Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 16


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There was a graduation application on the Hokage’s desk. He was smoking his pipe in front of the window and asked Yamashiro Yen.

“Yen, do you think that Ryo can successfully graduate?”

“Hokage sama, if it is an ordinary exam, he will definitely be able to pass.” His reply is not unexpected, as Ryo was already at that level 2 years ago.

The hokage did not want Ryo to graduate early. As Ryo and Sakumo expected, he didn’t want him to leave the hospital, as nobody in that hospital was remotely comparable to him!

After thinking about it for a while, the hokage decided that it’s better for Ryo and the village that Ryo stays at school for more time. He didn’t not reject the application that’s been delivered by Yen, but he decided that tomorrow’s test will have a lesson for him about always being able to learn more, a lesson that will be harsh enough that it will push him away from early graduation. That way, he can take his time and work in the Hospital!

“Yen, I agree. You go to inform Ryo kun to come at 9 am tomorrow, at the 3rd training ground.”

“Yes, Hokage sama!”

Yen informed Ryo about the examination time.

“It’s really exciting.” It was clear to him that it won’t be an easy graduation, but he had enough confidence to have no doubts about success.

The next day, 9 Am , at the 3rd training ground, Ryo was right on time.

“Ryo kun, you made this old man wait for you, not too kind of you!”

“Hokage sama, it’s 9 am still, you just were too early.”

“Ha ha ha, you look very confident!”

“Of course, If wasn’t sure of success, I would have applied.” Ryo was standing straight!

“That’s good! So today’s challenge is not that hard. This shinobi, don’t get defeated by him for 10 minutes, and you’ll become a ninja!” the 3rd once again redefined the meaning of shameless!

One is a student from the Ninja School and the other is an Uchiha! One of his tribe’s Chunins! The fact that he is a Chunin is enough to make many people escape, without mentioning the usual difference between Yamanaka’s and Uchiha’s.

“Hokage sama, this is .. bad.” Yamashiro yen didn’t want to see his student suffer.

“It’s all right, Yamashiro sensei.” Ryo comforted his teacher.

“See? He’s not objecting. No need to complain Yen”

“Hokage Sama, let’s get this started!” Ryo has waited for so long to see the pure blood Sharingan In action!

The untouched confidence portrayed by Ryo made the 3rd feel uneasy. He took a look at Ryo who was so eager to fight on one side, and at the Uchiha who had enough strength to be amongst the elite. He took breath and announced:

“The exam starts!”

The Uchiha Chunin, who looked like he’s in his 20’s looked down on Ryo and said:

“Kuzo, being a ninja is no child’s play. You should just forfeit now or you’ll get hurt!”

“I advise you to use your sharingan from the get go, or will get overwhelmed by my speed, I can’t promise you won’t get hurt.”

“Kuzo! You’re looking for death.”

Uchiha was angered by so angered that he started printing right away: 【Katon: Fireball Jutsu!】

Although he had no fire affinity, nor did he fight anyone who used it, Ryo couldn’t even count the times that he saw that seal in the anime! By the time that his opponent launched his attack, he already was one step ahead lunching [Water Release: Raging waves!]. The fire ball launched by the Uchiha was easily extinguished! 

“How!?!” The chunin was stunned! Ryo is much faster than him at printing seals, and he printed at the speed of 4 seals per second! Ryo started printing after him and launched his attack earlier. He must be printing at 5 seals per second or more!

This Shinobi, well worthy of being a Chunin, found out the this kid was faster than him when it cae to printing. So he stopped using Ninjutsu and started relying on Taijutsu to fight the kid.

“No Sharingan yet? You have no chance against me if don’t use it!”

After just a few strikes, he was being overwhelmed by Ryo’s Taijutsu. And time went on, with him barely managing to hold his own. More than half the period has passed. He knew that Ryo was right, he will fail without the Sharingan.

Full of anger, he opened his Sharingan. But the powerup wasn’t enough. Ryo was somewhat disappointed with him.

Losing interest in the fight, Ryo unleashed his Thunder Chakra mode!

“This is the Thunder Chakra mode?” The 3rd has been always impressed with Ryo, but he never expected such a level from along with his medical ninja! Ryo’s thunder technique was on a really high level!

“Hey Uchiha Shinobi, this is the end!” as he said it, a thunderball appeared behind the poor Chunin, and while he could capture the shadow of Ryo’s movement with his Sharingan, his physique couldn’t keep up. In no time he had a knife on his neck!

“I lost!” Uchiha happily admitted his full defeat.

“Hokage Sama, can I graduate now?”

“Oh! Ryo you, this fight you showed me was a very pleasant surprise! You pass your exam. From now on are a fully fledged Konoha shinobi.” Under the Hokage’s eyes, Ryo showed more than enough strength to prove he could defend himself.

He went to the photo studio to take a picture, filled out a ninja form, officially becoming a Konoha Genin.

The next days, he didn’t get an instructing teacher , and he wasn’t given any missions. He spent all his time between the hospital and the forest.

A month later, not being called by the hokage proved to be unbearable!

“Hokage Sama, why don’t I have a tutor or a mission?”

“Eh, about that Ryo. As of Right now, Konoha’s team is full, there is no suitable team to arrange for you, or do you wait for some time? I’ll think about it, how to arrange something for you.”

How can the hokage not know how unbearable the feeling that Ryo has about his cheeky acts right now?! 

“Then Hokage Sama, I’ll wait at home for you rto find something, as I’ve spent a lot of time in the hospi…”

“Ryo, I suddenly remembered. There is another Jounin with no disciple.”

Ryo’s threat was so effective that it pushed the memories right back to the 3rd’s mind!

“Hokage Sama, you can’t just flick me away. How could there be another Jounin left?”

With the assurance of the 3rd he could only leave, keeping his doubts!.

Could there be another Jounin he missed? He though this over: the man to be the 4th hokage, Minato Namikazi is on the borders. Sakumo took a mission and is about to leave! Amongst the jounin of Konoha, he couldn’t find anyone with no current team who could fit the description.

Ryo shook his head as he knew the 3rd hasn’t been exactly reliable. He had no confidence in meeting his instructor tomorrow!

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