperate with him.

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