Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 421


Yamanaka Ryo noticed the White Zetsu cells Orochimaru was holding and asked in puzzlement. “Uncle, what are you going to do with that?”

“White Zetsu cells have a special effect on Uchiha Clan’s Sharingan. And I want to see if it made anything to the Hyuuga Clan’s bloodline.” Orochimaru spoke as he added the White Zetsu Cells into the blood.

At first, nothing happened, but after a few minutes through microscopic observation, Orochimaru found the blood fused with White Zetsu cells showed a reaction.

But the reaction only lasted for about ten minutes, and then it returned to normal. Even the blood cells died.

Orochimaru frowned, took another drop of blood from the ice bowl, and spoke to Ryo, “Can you give me a drop of your blood?”

Ryo nodded, took out an Ice Scalpel, cut his finger, and gave him a drop of his blood. Orochimaru fused Ryo’s blood with Hyuuga kid’s blood. But this time, nothing happened.

“Uncle, Byakugan belongs to Sennin’s eye power in a sense. It’s Inton. Although my blood is fused with Shodai Hokage genes, most of them were from Uchiha genes. It’s only natural that the blood won’t react. Rather than my blood, you should try it with Tsunade-sama’s blood.”

Ryo’s suggestion made Orochimaru’s eyes brightened. He took out Tsunade’s blood from the laboratory and fused it with the last drop of the child’s blood.

This time, the reaction was far from their expectation. After the blood fused with Tsunade’s blood, a special Chakra burst out from the cells.

The Chakra was weak, but it made Orochimaru feel uneasy.

“Ryo! Look at this!”

Ryo teleported and froze at the scene. The Chakra gave him a familiar feeling when he met Rikudou Sennin in Amegakure. But it lacked Inyoton.

He quickly awakened Korin. After some observation, Korin spoke. “Ryo, this Chakra feels a bit similar to Kaguya’s Chakra in Juubi’s soul fragment. But it lacks Inyoton. Even so, it’s still a bit stronger than an ordinary Chakra.”

Hearing this, Ryo was a bit disappointed. He thought that this Chakra would help him with Rinnegan. But now it seemed like it’s not possible.

Seeing Ryo’s disappointment, Orochimaru spoke. “What if we add Inyouton to this Chakra?”

“Adding Inyoton? Well…” Korin wasn’t sure of the compatibility.

“If you’re not sure about it, let’s just try it and see how it goes.” Orochimaru stepped to the side, giving Korin the space she needed.

Korin walked to the microscope, mobilized her strength, and slowly injected a small amount of Inyouton into the petri dish.

This Chakra was exclusive to Inyouton. It took a while for Korin to complete the fusion of the Chakra and Inyouton.

After that, the Chakra changed. Korin seemed very surprised. After some hesitation, she clenched her teeth to control the Chakra fusion with her own.

Unlike before, the fusion process was unexpectedly smooth. In the blink of an eye, the smaller size of the Truth-Seeking Ball appeared in her hands.

“It worked! Ryo, this Truth-Seeking Ball isn’t as big as the fake Truth-Seeking Ball used by the clay Rikudou Sennin we’ve encountered. But the quality is so much better. And it’s very close to Indra and Asura’s Chakra!”

Hearing this, Ryo’s long lost joy returned again.

“Ryo, where did this Chakra come from?” Korin asked.

“It’s the fusion of Hyuuga kid’s blood and Tsunade-sama’s blood.”

Hearing this, Korin suddenly realized. “Hyuuga and Senju? Of course!”

Ryo nodded, “Un! It’s not surprising that Hyuuga also had Inyouton from Rikudou Sennin’s eyes, and the Senju Clan had Yoton Sage Mode.”

Korin rebutting. “No, it’s nothing like that! From what you said, should the blood fusion of Senju and Uchiha have a similar reaction? I think the main reason is that both Senju and Hyuuga’s ancestors are Kaguya’s two sons. The two sons inherited a different ability from their mother, so the fusion of their blood will result in a similar Chakra to her.”

Ryo nodded his head, found it’s all plausible.

After figuring out the source of the problem, Ryo immediately asked the production question. “So, Korin… Can you give this Chakra a lot of fused Inyoton?”

Korin answered. “It’s possible. But it will take a lot of time. At least two years to merge enough Chakra for your Rinnegan evolution.”

“2 Years? Then we should start as soon as possible. But the source of this Chakra is still our problem because we need Hyuuga kid’s blood, and Tsunade-sama’s blood.”

“Leave Tsunade to me. I have a lot of promissory notes.” Orochimaru showed the promissory notes in his arm.

Seeing it, Ryo smiled. But then he recalled that Korin’s Chakra is sealed in him. Is it okay for Korin to leave him?

Korin spoke in an indifferent tone. “Relax. I’ve been sleeping all the time for all these years! I can leave you with my current Spiritual Strength.”

Upon her words, Ryo was completely relieved. Orochimaru licked his lips excitedly. “It seems everything is ready. I’m really looking forward to the Chakra of the ancestor of Ninja, Kaguya!”

Ryo nodded and said. “I’m also looking forward to it. I hope this can help me with Rinnegan.”

“Well, it’s too early for that! We haven’t even had the Hyuuga kid’s blood and Tsunade’s blood yet!” Korin spoke.

“That’s right. And now is not the right time for the test. The Chunin Exam will resume in a few weeks. Let’s wait until it’s over!” Orochimaru spoke.

“Un! Then let’s wait at the village for the time being and wait until the exam is over,” Ryo spoke, taking Orochimaru and Korin and teleported back to Konoha.


At the same time, Country of Water, Kirigakure.

Ao returned to the village with Kirigakure Genin.

As soon as he returned to the village, he immediately met Terumi Mei. He told her everything he heard in Konoha. He also told her about Lee’s Hachimon Tonkou.

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