Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 346


After Hearing Orochimaru’s words, Tsunade’s back was in cold sweat. Still, his lab had indeed been ruined by her. Unless she wanted to lose any money she had and still work off her bet, she could only….

Tsunade agreed, and because of this decision, she had to spend the few following months in Orochimaru’s lab, her fingers cut as much as ten times a day.

Time flew, and unknowingly, Ryo lived in Orochimaru’s base for almost a year. 

During this period, Lain turned into an outstanding Earth Release user. In return, Ryo gave Orochimaru both the “Lightened Boulder Jutsu” and the “Weighted Boulder Jutsu” scrolls.

Meanwhile, Shisui unlocked the Complete Susanoo. Even Ryo’s Ice Colossus was no longer an opponent to him in this mode.

According to Ryo’s speculation, Shisui could now even defeat the Kyubi, although he still couldn’t beat a Kyubi Complete Jinchuriki.

In Mount Myoboku, after a year of hard work, Minato fully restored all his past Time-Space capabilities.

That, along with his new mastery over Sage Mode, and further improvement of the Rasengan, made Minato much stronger than ever before.

After saying goodbye to the toads of Mount Myobuko, Minato broke his Ice Scalpel.

Immediately, Ryo was there asking: “Ni san, have you recovered completely?”

“Well, I should be even stronger now.” 

“That’s great! It’s not too late. Let’s go, Ni san!” 

“That’s great! It’s not too late, let’s go, Brother Watergate!”

Minato nodded, letting Ryo teleport him to Orochimaru’s base. 

As soon as he arrived, he went to say hello to Orochimaru who had helped in reviving him.

Tsunade had heard before from the latter that he and Ryo had revived Minato with some secret technique, but she still had her doubts. After seeing Minato in person, she really believed what she heard.

After a brief conversation, the three turned around and went to Rin’s residence.

Rin and Minato hadn’t seen each other for too many years. In fact, the Yondaime still felt guilty about Rin, as he wasn’t able to protect the one that she loved or her when both needed him.

Rin on the other hand never blamed him. It was very clear to her that she wouldn’t be where she is today without him, and she loved him and respected him as much as a father.

As soon as the two met, all the pains that both their hearts had been holding weighed in instantly, and Rin’s eyes immediately turned red as she jumped on Minato hugging him in tears, sobbing like a child.

Her tears burned Minato’s heart, and he sighed, patting her shoulder, as he remembered the days of his full team still being there.

It took a few hours for both to calm down. After bidding farewell to her, he left and disappeared.

In Konoha, on the Hokage Rock, Minato stood over his head, looking at Konoha which he hadn’t seen for a long time.

“I’m back, Konoha!” he murmured to himself as he looked at the brightly lit village.

At night, Konoha was as prosperous as it was in daytime. The villagers would come and go, the Ninja would do their chores, and everything went in harmony.

“Who is it?” As Minato was enjoying the sight of his village after long absence, he was detected by a patrolling Ninja. Hearing the voice behind him, he smiled helplessly and teleported to Kakashi’s room.

“I told you; there’s no one there, rookie!” A Hyuga said to the Ninja who just spoke.

“But I think someone…”


In his room, Kakashi had just been back from a one-day mission, just lying down tired. All of a sudden, he could sense another presence in the room, so he drew his Chakra Blade secretly.

Minato’s face was covered by the shade, and he approached him slowly, step by step. All of a sudden, Kakashi jumped, placing his blade on his neck!

“Who are you? What brings….” Kakashi suddenly swallowed his words when his target disappeared, and he sensed a cold metal blade on his own neck.

“Long time no see, Kakashi. You’ve progressed very fast.”

Hearing the familiar voice behind him, Kakashi’s voice turned stiff, and with a trembling voice he said: “Minato sensei?” 

“It’s me, Kakashi!” said Minato as he put down his blade.

The teacher and apprentice reunited, and Kakashi was as excited as he has ever been. The two chatted for a long time, telling each other about how it has been for the past few years.

Without knowing, hours passed, and it was dawn. Minato patted Kakashi’s shoulder and said: “Well, Kakashi, I have to see your father. If we get the chance, we’ll talk again soon.” 

“Alright, Sensei. Let me take you there.”

Kakashi took Minato to his father’s room. He did not hide his footsteps, allowing Sakumo to hear them approaching.

When Sakumo noticed the movement outside, he got up carefully and opened the door: “Minato! You’re here!” 

Seeing the always calm Sakumo shocked, Minato quickly answered: “Sakumo san; long time no see!”

Sakumo quickly calmed down and said: “It’s really been a long time. I thought it would be okay for me to go as acting-Hokage for a few years. Who knew you’d be gone forever?! Well, whatever discussion we’re having, let’s have it at the office!”

In the office, Minato briefly explained the situation to Sakumo, and then asked him about changes in the village in recent years.

Ryo and Minato often talked about the topic, but since Ryo often was out of village, many things were not clear to even him.

Sakumo however was able to answer all of Minato’s questions. Hearing about the amount of details he had missed, Sakumo was rather embarrassed. 

“Well, what brought you here, Minato?” 

“Well, I promised Ryo to accompany him to this place, and decided to pass by the village as I had the chance.”

“Then when will you officially return to the village? This Hokage thing… it was never my thing!” 

“Well, Sakumo san, I might actually take a few years off before I do that to handle a few matter so, so I would really appreciate it if you could help me by running the office during that time as well!” 

Sakumo sighed helplessly as he heard the answer he didn’t want to hear.

However, as he saw Minato embarrassedly scratching his head, he said: “No need to feel sorry, Minato. I’m a Ninja of Konoha, and I’ll do my part as long as I’m needed.” 

“Thank you, Sakumo san!” 

“Oh by the way, did you go and see Kushina?”

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