Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 488


After a while, Jiraiya’s consciousness was fully recovered. He remembered his previous battle with Pain, the darkness of the seabed, and the sudden cold.
Out of alertness, Jiraiya began to observe the surrounding environment. After a while, he determined that no one else was in the room except himself. Jiraiya then tried to bring out his Chakra and found that Chakra was sealed.
‘It seems that I was saved and this person has no evil intention to me.’
Thinking of this, Jiraiya relaxed.
“I thought Tsunade was going to lose again. After all I said she would lose every gamble.” Jiraiya murmured to himself with a smile.
Everyone outside the lab didn’t know that Jiraiya was awake, and they were discussing the space left by Kaguya.
The discussion, in fact, mainly came from Namikaze Minato and Kushina narrating the various White Zetsu they have to deal with in the past two years and what Kaguya has left in her space.
It was worth mentioning that Shisui and Hana also came to Otogakure two days ago. Now in this small village of Otogakure has gathered the power that can destroy the entire Ninja World.
According to Namikaze Minato’s story, Shisui found that the appearance of White Zetsu in each Kaguya space had different fighting methods, which was strange.
Minato and Kushina didn’t have any clue about this either.
Hana, who had been silent, suddenly said, “I think these White Zetsu should be the same with the various Puppets in Kaguya ancestor’s hometown.”
Yamanaka Ryo frowned and asked, “Puppet? Hana, you mean Ōtsutsuki Clan over there also has a lot of Puppets like that?”
“I’m just guessing. I remember in a chat with our clan that when the ancestors of Hamura left the Moon for some time, they started to produce Puppets in large numbers when they returned. So I wonder if it was the ancestors of Hamura who went to the Ōtsutsuki Clan over there had learned the Puppet Technique from them. Kaguya’s ancestors also developed White Zetsu to fight against these Puppets. After all, White Zetsu can’t pose a threat to the clansman of the Ōtsutsuki Clan.”
Everyone felt the same after hearing Hana’s words.
“Well, according to Hana, they were wrong at first and the number of Ōtsutsuki Clan probably shouldn’t be that many. We can compare the population of the Ōtsutsuki Clan on the Moon just like Uchiha and Hyuga. The main fighting strength should be compared to Puppet or something similar to Puppet, except for the expert in clansman. Various forms of White Zetsu were also designed to cope with various forms of Puppet.”
Everyone just got a new theory, and Anko hurriedly came over and said, “Orochimaru-sama, Lord Jiraiya wakes up!”
When Anko finished her line, the silhouettes of Namikaze Minato and Yamanaka Ryo disappeared, and other people rushed towards Orochimaru’s laboratory.
In the laboratory, Jiraiya was thinking about who saved him, and Namikaze Minato and Yamanaka Ryo suddenly appeared in front of him.
“Jiraiya sensei! How do you feel?”
 “Uncle Jiraiya! How do you feel?”
The two asked at the same time.
Jiraiya froze, remembering the cold before his consciousness disappeared. “Ryo, you save me!”
Yamanaka Ryo nodded, “I happened to be in the vicinity when you and Pain fought that day.”
“Oh so that’s it! I’m sorry, Minato, Ryo, I make you worry.” Jiraiya said with a smile.
“More than worry! Minato-nii went directly to Amegakure and killed Pain Rikudō!”
Jiraiya, hearing this asked in amazement, “Killed? Minato, you defeated Pain?”
Namikaze Minato scratched his head and said a little awkwardly, “I’m lucky. That’s it.”
Jiraiya, hearing this laughed and said, “Okay, okay! I didn’t expect that you have grown to this level, and you even surpass your sensei. Minato, I am proud of you.”
As Jiraiya finished talking, the laboratory door opened, and Orochimaru, Kushina, and Shisui came in together.
“Orochimaru? You… wait, is this Otogakure?!”
Seeing Orochimaru, Jiraiya suddenly thought of something. He asked Namikaze Minato with a grim expression.
“Well, yes Jiraiya sensei, this is Otogakure.”
“Uncle Jiraiya, the equipment at Konoha Hospital is not as good as here. You were heavily injured at the time. We must use some equipment here to save you,” explained Yamanaka Ryo.
Before Jiraiya said anything, Orochimaru, with a slightly taunting voice, said, “Jiraiya, you really are an idiot. I see that you haven’t grown much since last time!”
Jiraiya’s face turned black instant.
“You stinky snake, I’m the woundedone here, can you at least say a few good words to comfort me?”
“Hehe!” Orochimaru sneered, leaving without looking back.
Jiraiya looked at Orochimaru’s back and mumbled to himself. “He obviously came to see me. Why can’t he be frank about it!”
“Please, Jiraiya sensei, aren’t you the same? When you confirmed that we are at Otogakure, didn’t you look quite happy?” Kushina said helplessly.
“Cough cough, I think the environment here is bad. It will slow my recovery.”
Everyone just smiled, then Yamanaka Ryo checked Jiraiya and determined that Jiraiya had just recovered. However, he still needs to rest to fully recover his body.
It’s because Jiraiya’s injury was too serious this time. Using medical ninja to speed up the healing of his cells will consume his lifespan, so his only choice was to rest in bed.
It was already lucky for Jiraiya to get his life back, and of course, he would have no problem lying in bed for a few days.
When Yamanaka Ryo was about to leave, Jiraiya suddenly remembered his left hand. He stopped Yamanaka Ryo and asked directly, “Ryo, what’s going on with my hand?”
Yamanaka Ryo looked towards Minato and Kushina. They nodded in affirmation.
Yamanaka Ryo had nothing to hide and said, “Uncle Jiraiya, your arm was healed by Uncle Snake and me using Shodai’s cells.”
Jiraiya’s expression changed greatly. Just right when he was about to say something, Namikaze Minato said, “Jiraiya sensei when you are brought here by Ryo… You were in critical situation. Your body has reached its limit. If there is no powerful life force that was contained in that arm, you will be dead by now. “
“Minato is right. The situation was too critical at the time. This is the only way to save you.” Kushina added.
As Kushina had just finished speaking. The laboratory door was pushed open by Orochimaru.
“If you don’t want it you can cut it yourself off. It’s fine.”

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