Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 190


Madara controlled Yagura to seal the Sanbi in “Rin’s” body.

After the sealing was finished, Yagura went to the village, leaving the lake. Through his eyes, Madara watched the battle between Ryo and the Mist.

With Korin’s help, Ryo was able to imitate the 3rd Raikage’s Lightning Chakra Mode, making himself able to use both the Lightning Armor and the Lightning Chakra Flicker.

With the support of Korin’s massive Chakra, his defensive power was no less than that of the 3rd Raikage. While he wasn’t as skill with Taijutsu, Ryo made up for that with his incredible speed.

Therefore, the battle between him and the rest of the Mist was completely one sided. Ryo was like a human bulldozer, taking down many Mist Ninjas with every one of his attacks.

A thousand miles away, Madara’s face was somewhat heavy. He had chosen the Mist Village as a base for his power, and did not want Ryo Yamanaka to destroy it so carelessly. 

Thinking of that, he controlled Yagura to rush at Ryo. Being fully aware of that, Ryo was quite surprised that Madara finally decided to interfere.

Yagura himself was Kage tier, and was able to beat all people in the village to get this position. He was actually a rather strong Kage tier.

Now that he’s under Madara’s control, he gained the veteran’s accumulated experience from the battles during of Warring States period, which was far beyond his or even Ryo’s!

This experience made up for the gap between him and Ryo on terms of strength and speed. Yagura, controlled by Madara, seemed to be fighting with a pair of Shringan, avoiding everyone of Ryo’s attacks in advance. 

“That’s the 4th Raikage for you! But do you have a way to block this?!” Ryo’s Lightning Chakra Mode intensified, and he extended two fingers from his right hand. 

“[Hell Stab]! Quickly, spread out!” Yagura, controlled by Madara, immediately warned the surrounding Mist Ninjas.

Madara knew all very well that Ryo’s target was not him, but the Ninjas behind him. Like Ryo said, he had no way to keep this technique from hitting them with Yagura’s abilities. 

In the [Hell Stab], Lightning Chakra is continuously compressed and focused at the fingertips. That, along with the speed brought by the Lightning Chakra Mode, creates a massive destructive power that it capable of penetration everything.

The technique was not that difficult to learn, but it had great requirements in speed and physical fitness. It was not used previously by Ryo. However, after changing his genetic arrangement, Ryo’s vitality made his body finally capable of supporting this Jutsu.

The violent Lightning Chakra continually gathered on Ryo’s two fingers. After reaching the extreme, Ryo’s body turned into a spear of lightning. 

“[Water Wall]!” Madara made Yagura’s body form several water walls to reduce [Hell Stab]’s penetrative capabilities. 

Unfortunately for him, the walls had no effect at all, immediately broken through by Ryo, and Madara only saw a flash of lightning passing by Yagura’s body.

“Boom!” What was surprising was that the attack did not land on one Mist Ninja. 

Turning around, Ryo retracted one finger, making the Lightning Chakra converge towards the remaining one.

[Hell Stab] goes up in power when using fewer fingers. Seeing Ryo’s 2 finger attack creating such mayhem, everyone froze thinking of his single finger attack!

Madara knew by now that he could not face Ryo with Yagura’s body, otherwise the Mist Village itself would be in great danger!

“What on earth do you want, Ryo Yamanaka? You’re breaking into our village all of a sudden; do you want to provoke a new Shinobi world War?” Madara controlled Yagura to speak.

This made Ryo realize that his purpose had been reached. Now, he had no more reason to attack the Mist, as their losses had reached the limit of what Madara could bare.

However, he had to finish the act! If he was to simply leave, Madara would have some doubts.

At this thought, Ryo pretended to be furious: “You know what you’ve done! WHERE ON EARTH IS RIN?” 

“We have not seen any Rin; no one even knows Rin. ”

“Is that so? My companion was gone missing in the Wave Country, and isn’t that subsidiary to your own? You’re saying you don’t know? It seems that I have not done enough!” Ryo pretended to continue his attack.

Madara had a massive headache. It was obvious that Ryo wasn’t going to stop until finding that girl, but she was crucial to his plans. He couldn’t just give her to Ryo, so he didn’t want to give up.

After some thought, Madara sighed. The situation was beyond using a man, and he could only use one of the cards hiddem up his sleeves.

He summoned a Zetsu, making his prepare a new pair of Sharingan: Madara had finally decided to use the bit he had left of his Rinnegan’s power! 

Ryo felt that the situation was awkward. Did Madara give up on the Mist Village? Why did he not answer for so long.

With him not speaking, Ryo wasn’t going to wait forever. After finishing his preparations, he rushed with hell stab directly at Yagura’s body!

What made Ryo more surprised that Yagura was not evading the attack, and not even using Ninjutsu.

Ryo already reached Yagura’s front, the powerful Lightning Surge made Yagura’s hair stand up.

Did Madara really give up on the Mist Village? Ryo’s face was gloomy. If he was to kill the 4th’s Mizukage, the 4th world war would definitely erupt in advance. Is that what Madara is thinking?

Just trying to gather water that had been spilled, Ryo tried to stop his attack, and his could not do it in time. As he watched [Hell Stab] about to go through Yagura’s body, all the Lightning Chakra in Ryo’s body disappeared strangely.

Immediately after, a strong repulsive power broke out of Yagura’s body, pushing Ryo away.

Ryo remained in mid-air for a while before finally falling on the ground. 

As he stood up, he saw Yagura relieved and relaxed. Ryo’s face became gloomy, for what Madara just used was akin to the power of the Rinnegan!

Absorbing his Lighting Chakra reminded him of the Preta Path, and the way he was pushed away was like that of the Deva Path.

Madara’s ability to use the Rinnegan was rather strange; his he already given his eyes to Nagato a long time ago. Ryo had seen Nagato in the Rain Country before, and he clearly had the Rinnegan.

Ryo returned the center of the village. in order to verify his conjecture, he used several Ninjutsu in a row, and they all disappeared in the vicinity if Yagura, with their Chakra seemingly entering his body!

“It’s really the Rinnegan!”

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