Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 227


Konan and Nagato’s souls were pulled into the Ice World. The sudden change in weather and scenery got Konan dumbfounded and startled. Nagato, on the other hand, was still very calm as he stared at her.

“Konan, don’t worry. This is just a Genjutsu Space. It should be Ryo who brought us here.” Seeing his companion so nervous, he quickly tried to comfort her. 

“Genjutsu Space? But why does it feel so cold? Ice is everywhere in here. Why did he bring us here?” 

“Of course it is to see me.”

A familiar voice rang behind the two, and Nagato’s body trembled as he turned around to see an equally familiar face.

Seeing Yahiko, Konan tears burst out and she said in disbelief: “Is it really you?” 

Nagato heard her, sharing her doubts. Yes, he had great perception, and this man really seemed like Yahiko. However, the two were also in a Genjutsu Space. Maybe this was just Ryo trying to comfort them with a quasi perfect illusion.

“Of course it’s me! However, things are… a bit complicated. Ryo had explained it to me just now, and now I’ll explain them to you.”

The two listened to Yahiko, and were saddened by the fact that he had really died. However, Konan felt better when learning that there was a chance he could get revived by Ryo.

Nagato however was still somewhat skeptical. This was the first time he heard of such a case of body and soul separation. 

However, while listening to Yahiko, Nagato was able to confirm one thing: this wasn’t just an illusion.

Nagato found that he could see outside this space with his Rinnegan. What this meant, was that it was somewhat linked to the outside world. 

That, along with how true the cold he and Konan felt was, confirm his supposition that this world was real, not just some Genjutsu space!

Therefore, Yahiko’s soul should be real as well. 

Thinking of this, Nagato asked: “Yahiko, do you trust that Ryo could really revive you?” 

Yahiko smiled and replied: “If it wasn’t for Ryo, I would already be dead. Besides, isn’t he our friend? I believe him!”

Hearing him, Nagato could only helplessly sigh and say: “You’ll never change! Since you believe him, I will do as well!” 

“I’ve always believe him!” Konan quickly added.

After reaching a consensus, the three looked at each other and smiled. They chatted for a while, before Yahiko seemed to remember something important: “Nagato, there’s something important I have to ask you to do!” 

“What is it?”

“It’s about The Akatsuki. Now that I am dead, I cannot manage the organization any more. Next in command is you; you must lead the Akatsuki in the quest towards true peace!”

Yahiko’s look was very serious, and Nagato could only nod in agreement after he heard him.

In fact, Yahiko did not know that Nagato had already decided to inherit his well, the moment he first thought that he was dead. As tribute to him, he was determined to do whatever is needed to make his dream of peace come true.

The trio talked about details for a while, when suddenly Ryo’s consciousness entered the Ice World.

“Hey! I’m sorry to bother you, but Yahiko’s soul has no body to support it. He can’t talk to you all the time, so it’s almost time for you to go out!” 

Hearing Ryo, Konan’s momentary cheerfulness what somewhat lost, and Nagato looked at Yahiko saying firmly: “Yahiko, on the day you’re resurrected, you’ll find a peaceful world waiting for you!” 

After saying that, Nagato left. Konan looked back at Yahiko one more time, and then followed him.

“Yahiko, you still remember what I mentioned before! Now you should go to sleep!” After Ryo said that, Ice and Snow near Yahiko gathered to form an igloo.

This igloo is specifically designed by Ryo to protect Yahiko’s soul from being eroded by snowstorms.

Because the igloo is made up of Spiritual Power, Yahiko only needed to sleep inside it to not suffer any damage to his soul.

He walked around the igloo and then said: “Not bad, It seems quite sturdy.”

“Yes! Now your soul can’t take much more; go in!”

Yahiko nodded and walked into the igloo. Ryo then used his Spiritual Power to close it, and then left the Ice World.

Outside, Nagato and Konan looked at Yahiko’s body, and went silent. While they both knew that Yahiko did not really die, witnessing the body of their good friend was really bumming. 

After opening his eyes, Ryo saw the two and knew what they were thinking. However, he didn’t know what to say in such a situation, and remained silent.

After a long silence, Nagato said: “Konan, let’s take his body away.” 

Konan nodded, and then wrapped Yahiko’s body with her papers.

Hearing Nagato, Ryo’s eyes lit up, for he remembered something from the Manga!

“Nagato, actually, you can reanimate Yahiko’s body!” 

Nagato blinked in surprise, and then said excitedly: “Ryo, I can? How? What should I do?” 

Ryo pointed to Nagato’s eyes and said: “Of course you can! You just need to use your Rinnegan!”

“Does the Rinnegan have such ability?” Nagato was in disbelief.

Ryo continued to say: “Remember how you bounced back all the shurikens of the Rain Ninjas?”

Nagato nodded. His Rinnegan was fully awakened, and he could use it at any time.

“That power could be fitting. A Rinnegan user can give part of its powers to a person, alive or dead. As long as you use your Rinnegan skillfully, you can control that person and give him Rinnegan powers. That way, you could make Yahiko’s body move, and use the Rinnegan’s powers as well.”

Nagato did not fully understand Ryo, but was inspired nevertheless to explore new ways to use his powers. It seemed like the creations of the Six Paths of Pain was going to happen much earlier this time around.

Later, Ryo escorted Konan and Nagato to the Akatsuki’s headquarters, and after getting their approval, placed a Teleportation Barrier mark in there.

When he was done, he said goodbye to the two and left. Nagato hid Nagato’s body, shutting himself with him in a room. Konan, on the other hand, concealed the news of Yahiko’s death according to his instruction. All the other members of the Akatsuki learned was that Yahiko was injured severely in battle, and that Nagato was helping him.

They did not have any doubts, and just kept asking about his situation worriedly.

As for Ryo, he reached Konoha after using the Teleportation Barrier several times.

He decided to tell Minato immediately of Hanzo and Danzo’s plot to kill the trio. After all, in a way, the trio were his Kohai!

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