Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 218


After moving back to Konoha, Ryo went directly to the 3rd’s office, handing him the scrolls sent by Tsunade.

After the 3rd opened them, his face looked very awkward, and he coughed before leaving the office with the scrolls.

Minato found that it was rather strange and asked: “Ryo, what’s written on Tsunade’s scroll.

Ryo shook his head, for he did not know. All the way to Konoha, he did not open the scrolls, handing them directly to the 3rd.

On the other side, the 3rd directly entered Root’s headquarters.

At that time, Homura was discussing with Danzo how to deal with the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance.

Facing the other clans’ pressure, the Ino-Shika-Cho successfully relied on the newly developed Re-usable Healing Stones. Getting the new about that, Danzo became mad, and actually ended up unleashing his wrath on the headquarters itself.

The two had been in discussions for a while, not finding a good way to deal with the three clans. Just as they were tangled like that, one of Root’s Ninjas rushed in saying: “Danzo san, the Hokage is here.” 

Homura frowned: “What’s Hiruzen doing here?”

“I don’t know! Let’s go see him.” Danzo stood up and walked to the entrance, with Homura closely following him.

After welcoming the 3rd coldly, he directly asked: “What brings you me, Hiruzen?”

The 3rd smiled and said: “He’s the deal: I’ve received a letter from Tsunade. In that letter, she says that she had taken Rin as her Disciple. She explains all about it in this scroll. So, that’s the end of this matter…” 

“What! What gives her the right to do that? This is an interest of Konoha, and she’s nothing but rog…” 

“Pay attention to your words Danzo!” The 3rd heard the word Rogue and his face turned heavy.

“Danzo, you can’t say that! Tsunade is the first Hokage’s granddaughter, and the Country’s famous princess. You can’t just talk like that.” Homura also reminded him.

“But… But…!” Danzo was tied, and could not argue anymore.

“In short, this matter ends here. You keep Rin’s matter a secret. Otherwise, Minato would not tolerate Root’s presence anymore.” The 3rd turned around and left.

Homaru looked at his back, and then at Danzo’s face, finally leaving after some hesitation.

As the Hokage’s office, Minato was listening to Ryo’s description of Tsunade. Hearing about her being found in a Casino, He sighed and said: “Tsunade san really never changes!”

After hearing that Rin is becoming Tsunade’s student, he was very happy, for now she was on a good path.

With this done, Minato and Ryo bid farewell, and the latter teleported to the Yamanaka district.

He had learned from Minato that when he took Rin away, the Ino-Shika-Cho fell under great pressure. This made him worry, and he returned immediately to understand the situation.

But then, he was relieved to see that all was peaceful and harmonious in the clan. Later, he found Inoichi, and heard all about the three clans’ response.

“I’m really thankful to brother Shikaku. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t know how to face you all.” 

Inoichi understood Ryo’s self-blame, but he wasn’t the type to comfort people often. After some long thought, he said: “We have never blamed you!” 

Being stressed as he waited for a response from Inoichi, Ryo was finally relaxed, and was rather moved when he heard that.

However, this incident was a good lesson to him. Behind him were the three Ino-Shika-Cho clans, and he couldn’t just do anything he wanted without considering the repercussion it might have on them.

Ryo then teleported to Orochimaru’s lab, but didn’t find him there. Only Yugao and Anko were inside. 

Ryo hadn’t seen Yugao for a long time. She had become much stronger, and more importantly, her temperament as a whole had undergone great changes, with her growing up as a person considerably compared to before.

Ryo was glad to see her improvement and growth. After chatting with her for a while, Orochimaru arrived to the lab.

“Orochi san, I was actually surprised to find you outside the lab!” 

“Three days from now, Minato will become the fourth Hokage. Sarutobi Sensei asked me to check on the barriers and security around Konoha.

Orochimaru had no idea why the passing of power had been advanced. But being the 3rd’sapprentice, he could make a guess.

“I guess there was some sort of conflict between Sarutobi Sensei and his old friends, and he couldn’t just against them. That should be why he’s giving the office to Minato so soon; I guess he’s really become too old for the job.”

Ryo heard that and understood. Since the end of the 3rd World War, the 3rd had been doing only politics, hardly managing to balance the top of Konoha.

Today, he suddenly decided to let Minato succeed him. There must’ve  been something that Danzo and the others did to disappoint him.

“Orochi san, do you think that Minato Ni-san would deal with Danzo after he becomes Hokage?” 

Orochimaru shook his head and said: “I don’t think that would happen for the time being. Danzo will not make an apparent move, so Minato would just leave things as they are. That Minato is just like Sarutobi Sensei; he’s too soft!” 

“Indeed, Minato Ni-san could be more assertive with some things.” 

“But I’m still looking forward to his reign. The only thing that makes me envious is his apprentice!” Orochimaru smiled.

Ryo was a little surprised to find that Orochimaru valued Minato so highly.

“Well, let’s stop with talking about Konoha for now. You’ve told me that you would help me recreate wood-release. Were you serious?” 

Ryo nodded: “Of course! Orochi san, I understand that the plan is about to start?” 

“Well, Danzo had already made the preparations, and I’ll be starting soon.” 

“Is that so? Well, before you begin the experiment, contact me, and I’ll come.” 

After reaching a consensus, Ryo left the lab. Minato was to take office within three days, and there must’ve been something that he could do to help.

At the same time, the news of succession ceremony approaching spread across Konoha.

Minato was a civilian Ninja, and villagers supported him greatly. As they heard of the news, they spontaneously held various activities to celebrate the event.

Over the course of the following three days, Ryo helped with several trivial things around Minato, while Kushina prepared his place for a celebration.

Only on the morning of the 3rd day was the Fourth Hokage’s costume complete. As soon as Kushina got it, she hurried to her husband.

Minato put on the cloak, with Kushina’s eyes glued to him. As he finished, she held him tightly and said excitedly: “Congratulation honey! You’ve finally become the Hokage!”

Minato was also very excited, as his life-long dream had been finally realized.

Outside the Hokage’s office, the 3rd Hokage handed over his Hokage’s hat to Minato, who put it on and looked at the gathered villagers and said: “Starting today, I’m the forth Hokage!”

The village instantly boiled in excitement, and everyone shouted Minato’s name.

He smiled as he looked at it all, knowing that a new page in Konoha’s history was opened!

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