Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 156


Konoha wasn’t the only village with spies sent to the Hidden Mist. While Ryo was sailing towards the Wave Countries, those spies spread out the news about Ryo’s battle against the entire village.

This caused a great uproar across the entirety of the world of Shinobi. One man took on the Ninjas of one of the great five nations, who even had a Biju among their forces, and was able to emerge victorious!

Most villages were dubious about this news, even Konoha’s Ninjas showed their doubts.

The seniors in Konoha however were more concerned about something other than Ryo’s victory, and that was the news that he had the Sharingan.

Such a big event inevitably reached the Uchihas, whose leader, Katachi Uchiha went by himself to the 3rd Hokage to inquire about the matter.

In a hole near the earth country, Uchiha Madara was receiving his own report.

Hearing that Ryo survived the attack of the whole village with their Biju unscathed, Madara was quite surprised.

“Zetsu, you mean that this Yamanaka used a technique similar to that of the Akamichi clan to enhance his combat power?” Madara was going over all the key points.

“Yes, Madara sama! What he did, was controlling the Water Attacks of the entire village to form a massive ice giant looking just like him. The giant is so powerful; it could block a Biju Dama with one hand!” 

“Block a Biju dama? Interesting! I did say that I shall meet him if he survived. I will give you some of my power, and you bring him here!” 

“Yes, Madara sama!” Finishing his words, White Zetsu sank into the ground and disappeared.

On his way to the Wave Country, Ryo had no idea of this discussion.

After two more days, the Boat Ryo had rented finally reached the Wave Country.

In the country, Ryo only had to go a little further towards the borders with the Fire Country, in order to be able to use the Teleportation Barrier and directly return to Konoha.

Over the course of those two days, Ryo was able to completely replenish the Yin Seal’s stores of Natural Energy, and also recover from all muscle soreness he had.

After the boat was docked, Ryo stretched out and jumped down to the ground. He entered Sage Mode to perceive his surroundings, and was able to locate the village.

With the enhanced perception from Sage Mode, he was also able to locate three white Zetsu underground.

Remembering the removal of his Teleportation Barrier Mark in the Wave country, Ryo was dissatisfied with the uninvited guests.

Without hesitation, and knowing their location, he transmitted Lightning Chakra directly underground. The three were only Chunin tier, and facing such a powerful Lightning attack, they could not escape, and were killed in seconds.

Ryo then brought their corpses out of the ground. White Zetsu’s body was infused with Hashirama’s cell. His body could prove very valuable.

Then, Ryo used Sage Mode to perceive his body and carefully examined himself for Zetsu Spores.

After repeated inspections, he became sure that nothing was left on him.

He was relieved, and started running towards the Fire Country. However, he had not taken a few steps when he saw White Zetsu once again.

This time Zetsu had appeared directly in front of him, blocking his way.

“Ryo Yamanaka, I didn’t expect you’d actually make it out from the attack of the entirety of the Mist Village!” 

From Zetsu’s mouth, Madara’s voice came through, and his eyes looked like Sharingans.

At this time, after using Ice Colossus, Ryo’s Sharigans peaked in strength, and he could see through their Genjutsu with Ease.

It was obvious that Madara gave some of their power to Zetsu, who was perfectly suited to use this force as his whole body was infused with Hashirama’s DNA.

“Ryo Yamanaka, come with me! As I said before, if you live after facing the Mist Village, you’ll get to see me.” 

Ryo did want to meet the legendary Madara. Moreover, he had Ice Teleportation and the Teleportation Barrier techniques, so he was not afraid to go and meet him face to face.

After over three hours, Zetsu came to a hole while accompanied by Ryo.

The hole was very dark. However, Ryo knew that with Madara’s pride, he would never use such puny means and go for a sneak attack. With that in mind, Ryo just opened his Sharingan and followed Zetsu.

In the deepest part of the cave, Ryo finally saw one of the “Final Bosses” of the Narutoverse: Uchiha Madara!

At this time, his hair was all white, his face was covered with wrinkles, and he was sitting on a stone chair with pipe behind his neck connecting him to the Gedo Mazo behind him. In a way, it looked like his survival was a wonder.

Even so, Ryo the chilling presence of peak Madara coming out of this old man. His Sharingan also held unfathomable power.

On the other side, Madara was interested in Ryo as well. The Kid’s physique sometimes felt like Ice, he had the ultimate three tomoe Sharingan, and the Lightning Chakra Mode of the Cloud Village.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a talented young man!” After a long time, Madara finally spoke.

“And I didn’t expect the famous Uchiha Madara to still be alive!” 

“Oh?! How do you know that I’m Madara?” 

“You look exactly like the Statue in the Valley of the End, and I can’t think of another man who could be this powerful at this age.” 

Listening to Ryo, Madara smiled and said nothing. He stood up from his stone chair, and formed a massive dark blue arm.

“Madara sama! You body…” Zetsu was shocked seeing Madara go for the Susanoo.

“It’s okay! I haven’t seen such an interesting young man for long time. I don’t know if you can take punch from me, Ryo Yamanaka!” finishing his words, the Susanoo’s arm went straight towards Ryo.

Ryo’s face was heavy. He quickly condensed the moister of the underground forming an Ice Shield, and injected it with great amounts of Natural Energy.

While Madara did not learn Sage Mode, he had been sensitive to Natural Energy for many years.

“You actually use Senjutsu! Fascinating!” As he finished his words, the Susanoo’s fist landed on the shield.

“Oh…” The Ice Shield became all cracked by the impact of such terrifying punch. However, it was not crushed, and Ryo was able to fend off Madara’s attack.

“Madara dono, it’s my turn now I guess?” Ryo entered Sage Mode, immediately forming a Rasenshuriken!

“This is Wind Chakra, and Senjustu Chakra?” Madara looked up at Ryo, watching him forming his attack.

Blue ribs appeared around Madara’s body, and the Rasenshuriken hit them. Countless Wind Blades were cutting the ribs, trying to get through.

Madara’s very calm expression finally changed. The destructive power of this Jutsu exceeded all his expectations.

Helplessly, he had to increase his consumption of Chakra, making the Susanoo’s arms appear and grab the Rasenshuriken from both sides.

With that, the attack finally exploded between the two hands, and dissipated. 

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