Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 184


The next day after the elections, Minato invited Ryo and the others to the Barbecue restaurant for celebration.

While Ryo’s refusal of becoming the Hokage disappointed Shikaku for a while, the Ino-Shika-Cho getting Konoha’s Hospital was enough to make up for it.

Actually, the only one really disappointed after the elections was Danzo, who sat gloomily in Roots Headquarters after Ororchimaru lost the elections.

He had dedicated a lot of resources to support Orochimaru, and even gave the Ino-Shika-Cho control over the hospital, only to eventually fail.

“The Uchiha, the Hyuga, I shall definitely make you pay the price!” Minato’s victory made Danzo hold a great grudge against the Hyuga and the Uchiha.

A few days later, the 3rd Hokage announced publicly announced that Minato shall be his successor as Konoha’s 4th Raikage, and that the succession ceremony would take place within two months.

From that moment, Minato was supposed to stick by the 3rd’s side to learn about running the village. 

After the Ino-Shika-Cho took over Konoha’s hospital, Ryo naturally became its new manager. 

The 1st thing he did was removing Danzo’s men hidden within the hospital’s leadership and promote the medical Ninjas he had trained during the war.

At the same time, he required all medical Ninjas in the hospital who did not learn Modern Medicine to participate in special training sessions.

At 1st, these medical Ninjas were initially dissatisfied, but their dissatisfaction faded away as the learned about modern medicine and started to see its “magic”. 

Konoha had just elected its 4th Hokage, and the Hidden Mist, far in the Water Country, had also undergone tremendous changes.

On one night, the village had all of the Country’s ports close and prohibited anyone from entering or leaving the village.

At the same time, inside the village, a massacre was starting to take place, one against of the Kekkei Genkai wielding clans. The reason was that four days prior to that, while the Mizukage was giving a speech, both the elders of the Kaguya and Yuki clans tried to assassinate him, and then dissapeared.

This happened before everyone’s eyes, and the two clans could not defend themselves. Pakura at time summoned the Sanbi, slaughtering everyone present from the two clans.

Learning of the news, the elders of the Yuki clan immediately went to Yagura to discuss the matter, but things did not go well.

As soon as the elders entered, Yagura attacked them on the spot. Eventually, he emerged victorious, killing them, and surviving while seriously injured.

The rest of the two clans’ people weren’t about to sit still, they joined forces together and tried to escape the village.

In the end, the two major clans ended up being slaughtered, with other smaller clans also being ravaged. Just like that, all of the village’s Kekkei Genkai wielding clans were destroyed. 

This opened the gates to the darkest era, the era of the “Bloody Mist”! 

At this time, the bloody Mist’s initiator, Yagora, was sitting on his chair with his eyes dull. Before him, were a peculiar man: the hotel owner, Yamada Nagakyu.

Yamada’s eyes shined crimson, and he started directly at Yagura.

Soon after that, the special patterns his eyes disappeared, and Yagura fell into sleep on his desk.

In the pit thousands of miles away, Uchiha Madara had his eyes closed, and he was looking even older than before. Beside him was a White Zetsu, holding a pair of three-tomoe Sharingans in closed glassware.

A few minutes later, Madara’s eyes blew out blood and tears, and the Zetsu quickly opened the glassware and took out the eyes, handing them to Madara.

The latter took out his eyes, and placed the new Sharingans in his eye sockets. At the same time, great vitality was injected within his body from the Gedo Mazo.

With this vitality, the new eye immediately merged with Madara.

“White, how many Sharingans do we have left?” Madara asked.

“Madara sama, we did not collect many Sharingans in the 2nd and 3rd wars. Recently, you have used several pairs, and now we only have two pairs left.” Zetsu answered.

“Ordinary Sharingans cannot take that Dojutsu power. Every pair allows me to control Yagura once, before being destroyed.” 

Madara touched his eyes, feeling slightly helpless and then said: “How’s Obito?”

“Rest assured Madara sama, his body has made a great recovery, and it has basically adapted to Hashirama’s cells.” 

Madara nodded and felt more at ease, as his future representative should not have any problems. 

During this time, Madara was deepening his control over Yagura. In fact, maintaining control over the young Kage was no easy task for the current Marada.

He was close to 90 years old, and physically weaker than he had ever been. Even his own eyes were transplanted in Nagato.

In order to be able to keep his control over Yagura, Madara was summoning the residual power of his Rinnegan, using it through substitute Sharingans. Unfortunately, the Rinnegan’s residual power was too much for the Sharingans he used handle. Every time he used Genjutsu on the Kage, he had to get his eyes replaced. 

“Just a little more. When Obito completely adapts to Hashirama’s cells, the next part of the plan shall begin.

But Madara sama, the girl that Obito cares about had not yet left Konoha. We did not get any chances to capture her at all! 

“No hurry. It should take around a month to get Obito to adapt with his new body. During this time, you will send more Zetsu clones to observe the village. There will be an opportunity!” Finishing his words, Madara closed his eyes.

White Zetsu sank into the ground, and the hole restored its silence.

In Konoha, Minato and Kushina summoned everyone to the 3rd training ground.

On the previous days, Minato had been following the 3rd to learn more on running the village. Therefore, when Minato summoned them, everyone was surprised and felt that the matter should not be trivial. 

“Minato, I have things to do you know, I’m busy gathering material for my books!” Jiraya hadn’t been in Konoha for the few days following the election. He had been wandering around the country between hot springs and bathhouses.

“Yeah, why are we here, Ni-san?” Ryo urged Minato, and he was too busy running the hospital he had just taken over. 

Minato looked at Kushina, and she became immediately shy and her face turned red. He smiled and said: “Kushina and I have decided to get married!” 

“Well congratulations. Then I’ll be leaving to gather more mat….” With his focus on his “material”, it took Jiraya a while before he actually realized how big the news was! 

“So sudden! Really?” As the matter was not trivial, Ryo showed surprise.

“I have promised Kushina, during the war on the battlefield of the Lightning Country, that I will marry her as soon as the war ends.

At this time, no one could sit still! The news was so big and everyone gathered around the newly engaged couple showering them with question. Even the usually serious Sakumo couldn’t help but smile.

Facing this rain of questions, Minato answered them one by one, and the usually feisty Kushina was blushing all the way through, not saying a word.

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