Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 176


As soon as Ryo approached the Rokubi, he felt great threat, and his body unconsciously entered Ice Elementization.

At that exact moment, a fist wrapped in Biju Chakra directly went through Ryo’s heart.

A Biju’s Chakra is so destructive, and the punch was able to split Ryo’s upper body.

He was in cold sweat, frightened by this punch. If it wasn’t for his intuition, and his timely Elementization, Ryo would have been killed by this fist.

He quickly moved back to his initial spot, opening the Yin seal and releasing enough Natural Energy for his Torso to self repair. He then opened his Mangekyo to observe the situation in the Rokubi Jinchuriki’s body. 

With that, he made sure that this was the Biju in control, not its Jinchuriki.

Usually, once a Jinchuriki is dead, his Biju should follow, and this situation made Ryo really puzzled. Didn’t he just kill the Rokubi Jinchuriki?

Ryo was stunned for a moment, and quickly returned to the Ice World. After quick observation, he determined that the Jinchuriki’s consciousness still had subtle fluctuations and did not completely dissipate.

Ryo wanted to destroy his consciousness immediately, but was stopped by Korin.

“Korin, do you want to fight the Rokubi?” Ryo communicated with her.

“Well, I want to see if I’m as strong.” Korin said with some hope.

Ryo did not object, and agreed with her request.

On the Rokubi’s side, a massive flow of Chakra began to ooze out of the Jinchuriki’s body, and it condensed gradually into a behemoth that’s covered with in a thick, slimy substance

Korin wasn’t willing to show weakness. She retrieved her Chakra from within Ryo’s seal, and in the blink of an eye, a mighty Water Kirin appeared.

The Rokubi felt quite restless as it observed Korin her single smaller tail, indicated that she wasn’t a Biju. But he could sense that she was one.

Korin’s Chakra was equivalent to that of the Yonbi, but she had a single tail. Usually, a Biju’s number of tails indicated his amount of Chakra, but Korin did not follow this law, making Saiken uncertain.

The Rokubi was quite simple minded; whatever it didn’t understand would be put aside, with it proceeding directly to attack. 

Korin saw this and began to condense a Biju Dama. With Saiken’s Chakra being absolutely above hers, it also went for the simplest crudest attack method, and answered with a Biju dama of its own.

The collision between Korin’s and the Rokubi’s Biju Dama should be equivalent to the one between a Rasenshuriken against a regular Biju dama.

The two attacks collided in midair, and Korin’s Biju dama had higher overall energy level, but its Chakra was far below the Rokubi’s attack. In the end, Korin lost the Biju dama showdown and the Rokubi’s that lost most of its power flew towards her.

“Korin, water!” Ryo communicated with Korin.

She shook her head reluctantly and refused Ryo’s help. She jumped in the air avoiding the remaining attack of the Rokubi.

The Biju noticed from the collision that Korin’s Chakra contained some Natural Energy, and it felt more pressure.

To its knowledge, none besides the Juubi should use Natural Energy. Why could Korin use it? It became hesitant and didn’t know if it should continue the fight.

Just as it was indecisive, Korin took the initiative to attack.

Korin’s thoughts were influenced by Ryo and his Sensei, Kushina. Would they just run away in disgrace after taking a punch? Absolutely not! Therefore, Korin did not admit defeat after losing the Biju dama showdown, especially after escaping it unscathed.

As she was created, her soul absorbed that of the Sanbi. She had all its water controlling capabilities, so she also resorted to water attacks.

Massive sphere of water appeared around her body, and then lighting flashed within her eyes.

The lightning Chakra merged with the sphere, which gradually turned black, eventually becoming lavender black just like Korin’s eyes.

“Black Lightning!” Ryo did not expect that Korin would not just control Lightning, but also use Black Lightning itself.

This was Darui’s and the 3rd Raikage’s special technique. It was often combined with Water, so that it flowed naturally like water.

However, Korin’s style was somewhat different than Darui’s method. Her attacks are mainly based on Water Release, and she used the Black Lightning to incorporate its characteristics into them, granting them greater destructive power.

Her lightning was closer to Madara’s [Senpo: Storm Release Light Fang].

Her Water sphere was launched, rushing directly to the Rokubi like Lightning.

Madara’s attack was powerful enough to cut clean through a Truth-Seeking Ball, and Korin’s attack’s destructive power was also quite amazing, and holes appeared in the Rokubi’s body.

Not only that, but its body was also paralyzed by the Lightning’s additional effects.

Nevertheless, the Rokubi was a Biju, and the holes in its body were quickly restored. In the end, Korin’s attack only limited its actions.

The Biju could not lift the paralyzing effect of the Lightning, and could only roar in place to vent its anger.

Along with its roar, the mucus on its body began to turn into a bubble, and it took a deep breath and blew said bubble towards Ryo and Korin.

Korin condensed a lot of water, trying to pop the bubble, but the water just integrated with the bubble.

The Rokubi’s mucus itself is strongly corrosive, and was able to change the water. Korin’s attack turned into highly corrosive acid water.

As the water now had Saiken’s Chakra within it, the Biju controlled the water to turn on Korin.

She had no time to react, and was going to be eroded by the powerful attack. Ryo could no longer sit still, and flickered to Korin’s side, freezing the Acid Water.

Korin first breathed a sigh of relief, then scream at Ryo: “Hey! Who asked for your help?” 

“Alright it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have been so nosy.” Ryo knew all too well that he should never argue with a woman. Korin felt guilty and bowed her head admitting her fault.

“You’re right. This has become boring. Let’s finish him together.” Korin knew already that she couldn’t deal with the Rokubi, but she had refused Ryo’s help. She couldn’t just ask for it!

Now that Ryo took the initiative, she jumped on the opportunity and asked Ryo to cooperate with her.

Not knowing her motives, Ryo thought that she just got bored with the fight. 

Finishing the the Rokubi was all too easy for Ryo. He just re-entered Ice World, crushing the Rokubi’s consciousness.

With its Jinchuriki dead, Saiken gradually began to dissipate. Ryo moved to its side and collected one tail’s worth of Chakra.

He then returned to Korin’s side, injecting the freshly collected Chakra directly into her body.

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