Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 456


After walking for quite a while, Chōji noticed the dark circles around Shikamaru’s eyes and said with a surprise, “Shikamaru, don’t tell me you really thought about it all night yesterday!”

Shikamaru nodded, then looked towards Yamanaka Ryo with a serious expression. “Uncle, was Uchiha Madara still alive during the Third Shinobi World War?”

Yamanaka Ryo said with a smile, “Well! Who knows!”

Shikamaru twitched his lips, not asking anymore.


A few days later, Yamanaka Ryo and the trio arrived near Hoshigakure. Hoshigakure’s Ninja has quite the skill as they detected Yamanaka Ryo from afar and immediately took their weapon to prepare for the attack.

Both Yamanaka Ryo and Ino sensed Hoshigakure Shinobi’s movements. Ino seemed a little nervous. Yamanaka Ryo patted Ino’s shoulders to comfort her, and then he turned into a lightning bolt that appeared in front of Hoshigakure Ninja in a blink of an eye.

Hoshigakure Ninja’s expression suddenly changed, and they immediately launched an attack on Yamanaka Ryo. But before they could even throw the kunai, Hoshigakure Shinobi got paralyzed and knocked out.

Hoshigakure Ninja Leader saw that his subordinates were killed in seconds, and immediately flew into the sky using the Mysterious Peacock Technique to escape.

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and condensed an Ice Wall in midair. Hoshigakure Shinobi hit the Ice Wall directly and fell.

Yamanaka Ryo then teleported to the place where Hoshigakure Shinobi fell, grabbed his neck, and used Mangekyō to control Hoshigakure Ninja and make him take them to Hoshigakure.

Seeing that Yamanaka Ryo has resolved the trouble, The trio ran to him. Chōji asked, “Uncle, did he fly into the sky just now?”

“Yeah! Hoshigakure Shinobi has a Secret Jutsu called Mysterious Peacock Technique, which can condense Chakra outside the body and fly with it.”

Ino asked, “Can we learn this Jutsu?”

“Unfortunately learning this Jutsu requires a special power that you can’t afford.”

With Hoshigakure Shinobi’s lead, Yamanaka Ryo’s group arrived faster than expected to Hoshigakure.


As soon as he entered Hoshigakure, Korin’s power inside Yamanaka Ryo’s body seemed to sense something, and it seemed anxious about it.

Yamanaka Ryo frowned, feeling uneasy. He turned his eyes to the stone in the middle of Hoshigakure. After sensing the wave from the star, Yamanaka Ryo murmured to himself, “Is this the star? Sure enough, it’s like Korin’s power.”

At the same time, the Ninjas of Hoshigakure had Yamanaka Ryo surrounded.

“Shikamaru, Ino, Chōji… I’ll leave this to you. As for me, I will go over there to check on that.” Yamanaka Ryo pointed to where the star was.

“No, Uncle, there are so many Ninjas here. How we will fight it with just three of us?” Ino protested immediately.

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and said, “Rest assured, you will be alright. I’ll leave a Body Clone to protect you.” After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo created an Ice Body Clone, and quickly teleported to the star.


Yamanaka Ryo put his hand on the star and felt the power inside the star up close. As soon as he touched it, he immediately could tell the difference between Jūbi’s power and Korin’s power.

Jūbi’s power, like Korin’s, is based on natural Chakra, with a part of his own consciousness in it. However, Jūbi’s power is more violent and aggressive than Korin’s, like how it showed in the original work after being separated from Obito and Uchiha Madara.

Yamanaka Ryo tried to absorb a little of Jūbi’s power. Right after entering his body, Jūbi’s power began to run rampant. He closed his eyes, entered Sage Mode, and used the power of nature to assimilate with Jūbi’s power, leaving only a trace of Jūbi’s consciousness.

Yamanaka Ryo felt Jūbi’s consciousness and then frowned. Jūbi’s consciousness had only one message, and that was to return to fruit.

After knowing this, Yamanaka Ryo also figured out why Uchiha Madara could launch Infinite Tsukuyomi with the help of Jūbi, because Jūbi also wanted the scattered Chakra to come together to summon Kaguya, so it could get his fruit back from Kaguya.

Unfortunately, Jūbi’s intelligence is too low, so he can only follow his instinct to find his fruit. It didn’t know the fact that Kaguya could control it and even integrate with it, dominating its action.

Yamanaka Ryo sighed, left the star, and stared at Shikamaru-Ino-Choji.


Faced with many Hoshigakure Shinobi, at first, the trio seemed nervous and their actions were even a little sluggish, but after they knew that Yamanaka Ryo’s Body Clone would protect them, they were relieved and can go all out.

The three of them grew up together as members of Shika-Ino-Cho’s clan. They know each other’s movements even without talking.

The teamwork of Secret Jutsu of three clans worked well. Ino determined the target of the attack and passed the target to Shikamaru. Shikamaru dragged the target to Chōji with his shadow and Chōji launched an attack. Hoshigakure Shinobi was subdued in no time.

Yamanaka Ryo secretly nodded and was very satisfied with the performance of them.

Just when the trio was about to smash Kamui, Hoshigakure’s leader, Sandaime Hoshikage shot. Hoshigakure Sandaime’s Mysterious Peacock technique was indeed much stronger than other Hoshigakure Shinobi, but if it were to be compared, it’s not above Elite Jōnin.

Yamanaka Ryo, with a disdainful look, twisted his lips, he passed a message to his Body Clone. The Body Clone received the information and immediately shot and instantly defeated Sandaime Hoshikage.

Seeing Sandaime’s shadow being captured, Hoshigakure Shinobi stopped their attacks and looked at Yamanaka Ryo with fear.

Upon seeing this, Yamanaka Ryo lifted the Ice Body Clone, teleported to Shikamaru, and said, “It looks like the game is over.”

Sandaime asks nervously, “Who are you? What are you going to do?”

“Rest assured, we have no interest in your village… We just come to see the star. Now that we have seen it, we will leave immediately. Before I go, I will give you a piece of advice. The power of the star is not yours, so I advise you not to train with its power.”

Oh! And Hoshigakure Shinobi who was patrolling outside the village, I knocked them out.” After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo left Hoshigakure with the trio.


At the same time, Konoha, Hokage’s Office, and Tsunade had a headache while looking at one document.

The content of the file is that Konoha Head of Orphanage Yakushi Nonō was killed, and Shizune’s inspection confirmed that Yakushi Nonō was killed. ꟷand the cause of the death was cutting off the arteries using a Chakra scalpel.

Konoha does not have many medical ninjas who use Chakra scalpel. The investigation stated that Konoha’s medical ninjas who used Chakra surgery had been absent during the time of Yakushi Nonō’s death, and the case had met a dead-end.

Tsunade had no choice but to send someone to take care of the children at the orphanage while ordering Anbu members to investigate the truth of Yakushi Nonō’s death.

(Ps: The cause and time of Yakushi Nonō’s death have been modified here.)

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