Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 325


“Joining the Rain Village is joining the Akatsuki? Do you mean that both are actually under your command?” Itachi was shocked by the unexpected news. He never thought that Hidden Rain and the Akatsuki were under the command of the same man: “Madara, aren’t you afraid that I could leak this information if I don’t join you?”

“You will join me of course, in order to monitor me and the Akatsuki!” Obito sounded extremely confident.

“Why are you inviting me if you know my purpose?”

“It’s simple: your eyes!”

Hearing Obito’s answer, Itachi remained silent. He never thought that this man would be so straightforward.

After a while, he solemnly asked: “One more question: What is the purpose of your organization?” 

“Oh, you could learn all about it after you join, but it’s no big secret, so I’ll tell you anyway: We want peace for the entire world!”

“Peace?” Itachi was a little surprised.

“Well, I told you all you wanted to know. We’ll go now!”

Itachi nodded and left with Obito.

On that night, Ryo returned to the Waterfall Country, bringing back the rest of the Uchiha.

When returning to the district, they saw the corpses of those who had died from their clan, and they were all shocked.

Although Ryo and Fugaku made them understand anything, they still couldn’t comprehend anything when they saw the actual deed.

It’s been a day since they had been carrying out missions with these people, talking to them, laughing with them, but now they were all nothing but corpses. How could that accept that?

Along with that, all the children of the clan were here, and after a short shock-induced silence, the district rang out with the cries of Children.

In the dark, the lurking Shisui felt his heart stop as he watched this. His tears dropped and he slammed his fist to the ground. Even Ryo couldn’t stand the scene, sighing helplessly before teleporting away.

The next day, Fugaku went to Sakumo’s office, “reporting” that the Uchiha had suffered a great disaster the previous night, getting the majority of its members slaughtered.

After the Hokage’s Substitute received the news, he initiated an immediate “investigation”.

On the same day, the district was closed, with no one being allowed to enter or leave.

Meanwhile the Anbu blended in with the villagers, spreading the news.

As Ryo suspected, most villagers were extremely excited after learning that the Uchiha, those who tried to kill their kind Hokage, and probably caused the death of the previous one along with many others, were slaughtered. Many even held celebrations.

Danzo and Homura on the other hand were concerned about the news that a small portion of the village had: “That Itachi is really incompetent. Still, he managed to kill most of them. That Mangekyo of his is powerful!”

“Well, we were so many, and very well prepared. I thought you would try to get his eyes.” Homura wondered.

“If we made a move yesterday, the Anbu would be all around us right now!”

“What? There were people from the Anbu with us yesterday?” Homura never realized this.

“Yes. Hatake Kakashi was there yesterday, along with another Ninja that I couldn’t recognize. I guess Sakumo sent them behind us to get us red handed if we made move. However, he doesn’t know that I now have a Mangekyo: I could perceive those two!” Danzo sounded proud of his new eyes’ feats.

By now, Homura was in cold sweat. He never thought that they were so close to being caught.

Danzo noticed his pale face, and he tried to comfort him: “No need to be so nervous, Homura. The Hokage did not catch us, and the Uchiha have lost enough of their people to not be a threat for a very long time. It was a victory!” 

“But Danzo, yesterday we’ve dug out so many of the Uchiha’s eyes; if Fugaku or Sakumo…” “

“Oh, if it was the former Uchiha, I might worry, but with most of them dead now, huh! As for Sakumo, after Maan tried to assassinate him, I don’t think he would be too eager to avenge the Uchiha…” Danzo said confidently.

“Is that so? Then, I am relieved!” When Homura heard Danzo, he breathed a sigh of relief, and felt less stressed out.

At the same time, in the Hokage’s office, Sakumo, Ryo and Fugaku were discussing their next move.

“Sakumo san, Fugaku san, the villagers have learned of the news about the Uchiha clan, and they are now celebrating.”

“Humph! Those villagers prove they’re stupider than I thought!” Fugaku was rather furious.

“Don’t be angry Fugaku. In a few days, they will understand.” Sakumo tried to calm Fugaku down.

“Sakumo san, starting tomorrow, get some of the Anbu pretend to be thugs and get them to harass the civilians!”

“So fast? Wouldn’t that be too obvious?” 

“No don’t worry. The Uchiha are now down; Konoha has no police department. It’s only normal that thugs would take the opportunity. Fugaku san, please restrain your clan; do not help! Let the village fall into chaos!” 

“Don’t worry about that! It shouldn’t be a challenge!” Fugaku didn’t even want to help the villagers anymore. But then he was worried: “When every piece of the puzzle would fall into place, everything will fall on Danzo. The only thing I fear however is that the 3rd would interfere.”

Sakumo waved and said: “Leave the 3rd to me, I’ve already arranged for everything. Even his Anbu won’t get any information about what’s going on until we want him to know. When all is done, he won’t be able to defend a dead man!”

“Ryp, do you really want to kill Danzo? He’s a disciple of the Nidaime…” Fugaku was still concerned about Ryo’s willingness to go all the way through with the plan.

“Well, the Nidaime and his students to me are just villains in disguise, besides the 3rd maybe. Without some restraint and force, they’d mean no good.”

“I hate to admit it, but you are right, Ryo. If the Sandaime didn’t get the 1st Hokage as mentor, I believe he would be no better than Danzo and Homura.” Sakumo was also rather dissatisfied with the 2nd’s policies.

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