Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 282


With Minato recently revived, Ryo was in no mood for taking care of the children. Every day recently, he had been teleporting with Kushina to Orochimaru’s lab.

Since his resurrection, Minato had been refining his Chakra every day, and exercising rigorously. 

His old combat experience was still there. Now all that he needed was to restore his Chakra, improve his physical fitness and adapt to the fabric of space and time.

He estimated that the last part was going to take him about five years to complete.

However, even if he restored his past strength, that might not be enough to deal with what the future might be holding. With this in mind, Ryo decided to go with him to Mount Myoboku.

“Mount Myoboku? Do you want me to study Sage Mode?” Minato asked.

“Ni-san, Sage Mode should be the fastest way for you to grow your strength.” 

“Ryo, I’ve already trained in Mount Myoboku before, and it takes me too long to enter Sage Mode. Even when I do, I would have too little Senjutsu Chakra, which should be of little use.” 

“That’s how it happened before, but maybe things could change now? Besides, even if you don’t succeed, the environment in Mount Myoboku is better than here; it should be better for recovery, no?” 

Hearing Ryo, Minato did open up to the idea, and after some thought, he decided to go with it.

In the following days, the two prepared a large amount of dry-meat and M.R.Ps. After obtaining Kushina’s reluctant consent, the two went to Mount Myoboku together.

Many of the inhabitants of the mountain have mastered Sage Mode. When outsiders appeared, they immediately noticed them.

Not long after that, Ryo and Minato were surrounded by dozens of large and small toads.

“Hello everyone, long time no see! Why on guard? Has it been so long?” Ryo greeted everyone.

“Bunta, long time no see! How have you been doing recently?” Minato also greeted Gamabunta.

“Ryo, is he… Minato Namikaze?” Gamahiro’s voice was trembling slightly; he had seen Minato’s name dimming on the Summoning Contract scroll, but now…

Gamabunta was also surprised to see Minato; the thought of the dead coming back to life was too strange.

“He is indeed Minato Ni-san. Why don’t you check out his name on your scroll?” 

“Gerotora, take out the scroll!” Gamabunta immediately asked the Scroll Toad.

Gerotora took out the scroll and found Minato’s name bright again.

“Minato, it’s really you!” Gamabunta’s name was trembling! Like Jiraya, Minato fought alongside him for a long time, and he became extremely emotional at his revival.

“Sorry I’ve worried you, Bunta!” Minato’s smiled with some regret!” 

“Haha! It’s nothing; all that matters is that you’re safe!” 

The two talked for a long time, but then suddenly, Gamabunta remembered thatThe Great Sage Toad, Gamamaru, and the two great Sage Toads, Fukasaku and Shima, had to be informed.

He turned around and said to messenger toad: “Gamahiro, go inform the old man that Minato was resurrected. Go!” 

“Hiro, I’m going with you.” After saying that, Ryo jumped on Gamahiro’s head, and went to Fukasaku’s place.

In fact, with their great mastery of Sage Mode, Fukasaku and Shima had already perceived Ryo and Minato in the mountain.

Like everyone else, they couldn’t believe that Minato was actually revived after his death.

“Pa… do you think this is that Jutsu?” Shima said after some long thought. 

“You mean Edo Tensei? But I can perceive it clearly: Minato chan is really alive!” Fukasaku rejected Shima’s idea.

“So he’s really resurrected? But that’s the only resurrection technique I’ve ever witnessed, and we’ve also had no news of his revival!” 

“Don’t worry, Ma! Ryo chan is on his way, and we’ll ask him all about this in person!” 

“Well, that’s all we can do.” 

A while later, Ryo and Gamahiro arrived, and when the latter was about to call his parents, the two stepped out of the house.

“Fukasaku sama, Shima sama, long time no see!” Ryo greeted the two great Sage Toads respectfully.

“Well, Ryo chan, long time no see!” 

“Child, Pa, let’s leave this for later. Ryo, is that really Minato Namikaze there?” Shima asked directly.

Ryo nodded: “Yes, it is indeed him. He was resurrected!” 

“Resurrected? Not by Edo Tensei?” Shima asked again with concern.

“No, this is true resurrection; my own method.” Ryo explained his method to the two great Sage Toads, and then brought their souls to the Ice World.

“Genius! You are truly a genius, Ryo Chan! Same goes for Jiraya Chan’s partner, that Orochimaru. You two have actually achieved such a great thing!” Fukasaku praised the two.

“Well, old man, Gamabunta is still waiting for us!” 

“Right, let’s go see Minato chan!” Saying that, Fukasaku took the lead, jumping in Minato’s direction.

After the two great Sage Modes saw Minato, they were amazed. While Ryo had already explained everything to them, the impact of seeing one who is supposed to be dead alive again was just too great!

Up until now, they still couldn’t fully accept the thought.

Minato saw the two staring at him in silence and felt slightly uncomfortable. He quickly said: “Fukasaku sama, Shima sama, I’m returning to Mount Myobuko to relearn Sage Mode!” 

The two’s attention was immediately grabbed by this: “Relearn Sage Mode?” 

“Indeed. I already know that Minato Ni-san came and learned Sage Mode before. However, back then, he did that after the rest of his training was mostly done. This time, I want him to try refining his Chakra while coming in touch with Natural Energy.” Ryo explained his thoughts.

“No! That’s too dangerous! Don’t you know the risks that come with practicing Sage Mode? That would only…. what… what is this?!” 

Ryo had already known that Fukasaku would disagree with his idea, so he directly took Korin out of his backpack. 

All Fukasaku could perceive in Korin was pure Natural Energy, and that it was linked to a seal on Ryo’s chest, one similar to that of a Biju.

Elsewhere, the Great Sage Toad who was sleeping suddenly woke up after Ryo took Korin out.

He once saw the Juubi with his own eyes, and Korin undoubtedly gave him the same feeling.

Gama was at the time taking care of Gamamaru. When the Great Sage Toad woke up, he rushed to inform Fukasaku and Shima.

Fukasaku speculated that this awakening was linked to Korin. So he led the way, taking both Ryo and Minato to see Gamamaru.

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