Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 148


Seeing that no one treated him differently for being an Uchiha, Shisui breathed a sigh of relief.

However, everyone was somewhat curious: how strong is the 9 year old Shisui? After all, Ryo’s 1st disciple shouldn’t be too weak.

With that in mind, most of them proposed that he should face Kakashi. Kakashi was already at the level of an elite Jonin. Even if this was the 9 year old Ryo, he would have a hard time beating Kakashi.

Ryo didn’t object, and nodded for Shisui to start.

Against Kakashi, Shisui lost badly; he was still far from beating an elite Jonin.

Nevertheless, his performance was also astonishing: Lightning Chakra Mode, special Body Flicker variations, Crow Replacement Clones, and terrifying Dojutsu talent at the mere age of nine.

“So, I have an eye for talent don’t you think?” Ryo said with a bit of a flamboyant tone.

“Well, the kid is good!” Said Jiraya seriously.

“That is true. In talent, while not comparable to you, he seems to even exceed Kakashi. If all goes well, he’ll definitely become Kage tier!” Sakumo was also pretty impressed.

Minato said nothing, and Kushina was so happy that her apprentice had such a disciple. 

“Shisui, are you okay?”After seeing Shisui lose to Kakashi, the little boy that accompanied him ran over to him anxiously.

“Hey! Isn’t that Mikoto’s son? His name is…” kushina glanced at the Child with Shisui.

“Itachi!” Minato reminded her.

“Yes, it’s Itachi!” 

Hearing that name, Ryo immediately turned to the boy.

If one asked about the greatest Ninja in Naruto, they would get many different opinions. 

But if they asked about the best brother in Naruto, most would answer without hesitation: “Itachi!” 

Itachi was the center of many debates in Ryo’s past life; whether or not he could beat pain, if he could beat Jiraya with Sage mode, etc…

Ryo thought that Itachi shouldn’t be able to beat Jiraya, let alone Pain.

Itachi in Shippuden period was just too ill, and he wasn’t even able to form a perfect Susanoo.

However, in the Data book, he had the same score as Jiraya. Ryo believed that if he wasn’t as ill, the battle between the two could go both ways.

As for Pain, the Rinnegan was just too powerful and different. Even Jiraya couldn’t defeat his student as he didn’t know his secret before it was too late..

However, no matter what, Ryo was still a huge fan of Itachi’s character.

Like the case of Jiraya with Naruto, Itachi’s main role was that of a guide to his brother. If it wasn’t for him, Sasuke wouldn’t have returned to the right path.

His relationship with Shisui was also explained in the Manga, with the later being his mentor.

Ryo didn’t want to interfere with Itachi’s growth, as he was a perfect Ninja to him. He felt that no one should interfere with him.

With Itachi around him Shisui didn’t really practice, and the two just returned home after everyone got to know them.

Two days later, Yugao finished her mission and finally returned. On the mission, she had to kill the thief. It was the 1st time she killed anyone, so she wasn’t feel good about that.

Ryo did not know how to comfort her. Looking at the unhappy young girl, his mood was down as well.

Fortunately, Anko made her feel a lot better. Seeing her in a better mood after a few days, Ryo was finally relieved. 

At this time, the 3rd’s Anbu found Ryo, and reported to himthat the 3rd ordered him to immediately go to his office.

As the two entered the office together, they found Jiraya there as well.

“I’ll cut to the chase. I have an important mission I want you to carry out.” Said the 3rd seriously.

“What’s the task?” Jiraya knew the 3rd’s character well, and he knew that he wouldn’t act so seriously about a trivial matter.

“Jiraya, Ryo, as you both know, during this war, we managed to make the Sand and the Cloud sign peace treaties with us. Now, we still have to face the mist and the Rock.”

“Hokage Sama, are you thinking of taking the initiative?” Ryo speculated on the 3rd’s intention and asked.

“Yes. The plan is to start with the hidden Rock. But the Mist’s situation makes me worried.

“The Mist? Old man, are you worried that the Mist might suddenly attack us?” Asked Jiraya.

“Well, after all, it was Konoha that killed the 3rd Mizukage. Normally, the 4th Mizukage’s 1st order would be to seek revenge against us.”

“In our current state, even if the Mist attack, we have nothing to fear. Is there anything you’re particularly concerned about?” Asked Ryo.

“Kid, it’s not them that we should fear. It’s their potential union with the Rock to launch a surprise attack. That could cost us a lot.” Jiraya tried to explain the 3rd’s concerns.

“I’m not just worried about that. The situation in the Mist village is too strange; I can’t keep my mind of it. That’s why, I want the two of you two to sneak into the Mist Village and collect information about their current state.”

after Jiraya and Ryo looked at each other, they both accepted this mission.

Jiraya was an expert when it came to gathering intelligence. That, along with Ryo’s Ice Teleportation, should make such a mission really easy for them.

“This is an S class mission. You two should remain undetected, and keep this mission’s details a secret to anyone outside this meeting room.” The 3rd was firm as he gave his final instructions.

After leaving his office, Ryo and Jiraya agreed to leave together on the following morning.

Early the next morning, at the gate of the Konoha Country, Jiraya and Ryo started their journey to the Water Country.

Since the previous day, Ryo was thinking about the 3rd’s last words: “Keep this mission’s details a secret to anyone outside this meeting room.” 

It might just sound like the 3rd was telling them to be secretive, but Ryo kept thinking that something was wrong.

Jiraya was also thinking about this mission being S Class, while being seemingly very normal.

The two remained silent on their route, with Ryo worrying mostly about the mission details and the infiltration method that they were to take.

After arriving at the Wave Country, Jiraya said: “Ryo, this time we are posing as Wave Country merchant. After all, the Mist is also the center of the Water Country’s trading. Merchants walking in shouldn’t look too much out of place.”

Ryo nodded, he didn’t have as much experience as Jiraya with such missions, so he just did as the Sannin said. 

Jiraya changed his close with ones he had prepared in advance, and he and Ryo used the Transformation Jutsu.

After getting in disguise, the two looked like two big belly rich businessmen. 

With this appearance, Jiraya went on and find a big sailboat.

Jiraya spent some money on getting the ship and hiring some civilians help with Rowing. In the cabin, he had several Soldier pills and a lot of water that they brought along from Konoha.

This way, after completing the preparations, a “merchant ship” set off from the Wave Country. 

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