Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 333


Disturbing the transfer coordinates of the Flying Thunder God Jutsu was far more difficult that sealing the ability to transfer on the technique’s user.

It was like comparing getting someone stay in one spot by chaining them in place to blocking every possible path they could get to.

“Nidaime sama, do you think who might have done such a thing?” Ryo had his own guess, but he still wanted to hear Tobirama’s thoughts on the matter.

Sure enough, upon hearing Ryo’s question, the Nidaime pondered for a while, before shaking his head.

By now, his soul was about to ascend again, so he looked at Ryo and said in a serious tone: “Young man, I’ll be leaving the village’s fate in your hands.”

“Really, Nidaime? I’m half-Uchiha; didn’t you just want to get rid of me?”

“Haha! Young people are too doubtful! You just said that even if I was in full power, I wouldn’t be able to beat you, and I do believe that; you’re incredibly strong. However, when facing me, you’ve never once used a big scale attack, only defending passively. The fact that you’ve worried so much that an all out battle between us would destroy the village shows how much affection you have for Konoha. Uchiha, Yamanaka, or whatever, I can entrust the village to you and be relieved!” Tobirama explained.

Ryo blinked twice, for he could swear that he was just interested in Tobirama’s techniques. As for the safety of the village, it never really crossed his mind.

Still this exchange he had with the second was rather fruitful, and it did change Ryo’s view of the Nidaime a lot.

This man had many shortcomings, but was extremely smart and did his best for the village. His methods were too conservative and he was extremely wary of his old enemies, but he knew well about his shortcomings. That was why he passed down the torch to Hiruzen, a man much more similar in ideas to his brother.

Even more crucially, Hiruzen was no Senju; the 2nd wanted to make ability and worthiness as the criteria to use for choosing a Hokage. Despite his feelings about the Uchiha, he did not dissolve their clan like he did with his own. Everything he did was, indeed, for the village.

Therefore, as Tobirama’s soul ascended, Ryo nodded heavily to him: “Do not worry, Nidaime sama! I will not let anything bad happen to Konoha!”

Tobirama’s soul smirked, and he disappeared.

Ryo immediately turned around, putting his focus back on Danzo.

As he and the Nidaime were chatting, Danzo thought of escaping, as even his own Sensei wouldn’t help him. His last hope now was the 3rd Hokage.

Danzo thought that he should tell him that Ryo had used Edo Tensei to summon their Sensei, which should anger Hiruzen to the extreme, for he wouldn’t tolerate having someone mess with his Sensei’s soul.

He was thinking of this plan as he ran towards the 3rd’s place, but Kakashi was certainly not letting this happen, and he directly stood in his path.

The other two Anbu wanted to help, but they were kept from doing so by their commander. Kakashi felt that Danzo’s ability was too strange, and while these two Anbu were no weaklings, he couldn’t cope with the thought of letting them die if Danzo had another card hidden up his sleeve.

On the other hand, Ryo, who had reached the scene, did not rush in to help Kakashi. Fighting Danzo should be a unique opportunity for Kakashi, and Ryo wanted to see how his buddy would do against the elder. He believed, however, that Kakashi was stronger than Danzo.

His style was just like his fathers, focusing on Kenjutsu and Lightning Chakra Mode. However, since his father was blessed with greater Chakra stores than his, Kakashi focused more on speed. He didn’t have his father’s destructiveness, but he was rather fast indeed, approaching Sakumo’s speed.

Danzo, on the other hand, was a powerful Ninja on his own right. On top of his cunningness, he was also one of the best in Konoha when it came to hand to hand combat and Wind Release. 

He never could fight Ryo, for the latter was just too fast and powerful, but he did not feel that Kakashi was an enemy to be feared as much.

To Ryo’s surprise, Danzo’s rich experience came into play, and Kakashi, who was supposed to be much more powerful than Danzo, was deadlocked to a while. Danzo took this chance, and as soon as he noticed a window in Kakashi’s defense, he began to form his seals.

Kakashi obviously noticed his intentions, and he activated to his Sharingan. With its enhanced vision, he could predict who Danzo’s incoming Wind Release attack was going to his, and he avoided it swiftly.

Danzo’s attack was not effective, and Kakashi used this window to split away 2 Shadow clones that would follow the formation he had previously used against Sakumo.

The two Shadow Clones rushed to the side, but Danzo used Shisui’s Mangekyo to discern them. 

However, he did not know Kakashi’s true intentions, and he subconsciously kept his focus on the original body.

Kakashi smirked, and his body and one of the Shadow Clones used Raikiri simultaneously!

“What is this? Damn!” Danzo saw what Kakashi had done, and he knew that things were no good.

Unfortunately for him, Kakashi gave him no opportunity to react. He tied him immediately with his Lightning Cable, paralyzing him instantly.

Then, he flickered in front of him, slitting his throat with his remaining Shadow Clone.

Having witnessed Danzo “dying” several times in front of him, Kakashi did not dare to be any less cautious, watching the surroundings vigilantly.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, Danzo’s figure appeared outside the encirclement of the Anbu.

“Not good! Chase him, quickly!” Kakashi immediately ordered.

“No! Leave Danzo to me!” Ryo’s figure flickered through to stand before Danzo’s face.

“Ryo Yamanka… you!” Seeing Ryo, Danzo’s face turned pale gray as that of a dead man. He knew that today, he no longer had an escape!

“Danzo san, out of Sharingans I guess?” 

Danzo did not speak, secretly gathering Chakra within his Reverse Four Symbols Seal on his chest.

“You still won’t give up? Do you want to use the Reverse Four Symbols Seal to take me out with you? Do not forget, I am a Yamanaka!” Immediately, Ryo used activated his Mangekyo, pulling Danzo’s soul into his Ice World. Immediately, Ryo took over Danzo’s body, deactivating the Reverse Four Symbols Seal.

In the Ice World, Ryo controlled the blizzard to instantly freeze Danzo’s soul, which could no longer connect with Shisui’s eye to perform Izanagi. And then, he immediately shattered it.

Thus, Danzo was permanently left in the Ice World.

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