Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 221


Like all clans, the Yamanaka’s had their own secret techniques, one s that should never be leaked out to “foreigners”.

Therefore, seeing Ryo teach Lain these techniques, Chinse could only immediately interfere.

Ryo was feeling very helpless. His main purpose was to boost the girl’s chances of surviving Orochimaru’s operation to the maximum. 

“Mom, this experiment that Lain will be participating in requires the subject to have great mental power. Otherwise, it could be life threatening. I’m just teaching her our clan’s techniques to make her use her mental power.”

Chinse was in shock to hear this. She had started to really like Lain. All these years, she had only had her son, Ryo, and the sudden appearance of this young orphan gave her a feeling of being needed, of being a mother again, but this time, to a daughter!

This thought shook her entirely, but she still could only say: “But the secret techniques of our clan were never leaked out!” 

“Mom, then let’s keep them inside the clan! After Orochimaru san’s experiment is over, why don’t we make Lain a part of our family?” 

Chinse’s eyes shined bright! If Ryo’s proposal is followed, there would be nothing wrong about teaching the young girl any clan-exclusive techniques!

“Why wait for the end of the experiment? I will go to discuss this with her right now!” After she said that, Chinse left in a hurry.

Lain was a little excited when hearing that she could become a Yamanaka, but she quickly calmed down. 

Ryo didn’t find that the way she reacted to him changed in anyway. So, after Chinse left, he continued teaching her.

Time did to the two’s relationship more than sudden news did. As Ryo taught Lain more and more techniques, she was getting closer and closer to him.

In the end, Ryo decided to reveal some details about the experiment to her, just trying to mentally prepare for what was going to happen. 

In the beginning, he thought that she would get scared, and at least show some panic or anxiety. But little did he know, her face didn’t even change after hearing him. She said in a dull tone: “I will die in this experiment?” 

“Of course not. What I’m teaching you know is something that will allow you to survive when the time comes.” Ryo quickly explained.

“So that’s the case! Oni san, you’re really hypocritical! It is you who chose me for this experiment out of all those children!” Lain for once complained!

Ryo smiled, and then burst out laughing! Lain’s words were not like those of children her age, reminding him a lot of what a 5 year old Kakashi would say.

“Well, you’re not in the wrong saying that, but I think being humane might be more fitting than hypocrisy. Any one of the other children would certainly die during the experiment. You one the other hand have a chance to survive!”

Lain raised her eyebrow. She was but a child, and it took her a while to somewhat understand Ryo’s words.

With some surprise, she asked: “Oni san, are you saying I’m special compared to them?” 

“Well, you have great spiritual power, well beyond your peers. I think you’ll experience more and more the magic of your spirit as we learn our family’s techniques together!”

Lain nodded quickly. Since beginning the training with Ryo, she gradually started perceiving her surroundings and people around her. The effect that this ability had on her was really powerful.

“Oni san, can this ability allow me to survive the experiment you talked about?”

“That is theoretically possible! But you also need to further develop your mental strength. Use your mental strength to integrate that power in your experiment. Once the integration is successful, you will not die, and you will become very, very strong!”

Lain nodded once again, not saying a thing, and closing her eyes to focus on practicing.

A month went by this way. In the last week, Ryo taught Lain the concept of refining her Chakra. However, he told her not to do it yet: “Lain, you should memorize this method. When the experiment begins, start applying it.”

“Why Oni san?” Lain asked curiously.

“Chakra is your spiritual energy blended with Chakra from your cells. Once the experiment begins, you’ll have new cell in your body. When you extract energy from them right then, this would weaken these cells’ activity protecting you from them, and strengthen you, when blending it with your spiritual power.” Ryo explained.

Lain didn’t seem to understand much, but she at least knew what to do.

The month was over, and Lain was fully ready for the experiment both physically and mentally, improving greatly over last month.

Under Chinse’s watchful worried eyes, Ryo walked away with her.

He did not teleport, but alone with Lain, he walked his way to Orochimaru’s lab.

Lain seemed somewhat hesitant to say something, and then finally gathered the courage to say what she wanted as she reached the door of Orochimaru’s lab: “Oni san… if I still live, come pick me up!” 

“Of course! Don’t forget. Mom’s already applying for you to join the clan, to make you officially a Yamanaka. After the experiment, we’ll be officially one family.” Ryo promised her smiling.

His answer gave her a lot of peace of mind. She nodded, and then entered Orochimaru’s lab together with him.

After handing Lain over to Orochimaru, Ryo teleported away. He didn’t want to see her undergoe the experiment, and didn’t bare the mere thought of something going wrong. By now, he was really feeling she was family, his own sister.

However, his friendship with Orochimary made him unable to do anything to repent. Despite his regret, he could only hand her over to him and wish for the best.

As he reappeared at home, he looked in the direction of Orochimaru’s lab muttering: “Lain, I’m sorry! Stay alive!” 

Back at the lab, Lain was injected with Hashirama’s cell and locked in a glass container. 

An Identical container was on her right, with another kid inside. This one, however, was drowned in green liquid.

Before Lain could ask about him, liquid began reaching her container. She was afraid at first, but then realized that could breathe inside once she was submerged.

She had no time to relax however, for Hashirama’s cells were starting to act.

His cells began to madly devour her initial cells, gradually destroying her body. These changes made her fall to intense pains for while.

But then she remembered Ryo’s words, and began refining her Chakra for the first time. Hashirama’s Chakra was pulled from his cells, and began to form her own Chakra.

She soon had a lot of vitality of her own, which started to repair the damage that her body initially received.

After the pain was alleviated, Lain began trying to use her Spiritual power to lightly make contact Hashirama’s cells into her body.

With a portion of their Chakra extracted, these cells were not as aggressive as they were at the beginning. Therefore, after a few gentle attempts, Lain decided to go all out, and try to fuse them with her own!

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