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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 482


“Here’s the code!”

Everyone hearing this immediately turned their eyes to Fukasaku Sennin. Fukasaku Sennin took off his cloak and showed everyone the secret code left by Jiraiya.

“Is that Jiraiya’s code that he traded for his life? Kakashi, let the people in the encrypt team come over and record this.”

“Yes, Hokage-sama!”

“In addition to the secret code, Jiraiya also got one of Pain’s corpses that he stored in the toad’s stomach, and I will give it to you!”

“Pain’s corpse? Thank you Fukasaku-sama, with Pain’s corpse we should be able to find something useful.” Tsunade thanked Fukasaku Sennin.

Fukasaku Sennin waved his hand. “I entrust Jiraiya’s life to you. Okay, now let’s talk about Naruto next.”

“Fukasaku Sennin, what do you want from him?”

“Well, I want to take Naruto to Mount Myōboku and let him learn from Senjutsu. The death of Jiraiya made me angry. Naruto is the best choice to inherit Jiraiya’s Will.”

Tsunade pondered for a moment but later agreed, “Naruto will be honored to receive your teaching, but not right now. He may need a time of his own and you have to wait until he agrees to go to Mount Myōboku.”

“It’s okay. The person he admired died suddenly, I know how he felt.”

Then the people in the encrypt team came and took the code at Fukasaku Sennin’s back. He also left Pain’s corpse to Tsunade.

“Okay, I’ve delivered everything I should give you. I’ll be back to Mount Myōboku first, and I’ll pick up Naruto in a few days.”

“Until you come to pick him up, I will find a way to brighten Naruto’s mood.”

Fukasaku Sennin nodded and led the crowd of toads back to Mount Myōboku.


At Land-of-Rice Fields, Otogakure.

Jiraiya’s surgery had been going on for more than ten hours, and both Minato and Kushina had been waiting nervously at the door.


The laboratory door slowly opened. Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru walked out of the laboratory with a tired look.

The Minato couple greeted him immediately.

“Ryo, Is Jiraiya sensei all right?” Namikaze Minato asked anxiously.

Yamanaka Ryo nodded. “His life isn’t at danger anymore, let’s wait for him to recover slowly. As for the lost arm, Uncle snake will use Shodai cells to grow new one.”

“Shodai cells? I’m afraid Jiraiya sensei will not agree! You should know about the Jiraiya-sensei situation…” Kushina whispered.

Orochimaru licked his lips and said, “It doesn’t matter whether he agrees or not, he’s in a coma status now, he won’t be aware of his arm situation. In addition, his internal wound still needs help from the powerful life force of Shodai cells. If he wakes up and can’t accept it, he can just cut it off himself.”

“Uncle Snake was right. If he couldn’t accept it, he could cut it off.” Yamanaka Ryo agreed.

Minato and Kushina were glancing at each other and not saying anything further.

After long hours of surgery, the Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru were not in very good condition. After a few words of conversation, the two went back to bed.

“Minato, Jiraiya sensei is all right now, you can rest assured! Go back and take a rest, you haven’t slept all night.”

Namikaze Minato touched Kushina’s head and said with a smile, “Aren’t you the same? Compared to them, I’m okay, and I can keep it up for a while, but you have been dozing off, go back to rest! “

“How about you?”

“When Anko gets up, I’ll shift with her to guard Jiraiya sensei.”

Kushina nodded, moved towards their room. She had stayed awake all night.

After watching Kushina enter the room, Namikaze Minato’s face suddenly became serious.

After that, Namikaze Minato explained something to more than half of Otogakure’s Ninja that Anko brought to Orochimaru’s laboratory. Then, his silhouette disappeared.


At the cave in Country of Rain, Namikaze Minato suddenly appeared. Without any hesitation, Namikaze Minato directly entered the Sage Mode, sensed Amegakure’s position, and then headed for Amegakure.

Namikaze Minato had always been a calm and intelligent person, but Jiraiya was his most respected elder and master, and father to him. Although Namikaze Minato knew that his action would destroy Yamanaka Ryo’s plan, his anger was at the limit.

The entrance to Amegakure was closed as usual, and Namikaze Minato sneered and opened the entrance using the teleport barrier.

The instant raindrop fell on Namikaze Minato, he immediately noticed Chakra in the rain thanks to his Sage Mode. He closed his eyes to sense the source of Chakra, and after a moment, he set his eyes on the tower in the center of Amegakure.

“There you are.”

The silhouette of Namikaze Minato disappeared, and he appeared at the entrance of the second tower.

At the tower entrance, Namikaze Minato took out a seal Scroll, which contained Chakra of White Zetsu. Namikaze Minato changed his appearance with Chakra of White Zetsu and then walked directly into the tower.


At the tower’s upper layer, Pain Rikudō stood up there with a surprised look on his face. Konan noticed this.

Nagato’s expression became serious, “Someone is here. This person is terrifying. I just sensed his presence. The next second he appeared at the entrance of the tower, and his body had fluctuations similar to Jiraiya sensei’s. This speed plus Sage Mode, this person… “

“What’s wrong with this person?” Before Nagato could say any words, Namikaze Minato had teleported in front of them.

Nagato was surprised that he quickly controlled Pain Rikudō to stand in front of him and Konan.

“May I know who you are? What do you want by coming to Amegakure?”

Namikaze Minato ignored him.

“It seems to be these six guys. Let’s get started!”

After saying that, the silhouette of Namikaze Minato cut through space and came to Gakidō.

Pain Rikudō‘s six pairs of eyes did not catch up with Namikaze Minato’s movement. Only Nagato saw it with the real Rinnegan. He immediately controlled the other five bodies, including Gakidō, to retreat while letting Tendo send out Shinra Tensei.

What surprised him was that when Gakidō stepped back, his head suddenly fell off his body. A silhouette flashed for the next second, and Tendo’s throat was pierced.

Tendo was a corpse. Even if his throat was pierced, it would not affect him. Using Shinra Tensei, he pushed Namikaze Minato out.

Namikaze Minato looked at Tendo’s bloody hole in his neck and his indifferent look. The hole in the neck was now closed.

‘He has an Immortal Body and doesn’t even feel Pain? ‘

Nagato was shocked by Namikaze Minato’s attack. The speed of Namikaze Minato reminded him of Yamanaka Ryo, who crushed him with his Speed two years ago. The only difference was that Namikaze Minato doesn’t seem to know Pain’s information. Otherwise, right now, Pain Rikudō might have lied on the ground as he did back then.

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