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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 259


Yamato is a couple of years older than Lain, and has now been sleeping in a glass vessel for another year, so Yamato’s amount of chakra is much higher than it was at that time Lain increased even more rapidly.

And Yamato didn’t have a sudden decrease in chakra like he, so Ryo guessed that Yamato’s compatibility with hashirama’s cell should be inferior to Lain.

Speaking of her, Lain, who had attended a year of ninja school, skipped a grade and went straight to the fourth year of the elite class without going to the third year.

In the ninja school, it was common for talented students to skip a grade, but in this class most of the students had mediocre qualifications and had previously skipped a grade The only two of them were the Uchiha Itachi and the Uchiha Izumi, and now there was an additional Lain.

Lain was a year older than Itachi and the same age as Izumi, but she wasn’t quite as good as Itachi, who had received an elite education from the Uchiha clan since childhood.

In ninja school, no matter if it was ninjutsu, or physical arts, even the memorized Itachi was head and shoulders above Lain.

In fact, not to mention Itachi, even Uchiha Izumi was better than Lain. This made Lain upset and work even harder.

Most of the talent of the Uchiha clan was reflected in the Sharingan, Itachi didn’t open the Sharingan at this age, while Izumi saw the death of her father in Kyuubi’s attack thus opened her Sharingan. But she didn’t use it because she didn’t even know she had it.

Lain, on the other hand, had the perfect mokuton due to the fusion of the hashirama’s cell, and with this cheat, the gap between Lain and these two was getting smaller and smaller.

Finally on a battle, Lain defeated Izumi, and a few more days later Lain defeated Itachi and became the first in her class.

Losing to a girl made Itachi feel very unhappy, Izumi had thought it didn’t matter, but seeing Itachi practicing so diligently she was too embarrassed to slack off. The two of them were growing rapidly under the guidance of Shisui.

With the tutelage of Shisui, Itachi’s strength improved rapidly, and the first place Lain had just got was snatched back by Itachi within a few days.

In order to get back the first place, Lain has developed an uncompromising personality. Lain also began to look for someone to teach her.

And of course Ryo, who has had nothing to do lately, is the perfect teacher for the job. When Ryo learned of Lain’s idea, he immediately agreed to teach her.

At the same time, in the base of the Akatsuki Organization in the Land of Rain, the Akatsuki, who hadn’t seen their leader for a long time, intercepted Konan and wanted to know from her the truth of the matter.

This past year, the operation of the Akatsuki Organization has mostly relied on Konan, and without Nagato and Yahiko, who aren’t good at managing and fighting, Konan has allowed the Akatsuki Organization to The losses were heavy.

Just recently, an important base of the Akatsuki Organization was destroyed, and many people were captured by the Rain Village, and Konan was at a loss.

The members of the Akatsuki Organization couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to look for Yahiko and Nagato.

Not only them but also Konan herself hadn’t seen Nagato for a long time.

Bounced away by a repulsive force.

Konan tried many times to no avail and simply gave up, but today the people of the Akatsuki Organization collectively approached her to ask why, and Nan could only bring them to Nagato’s room.

“Yahiko and Nagato are in there, but I can’t open the door, so try it yourselves!”

The members looked at each other.

In the end, it was decided that the strongest member of the group should try to push the door open. The result was not surprising, as the member was bounced off the door. Fly out.

“How about trying to use ninjutsu?” Konan suggested on the side that she hadn’t seen Nagato in a long time either, and she wondered what he was doing.

The Akatsuki Organization crowd agreed to Konan’s suggestion, and together they used ninjutsu to blast through towards the door.

At that moment, the door of the Nagato room opened, and two familiar figures walked out of the room. None of them felt happy, because the ninjutsu was about to hit Yahiko.

In the nick of time, Yahiko raised his hand, and a powerful repulsion bounced off all the ninjutsu.

Konan was relieved, then immediately ran over to his long-lost companion for a closer look?

Konan is aware that Yahiko is dead, and she believes that Yahiko’s “resurrection” has something to do with Nagato’s eyes, because there is something in Yahiko’s pupils…. The same reincarnated eyes as Nagato.

“Long time no see, Konan!” Nagato waved his hand at Konan to greet him.

“Long time no see Nagato, has Yahiko recovered from his injury?” Konan bit the word hurt pretty hard.

Nagato immediately said in a heartbeat, “He has recovered, but his throat was injured before and didn’t fully recover, so now Yahiko unable to speak.”

The members of the organization were relaxed as they saw all three leaders standing there properly, but the matter was urgent, so they immediately talked to the said the trashed base and the captured companions.

Nagato remembered Yahiko’s death as soon as he heard about the Rain Village and flew out after controlling Tendo with a grunt.

The people of the organization were shocked by Yahiko’s actions, how did they not know about Yahiko’s ability to fly?

Looking at the astonished expressions of the crowd, Nagato explained, “Yahiko was blessed by misfortune and awakened the Kekkai Genkai when he was about to die, flying is one of his ability.”

Despite this explanation being full of holes, the members of the Akatsuki Organization chose to trust the leader unconditionally.

Tendo flew to Rain Village. According to the information from the Rain Village, he quickly found the place where the Akatsuki member was detained.

Tendo’s eyes are connected to Nagato. Nagato sees the situation on the ground through Tendo’s eyes. The captured members of Akatsuki are imprisoned in the cave.

Hundreds of Rain Ninja were digging traps and waiting for other Akatsuki members to walk right into a trap.

Nagato closes the eyes, transferring a large amount of Rinnegan’s eyes power to Tendo. After Tendo landed, he raised his hand to Rain Ninja in the distance.

“Banshō Ten’in!” Nearly a hundred Rain Ninja exposed on split second were all sucked by Tendo.

“Shinra Tensei!” Rain Ninja, who had just been pulled over, was pushed out by a powerful force and hit a distant mountain.

Tendo continued to move towards the mountain where Akatsuki was detained. When Rain Ninja acted recklessly, Tendo would use Shinra Tensei to bounce off.

Gradually no Rain Ninja dared to come up and walked to the cave entrance. Tendo directly destroyed the seal with a black iron rod and rescued the captured Akatsuki member.

At the Akatsuki base, after Tendo returned, Konan and Nagato and Tendo came to the place where they usually discuss matters.

“Nagato, what’s going on with Yahiko?”

With no secrets from Konan Nagato, she told her everything, “I did this based on Ryo’s suggestion. Channeling the pupil power of the Rinengan with a black iron rod to control Yahiko’s body like a puppet, and I still have some of the abilities of my Rinnegan.

Konan nodded, then asked, “Puppets like Yahiko… Puppets, how many can you control?”

“Six, Rinnegan has six abilities. I will collect suitable corpse in the future, and give them these six abilities. These corpses will be called Pain Rikudō, and Yahiko is Tendo Pain!

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