Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 461


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It’s been a year since Yamanaka Ryo started to merge with Kaguya’s Chakra. Fortunately, no major event happened during this year. Konoha had Shisui and Kakashi, so everything’s under control.


This morning, two people approached Konoha’s doorway against the sunset.

“Hey! Perv Sennin, can you hurry up?!”

“Stinky brat, why are you in a hurry? Konoha is in front of you!”

Naruto scratched his head. “It’s been two years since I left, Uncle Jiraiya. Don’t you miss home?”

The master and disciple came to the village noisily.

The member of the security department saw Jiraiya and immediately let him in.

The two security department members whispered after they left, “Who is the youngster next to Master Jiraiya?”

“It should be Uzumaki Naruto!”

“Uzumaki Naruto? Really?! He changed so much!”


In the village, Naruto jumped onto the rooftop and looked at everything from above. It was so nostalgic. He then shouted excitedly, “I, Uzumaki Naruto is back!”

“This voice is … Naruto?!”

Naruto’s shout was heard by Sakura, who was passing by. In the direction of the voice, Sakura saw Naruto standing on the roof. Looking at Naruto’s silhouette, tears began to well up in her eyes. “This guy made such a ruckus right after he came back, unbelievable …”

Sakura was about to go up to say hello to Naruto. However, Anbu Ninja came first; only then she realized that Jiraiya was still there.


Anbu Ninja conveyed Tsunade’s order to have Jiraiya take Naruto to see her. Jiraiya nodded, called Naruto, and went to Hokage’s Office with him.

“Oh! Tsunade, I haven’t seen your chest for two years–” 


Jiraiya was smashed into the wall by Tsunade’s fist before he finished speaking.

“Jiraiya, how old are you? Please be serious! Anyway, Lord Tsunade, please don’t get carried away and read the situation.”

Jiraiya climbed down the wall and glanced to find that Kakashi and Uchiha Shisui were both here too.

Cough cough. What, what I was trying to say just now that even after 2 years you’re gone, the imposing-manner you have has worsened.”

Tsunade rewarded him with a Byakugan and didn’t say much, while Kakashi and Shisui had this ridiculous look on their faces.

Tsunade tapped the table and said solemnly, “Okay, be serious. Jiraiya, you took Naruto out for training in the past two years. How is his strength now?”

Jiraiya pondered for a moment and said, “Without using Kyuubi’s power, he’s better than ordinary Jōnin, but he can’t be compared with Elite Jōnin. If he uses Kyuubi’s power, he should be able to fight anyone in the field for a short time.”

Tsunade’s expression seemed a little surprised, and Kakashi and Shisui’s expressions were a little weird. They did not expect that Naruto had grown so much in two years.

A moment later, Kakashi asked, “Master Jiraiya, how much power can Naruto manage now?”

“It’s probably Sanbi. At Yonbi’s state, his words will be affected by negative emotions in Kyuubi Chakra, and at the Gobi, he will go berserk.”

Kakashi nodded and said, “Since Naruto has such a strength, Lord Tsunade, leave this mission to them!”

“Well, that’s fine. But just to be safe, Kakashi, you follow them secretly!”

Before Kakashi spoke, Shisui said, “Hokage-sama, please let me follow them! Hana also wants to go to Sunagakure.”

After pondering for a moment, Tsunade nodded and agreed to let Shisui protect them secretly.

“It’s decided then. Go and call Yamato; this time, he’ll be the lead, Naruto and Sakura to support Sunagakure, Shisui is responsible for their protection in secret.”

“Understood, Hokage-sama!”


Meanwhile, at Sunagakure, Pakura and Gaara were fighting the invading of Sasori and Deidara.

The Sunagakure situation was very severe.

Deidara flew in the sky and had a great advantage. Sasori just infiltered a spy in Sunagakure, and Pakura had been attacked.

Pakura used the Healing Tag to stop bleeding and went into battle. She kept clenching her teeth and kept on burning Sasori’s Puppet with Shakuton. However, no matter how much it was burned, Sasori’s Puppet would always appear again.

Facing the army of Puppets in front of her, Pakura did not hesitate to take out a seal ScrollꟷThe Scroll contained the weapons that Yamanaka Ryo had developed with her before, which was the reason why Yamanaka Ryo let her go at the Third Shinobi World War.

Pakura pulled Puppet away as far as possible from Sunagakure’s scope, then injected her Chakra into this grenade-like thing and threw it out.

The grenade hit the ground first with thunder, and then a huge fire burst into the sky. After the explosion, the Puppet army of Sasori disappeared instantly, leaving only a pile of black ash.

“This … what is this!”

Sasori, who controlled Puppet in the distance, was stunned by the sudden explosion. Too far away, he didn’t see what Pakura had thrown down. He just looked at something as big as a fist that can destroy many of his Puppets.

After throwing this grenade, Pakura’s face became pale. This grenade had immense formidable power but required a lot of Chakra to detonate.

If she was in a normal state, it wouldn’t be so much trouble to detonate the grenade, and it’ll have little effect on her. But right now, she had been attacked by Sasori’s spy sneak attack and then fought with the army of Puppet for so long. She was exhausted.

Fortunately, Sasori did not know that Pakura was at her limit. He was afraid that Pakura would launch the same attack, so he refrained from shooting.

Pakura and Sasori were locked in this state.


Meanwhile, in the battle between Gaara and Deidara.

Gaara seemed calm in the face of Deidara’s attack. In the past two years, his relationship with Shukaku had become better and better. Shukaku was willing to lend his power to Gaara.

With Shukaku’s help, Deidara had no way to get Gaara. The two sides had been deadlocked. Deidara was a bit angry. He bit the teeth and swallowed a large amount of explosive clay, creating a giant white dragon with the size of Sand Ninja 20%.

Deidara smiled cruelly and controlled the dragon to fly towards Sunagakure. Gaara’s form changed, and he immediately turned into Bijuu using Shukaku’s power to resist the dragon.

After a huge explosion, Shukaku disappeared, Gaara fell from midair, and Deidara laughed heartily, grabbed Gaara, and flew away.


In the distance, Sasori saw Deidara and murmured to himself, “Pakura, we won this battle.”

After that, Sasori controlled Hiruko and left.

Pakura found that Gaara was taken away, her face became angry. She wanted to chase after them, but her body had reached the limit. Pakura clenched the teeth and crushed several pieces of Healing Tag on the wound, then went after the direction that Deidara left.

Unfortunately, she fainted in the desert before even taking a few steps.

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