Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 308


After getting research going with Tsunade and Orochimaru, Ryo went back to Konoha, and then returned with Yamato to get him some training.

With Lain, who had a perfect integration with Hashirama’s cells, Orochimaru had no interest in Yamato. If it wasn’t for Ryo who wanted him to help him with his development, he would even have thought about him.

On the same day, he arranged for the young Yamato to train with the other Kekkei Genkai users under Anko’s supervision. After two days of observing his situation, Ryo felt that things were going alright, and he left Orochimaru’s base.

Before returning to Konoha, he went to the Sand Village to see Pakura. This time, it wasn’t for pleasure, but for business.

“Pakura, remember that I told you once that I will need a favor from you?” He asked with a very serious tone.

Pakura nodded; of course she remembered! Back when the two faced each-other on the battlefield, their battle was fierce. If Ryo did not decide to spare her life in exchange for a favor, she would have died with Shalun back then.

“Back then, I could just order you to fulfill that promise. Now however, you are one of the most important women in my life. Therefore I’m asking you: Do you want to help me?”

Pakura’s face changed greatly and she quickly asked: “One of them? You have women other than me?”

“No! No no no no no no! I am talking about my mother… my sister!”

Pakura heard those words and looked rather embarrassed: “Cough… Is that so? Alright, carry on. We’ll discuss this later!” 

Ryo helplessly sighed and continued: “Well here’s the deal. I’ve been thinking about this thing for a long time, and I want you to help me create something!” 

“Create something? What is it?” Pakura asked.

“It’s a secret weapon for the Next Shinobi World War.”

“THE NEXT SHINOBI WORLD WAR?” Pakura could no longer sit still! She had no idea that Ryo’s request would have to do with such a massive thing.

“When the next Shinobi World War comes, the whole world would have to prepare to fight together. I want to prepare some aces up my sleeve to reduce everyone’s casualties.” 

Pakura was just stunned by now. What horrible enemies would require the power of the whole world?

Still, she was now the only consultant of Rasa. After so many years in that post, she had the temperament to quickly calm down.

After some contemplation, she asked: “Ryo, what do you want me to do?” 

“Well, this weapon, it requires a detonation mechanism.” 

Pakura immediately understood that what Ryo need was her Scorch Release.

After taking a moment to think, she agreed to help Ryo. By now, she trusted Ryo to the extreme, and believed that he’s really doing this for the good of the world.

“So, what do I need to do?” 

Ryo became very happy hearing that, and then took out a very long scroll and handed it to Pakura.

After going through the scroll quickly, Pakura’s expression completely changed: “Ryo… this is just, crazy! How and when could you even think of such a thing?”

Ryo smiled: “In my dreams!”

Half a year later, Ryo went to the Land of Iron and spent a fortune of Chakra-phile metals, while Pakura prepared other accessories in her village.

While Ryo was immersed in his preparations for his Large-Scale, non-human killing weapon, back in Konoha, Uchiha Maan was preparing for something massive!

In the past six months, Maan just kept carrying out his normal tasks in silence. The rest of the time, he remained in his district, quickly practicing the use of his Mangekyo, and secretly gathering intel on the highest tier Ninjas in the village.

Just the previous day, he accidentally learned that Danzo was going to leave Konoha in two days.

Right now in Konoha, the 3rd was too old, Sakumo was busy running the village, and Ryo was away. Maan felt that this way a perfect opportunity for him to finish off Danzo.

In the afternoon of the same day, Maan went to the clan taking his next task, preparing to kill Danzo the next day.

Meanwhile, in Root’s headquarters, Danzo was reading the intel in his hand and puffed: “Huh, Maan, as soon as you start, your clan will be doomed. Come; don’t let me down kid!” 

Outside the village, Black Zetsu was lurking underground, waiting for White Zetsu’s return.

After a short while, the latter arrived from Konoha’s direction, and Black asked him eagerly: “How did it go, White?” 

“I have already delivered the news of Danzo’s departure to Maan, and also notified Danzo of Maan’s plan. Tomorrow, we’re in for a good show!”

“Good! After this ends, the Uchiha will definitely be rejected by all the tops in Konoha, and they will finally get their demise.”

“Black, where do you think Maan will start tomorrow?”

“Well, he’s Mangekyo’s power had increased tremendously; he probably feels he could kill Danzo. Therefore, to prevent interference, he’ll probably make his move rather early, on the edge of the forest where the patrols are scarce.”

“Well, let’s go there ahead of time. I don’t want to miss anything!” 

The next day, Danzo left Konoha with two of his Root, and Maan tailed him closely.

“Danzo sama; as you said, Maan is behind us!” One of the two Ninjas was an Aburame Kunoichi, locating Maan’s whereabouts easily with her bugs.

“He’s really coming. Are the ones in front ready?” Danzo remained very calm and composed.

“You rest assured Danzo sama; everything is going according to plan.”

“Good! Tell that that as soon as Maan attacks, they should act and sieze him!”

Maan had no idea about this ambush. Just like Black Zetsu expected, he was fully confident in his own strength, just wanting to finish Danzo quickly.

Just as Danzo was about to leave the forest, Maan activated his Mangekyo, manipulating hundreds of Kunais and sending them not at Danzo, but at the two Root Ninjas around him.

At the same time, Danzo’s hidden men saw him make a move, and immediately summoned a barrier around him. Maan and all his weapons were trapped inside, and only two of the Kunai continued flying towards Danzo.

The two Root Ninjas very easily blocked these Kunai. As for Maan, he never expected that Danzo would be this prepared, not with how he kept his plan to himself. His face turned heavy, and he became a little agitated!

“An Uchiha?! The Uchiha are really bold, daring to try to assassinate Danzo san!” The Ninjas who set up the ambush yelled.

Immediately, Maan realized that this was a trap for him; one designed to get his clan in trouble!

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