Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 199


“Orochi san, haven’t you agreed…” Ryo tried to ask.

“I did, but I also want to see the legendary Wood Release before my eyes!” Orochimaru licked his lips excitedly.

Ryo did not know what to say for a while. Orochimaru was once again making the same choice!

Things were clear to both of them. In order to create a Wood Release using Ninja, Orochimaru had to conduct human experiments, and that went again the 3rd’s principles.

After a good while, Ryo asked Orochimaru: “Orochi san, what’s Konoha to you?”

“Konoha! Probably a tree that had been decaying, but now is re-growing through its new buds that are emerging!” Orochimaru sounded uncharacteristically emotional!

“Since tree is being revived, why would its bird want to leave?” 

“It’s because bird belong to the sky outside!” Orochimaru sighed; his tone was heavy but he was determined.

Ryo did not answer. Orochimaru’s thoughts were already very clear. As a friend, he could only support him in his own way.

Therefore, Ryo suggested joining Orochimaru in these experiments! Orochimaru very happily agreed!

After discussing some details concerning the experiments, Ryo remembered the purpose behind his arrival: “Orochi san, I’ve actually come here for something!” 

“What is it?”

“Orochi san, I’ve heard Shinku Yuhi used to be your subordinate! Could you introduce me to him?” 

“Indeed, he was. Why do you want that?” Orochimaru had some doubts in his voice.

“It’s because of this!” Ryo took off his contact lenses and pointed at his Mangekyo, “After activating the Mangekyo, I’ve realized that I was still not proficient enough in using my Sharingan. My Mangekyo ability has a lot to do with Genjutsu. I also am interested with learning new Genjutsu. so I wanted to ask him!” 

Hearing that, Orochimaru, nodded, and immediately left the lab with Ryo.

Shinku Yuhi was an Instructor that oversees the training of Genin and Chunin-level shinobi in the village. He himself was Jonin tier.

In fact, it was never stated in the Manga that he was proficient with Genjutsu. It’s just that his daughter Kurenai was so proficient with it, that Ryo thought her dad might have something to do with that!

Kurenai was indeed a Genjutsu Prodigy. Although she had no Genjutsu related Kekkei Genkai, she was able to compete with many Sharingan users.

Orochimaru went all the way to Shinku’s place along with Ryo. Since the village was just out of war, there weren’t new students graduating. Shinku wasn’t busy, and was home with his daughter.

Orochimaru knocked on the door, which was opened by non-other than Ryo’s old classmate, Kurenai.

“Kurenai, long time no see!” Ryo took the initiative to say hello to his classmate. 

She looked at him, rather puzzled, then bowed her head, trying to speculate who he was. After a long awkward silence, she said embarrassedly: “Who are you?” 

Ryo’s face became a little gloomy. Indeed, many of his old classmates were recognizing him!

In fact, it was all his doing. Back in the day, he used to always send Shadow Clones to the Academy. After he started working at Konoha’s hospital, he stopping bothering to even do that. 

That, along with the years that had passed since his graduation, meant that it would only be natural for her not to recognize him.

“I’m Ryo Yamanaka, your classmate from the Academy!” 

“Ah! It’s you! The one who’s always first to sleep!” Although she did not remember how Ryo looked like, his “actions” seemed to leave quite the impression on Kurenai!

“Cough! No need to mention that bit!” 

“It seems like in the academy, you were a bit more like Jiraya!” On the other side, Orochimaru couldn’t help but laugh when seeing Ryo so embarrassed. 

Kurenai did look up at Orochimaru until then, and she was shocked when she did!

“Oro… Orochimaru san, are you here for my father? Sorry for letting you wait for so long!” She immediately opened the door wide open, nervously apologizing.

“Don’t worry about it! Just take us in!” He answered.

She nodded, and immediately entered the house with the two.

“Father, Orochimaru san is here!” As soon as she entered the house, she shouted to her father. 

Hearing his daughter’s voice, Shinku immediately ran out of the back room. When he saw Orochimaru, he said with a smile on his face: “Orochimaru, long time no see!” 

The two obviously had a great relationship. The conversation between them did not sound so formal; they were friendlier as they greeted each other.

Then, the two went with Ryo and to the inner room and started chatting.

As they were talking on the side, Ryo looked at Shinku. He had some similarities to his daughter, sharing exactly her same eyes.

The two were not talking of anything interesting to Kurenai, so she asked Ryo: “Ryo, are you the same Yamanaka who was a Hokage candidate not too long ago?”

Ryo had nothing to hide, and nodded. 

“Wow! You are that Ryo Yamanka, the hero from the battlefield! It wasn’t just a name coincidence!” Kurenai suddenly realized, she was talking so casually to someone of such status, so she remained silent for a while, not knowing how to act!

In order to break the ice, Ryo decided to tease her a little bit! “Kurenai, is Asuma still following you around? I remember before, he used to…” 

“Shhhhh… stop please!” Hearing Asuma’s name, Kurenai’s face became red, but all the pressure she was feeling in Ryo’s presence was gone.

“Ryo kun, come over here!” Ryo still wanted to tease her more, but he heard Orochimaru calling him.

Ryo stood up and walked over to him, as Shinku looked at him approaching.

In fact, he was embarrassed! Ryo was his daughter’s classmate, but far stronger than he was!

Ryo realized this, so he tried to soften the mood: “Shinku san, hello! I’m Kurenai’s old classmate from the academy!” 

Hearing Ryo be the one to speak 1st, and address him formally, Shinku was surprised, but then he smiled.

Power was the thing most respected in their world. Someone at Ryo’s level certainly doesn’t need to address him so formally, but Ryo just introduced himself as an academy student, of his daughter’s tier. This humbleness made Shinku realize that it was going to be easy to get along with him.

Ryo was thinking that it was Shinku who was about to be the teacher among the two. On top of that, he was of his father’s status, being the father of his classmate. It was only common sense for him to address him that way.

After that, the two chatted for while, and Shinku very happily agreed to help Ryo with learning Ginjutsu, and they decided to meet up the following day at the 3rd training ground.

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