Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 424


Kurenai pondered. “Ao’s intelligence is the same as Shikaku-sama. He helped Mizukage to make suggestions and decisions. In terms of strength, he’s probably around Elite Jounin. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Kakashi solemnly said, “Kurenai, Asuma said that Ao is Mizukage’s assistant. In addition to strength, you have to consider his status and identity. There are many people in Kirigakure stronger than Ao, but not that much to gain his respect. Aside from Terumi Mei, I think he only respected Jinchuuriki.”

Asuma and Kurenai’s expression changed, “Jinchuuriki? Kakashi, you mean…”

Kakashi nodded, “Un! According to the spy, Sanbi disappeared after Yondaime Mizukage, Yakura’s death. Kirigakure now only had Rokubi. It’s been more than ten years since the last Rokubi Jinchuuriki was murdered. Kirigakure must have trained a Jinchuuriki from a young age.”

Asuma snorted coldly, “What do they want by sending a Jinchuuriki to our village?”

Kakashi said lightly, “Maybe Onoki secretly contacted Kirigakure and persuaded them to join, or maybe Kirigakure knew Onoki’s intention through a spy and wanted to get a share.”

“We need to inform Hokage-sama as soon as possible!”

“No, look over there.” Kakashi pointed to the right side of the stage.

Kurenai and Asuma followed Kakashi’s pointed finger and saw Uzumaki Kushina yawning on the stage. Seeing Kushina, Kurenai was startled. She subconsciously took two steps back in panic. “Kushina-sama?! What is she doing here?!”

Asuma replied. “Huh? Her son is taking the Chunin Exam. Why can’t she come and cheer him up?”

“But isn’t Kyuubi in Kushina-sama’s body sealed inside Naruto? Without Kyuubi, can she stop Rokubi?”

Kakashi laughed, “Relax. Kushina-sensei is very strong. Even if Rokubi Jinchuuriki is strong, he’s not a threat to Kushina-sensei.”

Knowing Kakashi’s character, Asuma and Kurenai knew he’s not a reckless person. Since he said this, then Kushina can definitely defeat the Rokubi Jinchuuriki. With this in mind, the two Jounin relaxed.

At the same time, at the stage. A guard whispered to Onoki, “Tsuchikage-sama, with Kakuzu’s help, our men had successfully infiltrated Konoha and haven’t been discovered by the Konoha Ninja.”

“What about Yamanaka Ryo? Have you seen him?”

“No. Our men confirmed Tsunade’s position in Konoha Hospital. They confirmed Might Guy’s position as you specifically requested to the patrol team. As for the other people, they’re in this venue. But there’s no trail of Yamanaka Ryo’s whereabouts.”

“Well, keep looking! Find Kurotsuchi and Ryo before the exam ends.”

Onoki’s guard hesitated for a while and asked. “What if… we can’t find her?”

Onoki gritted his teeth and said. “Then, carry on as we planned!”

“Yes, Tsuchikage-sama.” After speaking, the guard turned around to leave.

As the guard left, Hatake Sakumo frowned and winked at a Konoha Anbu Ninja. The Anbu Ninja immediately followed along. Onoki noticed the Anbu Ninja’s movement and snorted coldly, pretending he didn’t see it.

After the two Ninja left, Rasa immediately noticed something’s wrong. He glanced at Baki under the stage; Baki understood and quickly informed Sand Ninja to get ready for battle.


At this time, Ryo, Lain, and Jiraiya were waiting deep inside the Forest of Death for Onoki to start the operation. Kurotsuchi was sealed with Chakra on one of the trees.

“Onii-chan, I heard Iwagakure is working together with Kakuzu, who attempted to assassinate Shodai-sama to cause trouble in the exam?”

“That’s right. Why? Are you interested in him?”

Lain nodded. “Un! I want to see how strong he is, so he dared to assassinate Shodai-sama.”

Hearing this, Jiraiya laughed. “Haha! Assassinate Shodai-sama? Girl, he just threw a Kunai from 100 meters away. You’re expecting too much.”

“But still, I want to know him. I’ve trained my Mokuton, so everything will be fine.”

“Uncle, let her try it. I want to see her progress, as well. This time, Rasa came here, and Kirigakure isn’t alone. With Lain taking care of Kakuzu, you only have to observe Rasa and Kirigakure Ninja.”

After a moment of hesitation, Jiraiya nodded.


At Konoha Hospital, Tsunade was directing the medical Ninja to check on the medical equipment. Because once the war broke out, these medical Ninja would come to rescue the civilians.

“Shizune, after the Explosive Tags detonated, you will lead them to action. I will try summoning a large Katsuyu Body Clone at Konoha Hospital with all my Chakra. Rin, I’m counting on you.”

Shizune and Rin exchanged glances and nodded at the same time.


At the venue, Hatake Sakumo announced the start of the exam.

Initially, the exam participant was a total of 13 Genin. But for some reason, Kirigakure Genin gave up the exam. So the remaining 12 people were divided into six rounds.

The first one to fight was Ino and Iwagakure Genin.

Ino’s strength mostly relies on the Yamanaka Clan Jutsu, while Iwagakure Genin already researched it before.

As soon as Hayate Gekko announced the round start, Iwagakure Genin immediately created a large ditch with Doton to keep the distance between him and Ino so she can’t use her Secret Jutsu.

Iwagakure Genin’s idea is good, but unfortunately, the venue had limited his Jutsu. And Ino had trained her Jutsu since she was a child.

The coverage of her Spiritual Strength exceeded the duel arena. Although the duel arena was covered in mud, Iwagakure Genin was too far away from Ino to attack her.

Now that she had no hindrance, she used both hands to form hand seals, sealed her enemy with Mind-Body Switch Jutsu, and walked step by step in the mud.

Surrounded by the mud, the Iwagakure Genin couldn’t move. Now that the Genin’s consciousness had returned, Ino quickly threw dozens of Kunai with Explosive Tags at him.

He had no time to react or defend and chose to surrender. Hayate Gekko quickly interfered by stopping the Kunai. Ino won easily in the first round, followed by Naruto and Neji’s battle.

Naruto was upset that Neji said mean things to Hinata in the previous exam. Neji was also annoyed with Hinata’s attitude towards Naruto. The battle of two people disliking each other had started.

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