Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 459


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As Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru entered the training stadium, it happened to be Sasuke’s battle.

Sasuke’s opponent was a guy who looks a bit like a Rhino and is probably a guy who was forcibly transformed by Orochimaru with a curse seal-like Suigetsu.

Relying on his thick and fluffy skin, the Rhino guy simply ignored Sasuke’s attack and rushed towards him, intending to win with strength.

Sasuke used the basic Body Flicker Technique of Yamanaka Ryo, which he stole, all the while dodging and using Katon and Raiton to try to break the rhino guy’s defense.

“How long do you think it will take Sasuke to find the Rhino’s weakness and defeat him?”

“Didn’t you say he’s qualified to open those eyes? Then he should find it in the split second after he uses Sharingan.”

Sure enough, as Yamanaka Ryo said, Sasuke turned on Sharingan after several attempts. At the moment when Sharingan was turned on, Sasuke discovered that Rhino’s seemingly hardback Kinoe had a weak spot.

Sasuke snorted coldly, using the Body Flicker Technique to teleport behind the rhino guy. Raiton Chakra gathered at his right hand. He used Chidori and directly penetrated the rhino guy’s skin.

After breaking the Rhino guy’s protection, Kinoe, the Rhino guy, lost his biggest support. Sasuke then beat him easily and made the rhino guy surrender.

After Sasuke defeated the Rhino, Yamanaka Ryo clapped his hands, “Nice, Sasuke. It seems you worked hard for the past six months.”

When Sasuke saw Yamanaka Ryo, he ran out of the training field and greeted him, “Hello, Ryo-sama.”

“Well, as the reward for your hard work, this is for you.” Yamanaka Ryo said as he took out Katana for Sasuke from the seal Scroll.

Sasuke took the Katana and waved it twice, feeling its sharpness and smile.

After chatting with Sasuke for a while, Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru returned to the lab together.

“Uncle Snake, you’re right. Sasuke can indeed start Mangekyō now.”

“So you mean…”

“Well, I’ll help him open Mangekyō.”

Orochimaru licked his lips excitedly and said, “I have everything I need, and I can start at any time.”

“How about tomorrow? I’m not sure about the other, but Sasuke should be fine.”


Early in the following day, Sasuke was called to the laboratory by Orochimaru. As soon as he entered the laboratory, Sasuke was controlled by Yamanaka Ryo’s Genjutsu.

Orochimaru injected Shodaime cells weakened by Inton into Sasuke’s body, then threw Sasuke into glassware similar to Suzune and Yamato to fuse the Shodaime cells.

Soon the glassware was filled with green liquid. Yamanaka Ryo opened Mangekyō and directly controlled Sasuke’s thoughts, taking him back to the day of his clan extermination.

Yamanaka Ryo controlled Sasuke’s consciousness to let him experience everything he would have done in original work.


Sasuke saw his parents die at Itachi’s hands. Uchiha Clan was slaughtered by Itachi, and he became lonely. Sasuke experienced how at the Chunin exam he was planted with a curse seal by Orochimaru, his defection to the village, and his love-hate relationship with Naruto…

Sasuke’s brain has a secret special Chakra under this series of stimuli. This Chakra was absorbed by his eyes, and then Sasuke’s closed eyes opened. The three tomoe marks twirled madly and finally joined together.

Orochimaru, who had been observing for a moment, said with some excitement. “This is like Danzō’s status gave me; it’s Uchiha Kagami Sharingan.”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded and said, “Well, these eyes are already much stronger than the usual. But they haven’t reached the level of Mangekyō, and they don’t have their own Dojutsu. It still not enough.”

Having said that, Yamanaka Ryo controlled Sasuke’s consciousness and took him to the moment of his duel with ItachiꟷIt’s at the last moment when Itachi’s hand touched Sasuke’s forehead and said, “Forgive me, Sasuke! This is the last time!”

Sasuke’s eyes went into crazy rotation, and the pattern in his eyes changed from tomoe to a pair of six-pointed stars.

Sasuke successfully opened Mangekyō.

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and let Sasuke fall asleep. He then extracted weakened Shodai cells from Sasuke’s body. Sasuke’s Chakra and Mangekyō merged to help him stabilize Mangekyō’s dojutsu.

After doing all this, Yamanaka Ryo’s face was a little pale. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Uncle Snake, let Sasuke sleep like this. Remember to add nutrition to the liquid. I’ll go to sleep first. Helping Sasuke awaken Mangekyō drain my Spiritual Strength a lot. “

“Well, you can relax. Leave the rest to me.”

Yamanaka Ryo slept for two full days, and Sasuke slept longer, waking up a week later.


As soon as Sasuke regained consciousness, he found himself trapped in a glass vessel surrounded by a strange liquid. What surprised him most was that he could breathe in the liquid.

Fortunately, Orochimaru returned at the right time as Sasuke was about to destroy the glassware.

Ah? Sasuke, are you awake? Wait a minute, I will let you out immediately.” He ran to the console, drained the liquid from the glassware, and opened it.

As Sasuke stepped out of the glassware, he asked, “Orochimaru, why did you keep me here?”

“Because of this,” Orochimaru said, pointing to Sasuke’s eyes.

Suddenly, Sasuke raised his hand and touched his eyes. A sudden burst of memories flowed into his mind, from the Uchiha clan extermination by Itachi’s hand to avenge the Uchiha Clan.

Sasuke covered his head; he was so confused. His Mangekyō opened quietly.

Upon seeing this, Orochimaru handed Sasuke a mirror, and Sasuke saw his Mangekyō from the mirror.

“This… this is… Mangekyou Sharingan! How is that possible? When did I…”

“Just a week ago, we used Shodaime cells and Ryo Genjutsu to help you awaken Mangekyou Sharingan. Everything you have in mind now is from Ryo’s Genjutsu.”

Sasuke heard, then closed his eyes for a moment and sorted everything out in his mind with reality. Then Sasuke went silent for a while because all of this felt too real… According to his parents, if Yamanaka Ryo said that the Uchiha Clan would have perished, it would go exactly like Sasuke had in his mind.

It took a long time for Sasuke to recover, and he began to focus on his eyes.

Sasuke didn’t fully feel the Dojutsu in his eyes, but he can feel that everything around him has become clearer, and his Spiritual Strength has also been greatly improved.

“Sasuke, I told you that your strength will make a qualitative leap in the months when Mangekyō is opened. Now you should immediately go to the training stadium to find Kimimaro and have a good fight instead of staying here.”

Sasuke nodded and said, “I see, thank you, and thank Ryo-sama for me, too.” Sasuke ran towards the training stadium.

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