Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 204


After Tobi entered a state of “Hibernation”, Ryo interestedly started observing the changes his soul received. 

Everything in the Ice World was connected to Ryo’s Spiritual Energy, and any change that Tobi was to receive was also to be detected by Ryo.

After Ryo discovered it was hibernating, Tobi’s soul began adapting with cold of the Ice World! It was something like no other; the soul began to feel slightly more and more like the rest of Ryo’s world!

Ryo knew that there was no direct way to distinguish between a White Zetsu fake and a real one, but this was beyond his belief! He did not expect such changes could apply to the soul itself!

The Genes Orochimaru has extracted existed in Ochorimaru’s bodies, and they had a Shape Transformation effect that seemed to be key to this. However, things seemed to no longer be that simple. This wasn’t just the body’s morphing; it went even further beyond!

Ryo, while he froze Tobi, couldn’t keep his soul in check, and he was awake again in no time.

This time as well, Tobi still did not learn his lesson, asking Ryo immediately: “Ryo Yamanaka, what are doing?”

“I’m just saving Rin and Obito; it’s as simple as that!”

“What? Are you breaking your deal with Madara sama?” 

“Perhaps. However, when I reached that deal with Madara, I don’t remember you being there! How did you know about that?”

Ryo guessed that Tobi’s memories might be shared with other Zetsu and wondered: How come that’s the case when his soul is independent?

Of course, Tobi did not answer Ryo’s question, but the latter wasn’t going to waste time on him. He controlled Ice and Snow of the Ice World to surround his body, leaving only his head apparent.

Then, Ryo used the secret Yamanaka clan Jutsu to read his memories.

Tobi didn’t have many of those. He knew that he was born only around a year or so before this meeting.

He was summoned from the Gedo Mazo by Madara, who used him to cultivate Hashirama’s cells. He had been injected previously with the vitality and fragments of consciousness of the Juubi. That, along with Yin and Yang from Madara and Hashirama’s Chakra, gave birth to Tobi’s consciousness and to the other White Zetsu.

He was indeed in some sense and result of Madara’s experimentation, just as he was part of Kaguya’s before him.

Madara’s purpose was compound: to see if he had a shot at creating life, and to control Obito softer death.

He successfully made this being, which was a continuation of his will.

Ryo understood Tobi’s value. Till the end, Madara could not fully trust Obito.

It was a shame that Madara never expected that the life he thought he created did not only carry his will, and that he would be betrayed by Black Zetsu.

In fact, he had always regarded Black Zetsu as an extension of his will, and had no doubts in him.

Ryo continued going through Tobi’s memories, but never found anything worth knowing! 

The Zetsu’s secrets, details on their transformation technique; these things were actually not there!

After finishing, Ryo used Genjutsu on Tobi, in an attempt to control it. He was a Mask that’s attached to Obito. Killing it would fill Madara with doubts, and leaving it alive and well would get Obito into trouble!

Ryo thought that it controlling Tobi would be a breeze, for his spirit was not that strong. However, he still failed! 

He realized soon that no matter how he used Genjutsu, this soul was absolutely not affected by him!

With Genjutsu not being a viable path, Ryo started thinking of one other way to control Tobi.

In Korin’s soul, there were also fragments of the Juubi’s consciousness. She was formed around the Gedo Mazo after all! Ryo thought of getting her inside the Ice World and let her make a try!

Time was running out, and Ryo’s returned to the real world from Ice World.

When he returned, Ryo opened his eyes, just to see Obito and Rin still snuggling together. He did not pay attention to the two, but instead woke up the sleeping Korin in his arms.

He explained the situation to her, and she agreed after giving it a thought.

So, Ryo entered the Ice World along with her consciousness.

In there, Ryo saw Korin’s soul for the 1st time. It did not look like a Ragdoll cat, but more like a miniature Water Kirin!

“Korin, this is him. Do you have any way to change his thoughts?” Ryo pointed to Zetsu who was frozen in the distance.

Korin jumped from Ryo’s arms and walked to Tobi. She walked around him and then said: “Ryo, you can unfreeze him!”

Ryo nodded and defrosted Tobi. After Korin made sure he was completely back to normal, she suddenly became larger in size and swallowed him whole!

Ryo was shocked to witness this scene! By the time he managed to react, Korin had already spit him out!

Tobi stood there still, until a small part of Korin mental power entered its body. At that moment, he regained his mobility.

However, it was completely different from before, standing besides Korin without making a sound or any disobedience.

“Korin, what’s going on here?” Ryo was scratching his head.

“It’s very simple! I just implanted in his soul that I am the master of his soul!”

“How did you do that? And is it okay for you to eat him up and spit him out?” Ryo continued to ask.

Korin looked at Ryo as what he was saying was foolish then said: “Of course not. I just swallowed him in order to resonate with his soul, and then take the opportunity to implant this command in it!”

“Resonate with his soul? It is because your soul and his are both partly born from the Gedo Mazo?”

“Yes, but the Juubi’s consciousness had a lot more to do with my birth, and I ate more than half of the Sanbi’s soul, so I am superior to him, and I could implant this command directly in his soul.” Korin said proudly. .

“So that’s the case! And now, this command of yours would never be perceived?” 

“Do not worry! It is now instinct to him, just like your own urge to eat or drink!” Korin explained.

“This way I am relieved.” Ryo heard a sigh of relief! It was finally possible to get Obito back to Madara’s side now that Tobi was controlled!

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