Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 436


“Every Kage movement represents the village, which is true in most cases, but not necessarily for now,” Baki said seriously.

Kankuro turned around and asked, “Is there something I didn’t know happened?”

“Well! Soon after the Konoha incident a few days ago, I sensed that Konoha had arrested all Ninjas of Kirigakure.”

“Capture the ninja of Kirigakure? What does that have to do with us?” Temari asked.

“Temari, you said earlier that Shukaku’s berserk has nothing to do with us. At that time, there were only Ninja of Kirigakure and Anbu of Konoha left.”

“It’s impossible for Konoha Anbu to control Shukaku. So, they let Shukaku berserk and harm his village; then only Kirigakure is left.”

“According to my speculation, it should be the technique used by the people of Kirigakure to interfere with Gaara’s seal and make Shukaku berserk.”

“When Konoha caught Ninja from Kirigakure, it should be a way to get information from them, knowing that this time Shukaku berserk has nothing to do with us.”

“Rasa had sneakily attacked Jiraiya; we can put the responsibility on Rasa to protect the village,” Baki said seriously.

After listening to Baki’s analysis, Kankuro frowned said, “Wait a minute, Baki-sensei, there are two problems in your words.”

“One, you said that Konoha has a way to get information from Kirigakure, but can you guarantee that the information they get is true? Maybe Kirigakure would bite back and drag us into the water.”

“Second, even if Kirigakure honestly explained, we couldn’t wholly shirk our responsibilities. It is still the Kazekage of Sunagakure that sneakily attack Jiraiya. “

Baki laughed said, “Kankuro, you worry too much; there are some things you don’t know.”

“Konoha has a clan called Yamanaka Clan. Yamanaka Clan specializes in Spiritual Strength. You can use Spiritual Strength to invade people’s brains and read people’s memories.”

“As for your claim that we can not completely forget responsibility, huh! This one is estimated that someone is more anxious than us…”


Baki’s voice fell when he heard someone was knocking outside…

“Lord Baki, Yamanaka Ryo-sama is here!”

Upon hearing the news of Yamanaka Ryo’s arrival, Baki relaxed said, “Is he finally here? Please invite him in!”

Temari and Kankuro felt a bit strange.

Why did Yamanaka Ryo come to Baki? Isn’t Yamanaka Ryo a high level of Konoha? He must be here to ask a favor!

After a while, Yamanaka Ryo carried Rasa on his shoulder and went to Baki’s room.



“Yamanaka Ryo-sama, is Kazekage-sama…”

Yamanaka Ryo glanced at the three people in the room and said, “Relax, he’s not dead yet!”

Baki was utterly relieved to hear that Rasa was alive and respectfully invited Yamanaka Ryo in.

Yamanaka Ryo threw Rasa to the ground and said, “My purpose here is to return this guy to you. After you leave Konoha, return to Sand Ninja, tell Pakura that Rasa is no longer suitable for Kazekage. “

“Ryo-sama, aren’t you going back with us? Pakura-sama should miss you very much,” Baki whispered.

“Looking at Konoha’s situation, I really can’t go. I’ll leave Rasa to you. Don’t trick me anymore because I have limited patience! Also, remember to deliver the words.”

After finishing speaking, Yamanaka Ryo’s silhouette disappeared.

In the room, Temari and Kankuro were confused.

What happened? Did Yamanaka Ryo just return their father? There wasn’t even a single intention to hold the Sand Ninja responsible.

After a while, Kankuro couldn’t help but ask, “Baki sensei, what does Yamanaka Ryo mean? Also, sending the enemy back directly, didn’t it mean he betray the village?”

“The reason is simple! Because Pakura-sama is Yamanaka Ryo-sama’s wife.” Baki said with a smile.

Kankuro was dumbfounded, and Temari was stunned. The news was like a bomb that exploded in their ears.

It took a long time for Temari to recover, “Wife… wife?!! Baki sensei, do you mean the Elder, the Nicho adviser of Sand Ninja, and Konoha’s strongest Ninja are husband and wife?”

It also dawned on Kankurou, “No wonder, just now, you said that someone is more anxious than us.”

“Haha, you’re shocked, right?! I was also surprised when I first learned the news, but we could escape today thanks to them. Otherwise, with Yamanaka Ryo’s technique, I’m afraid none of us would have gotten away today!”

“More than surprised. This is already a shock, but no matter what, this situation is beneficial to us. Baki-sensei, let’s pack up and leave Konoha!” Temari suggested.

Baki nodded and said, “Well! Tell the people below to prepare to leave!”


After leaving the inn where Sand Ninja was, Yamanaka Ryo teleported directly to Konoha Hospital, Jiraiya’s ward.

At this time, Jiraiya was holding a crystal ball, nosebleed.

Yamanaka Ryo sighed and said helplessly, “Uncle Jiraiya, can you stop! You are lying on a hospital bed, and you are still peeping with Sandaime-sama’s crystal ball!”

“What do you mean by peeping?!! Kid, pay attention to what you say. I am taking material. Do you know what taking material means? Do you understand?!! How can a writer’s affairs be called peeping?!”

“Okay, you can take the material! But while I’m here, can you please stop the fetching work for a while?”

After Jiraiya heard this, he looked at Yamanaka Ryo strangely. He then put away the crystal ball and said, “What’s the matter, come on!”

Yamanaka Ryo very solemnly gave Jiraiya a bow and said, “Uncle Jiraiya, I’m sorry!”

Jiraiya was taken aback and quickly said, “Hey, hey! What are you doing, kid? I’m not dead yet!”

“Uncle Jiraiya, I just returned Rasa to Sunagakure. I know, I’m sorry for doing this. After all, Pakura is also the Elder of Sunagakure’s consultant, so I just can’t help it… Anyway, I’m sorry, Uncle Jiraiya.”

“What the hell! So that’s it. It doesn’t matter, I’m not dead! Besides, you healed my wound, so let’s call it even.”


“There is no but. Moreover, you have handed over Rasa; how can you get him back? So, okay, I accept your apology.”

“Now you need to deal with such a meddlesome in the village. Don’t bother me to get information.”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded and turned to leave.

“That kid, he’s a real pain in the ass! Pakura? I hope you won’t do anything to let this kid down.” Jiraiya muttered to himself.


After dealing with Sunagakure, Yamanaka Ryo turned his eyes to Kirigakure.

He teleported to Konoha prison, brought out a few Ninjas of Kirigakure, and read their memories with Secret Jutsu of Yamanaka Clan.

Unfortunately, these Kirigakure Ninjas only accepted the mission of Mizukage and were responsible for protecting Ao.

They did not know the real purpose of Ao’s visit to Konoha, and they did not know what Kirigakure had lost back then.

“It looks like it started with Ao!”

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