Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 467


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Judging from the clay spider explosion just now, Sasuke speculated that anything that Deidara dropped could explode. So when the clay dragon fell, Sasuke first entered curse seal mode, then pulled out the Katana that Yamanaka Ryo gave to him. He also stimulated the cells with Raiton Chakra to speed up the speed of Body Flicker Technique.

The moment Deidara detonated the clay dragon, Sasuke injected the Raiton Chakra in Katana, split a dragon into two halves, and flew to midair at an impossible speed. Avoiding the explosion of the clay dragon.

While escaping the explosion, Sasuke’s Mangekyō clearly saw that the dragon that had been split by his Katana did not explode.

Not letting Sasuke to even think, a new clay dragon drops from the sky. Sasuke waved the curse seal’s wings and fell from in the sky. ꟷRight after he landed, countless white grasshoppers suddenly appeared on the ground. The grasshopper jumped and rushed to Sasuke. Sasuke’s expression changed, and he used the Chidori Stream to protect himself.

Thanks to Chidori Stream’s Raiton Chakra, the grasshoppers surrounding Sasuke were gone, but more grasshoppers were still jumping around. Deidara in the sky smiled cruelly and detonated the grasshoppers.


 A series of continuous explosions sounded beside Sasuke that was surrounded by clay grasshoppers. The grasshoppers seemed unavoidable, so Sasuke took a deep breath and fully used the Chidori Stream.

Raiton Chakra centered on Sasuke. The clay grasshopper had been paralyzed by the split second before it had time to explode. Sasuke wrapped himself with curse seal wings to protect himself from being paralyzed by Raiton Chakra and Clay grasshopper that had exploded.


After a loud bang, Sasuke was kneeling, breathing heavily on one knee, and then suffered a lot of pain and squeezed a few Healing Tags, which he placed on the wound on the wings.

Deidara hovering in the sky saw Sasuke was not dead yet, and said with some excitement, “You are not dead; it’s great. The game continues! It’s time for my C3 18th! Un!”

Saying that, Deidara swallowed a large mouthful of explosive clay with his open palm, mixed his Chakra in the clay, and a doll-like thing appeared in the sky after a while. Deidara directly dropped the exploding clay puppet. The puppet itself gradually became larger during the falling process. The falling speed also got faster and faster.

Sasuke opened Mangekyou Sharingan. A black flame entangled the clay puppet.

In the blink of an eye, the clay doll’s belly was burned through by Amaterasu. Deidara quickly exploded the clay doll when he saw this. Still, he did not expect that the clay doll was swallowed entirely by Amaterasu before he detonated.

Deidara’s face became hard, and he murmured to himself,: “What is this? It can burn my art?”

“You don’t need to know. GENJUTSU DEATH MIRAGE JUTSU!” While Deidara was distracted, Sasuke stimulated the cells with Raiton Chakra, flew to Deidara instantly, and used Genjutsu on him.

Deidara’s expression suddenly became confused. Sasuke relaxed and asked, “Tell me what you know about Itachi!”

“Uchiha Itachi… ART IS AN EXPLOSION! Un!” Deidara in front of him swelled instantly, followed by a massive explosion.

“Body Clone Technique? When? Dammit!”

The instant the Clay Body Clone exploded, Sasuke understood that Deidara deliberately showed his weak spot to bait him. Sasuke clenched his teeth and quickly fluttered his wings to protect himself. Still, he was too close to Deidara’s clay Body Clone, and a huge explosion blasted him directly.

Sasuke, who was blown to the ground, slammed into a large tree with bloodshot scars spilled from the corners of his mouth.

From the sky came the ridiculous laughter of Deidara. Along with the laughter, several clay flying dragons moved towards Sasuke, “Haha! Uchiha Sasuke, you are done now! Disappear with my art!”


Sasuke clenched his teeth, tried to stand up, and used Chidori Stream to run through the clay dragon.

“So stubborn. In that case, I will let you die under my strongest art. By the way, I was going to use this move to deal with your big brother. I’ll use you as an experiment first.” Deidara’s palm once again swallowed a large amount of explosive clay. In the blink of an eye, the clay doll that was exactly the same as Deidara appeared in the sky.

The clay doll instantly became large in the next second and slowly fell towards the ground. When he landed in midair, the clay figure grew even bigger again and exploded like a balloon.

Sasuke, who was about to escape, murmured to himself, “What the-?”

“From the previous battle, Deidara’s perfect control of the explosive clay couldn’t have failed like this.”

Thinking of this, Sasuke immediately looked around using Sharingan. Sasuke was surprised because, in the air, there were countless miniature exploding spiders. These exploding spiders followed airflow. The animal will suck these exploding spiders into its body through breathing. So it inside will have an explosion spider.

Sasuke quickly held his breath, using Raiton Chakra to clear the in-body exploding spider, and then created a Shadow Clone Jutsu to deceive Deidara. He used the Body Replacement Technique to avoid Deidara’s sight and crushed the Healing Tag to heal the wound.

Deidara thought that time was running out, so he detonated a clay spider in the air.

With the detonation of the exploding spider, everything that had an exploding spider inside it began to explode.

Sasuke controlled his own Shadow Clone Jutsu and made similar actions.

Seeing Sasuke disappear, Deidara relaxed and slowly came down from the sky. What he didn’t know was that… just a few seconds ago, Sasuke had healed his wounds with the help of Healing Tag. He had recovered a lot and had regained his mobility and fighting strength.

The moment Deidara landed, Sasuke took a huge shuriken from Fūinjutsu’s style on his wrist and injected Raiton Chakra into the shuriken.

Taken by surprise, Sasuke threw a shuriken at Deidara. Deidara was frustrated by Sasuke’s surprise attack. Before he could dodge, shuriken stuck on his right shoulder.

In the previous battle, Sasuke found out that Deidara must use both hands to use explosive clay, so he targeted Deidara’s hands.

Deidara controlled the clay giant dragon to rise in the sky, pull out the shuriken from his shoulders, and said, “Shit! How can you escape my C4 Gallo?”

“Your C4 Gallo is nothing more than a bunch of small exploding spiders. It is useless in front of these eyes.” Sasuke pointed to his Sharingan.

TL note: (Sasuke did not absorb the memory and combat experience of Uncle Snake, like in the original manga, so writing here is a bit more complicated.)

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