Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 522


The long-lost battle made Uchiha Madara excited. When Yamanaka Ryo teleport arrived at the battlefield, he saw a large Madara’s Katon sweeping the entire Ninja coalition. Suiton Ninja from Kirigakure in the Ninja Alliance quickly stepped up to resist Madara’s Katon… Water and fire collided, generating a large amount of water vapor.

Madara took the opportunity to escape and jumped to a stone wall outside the battlefield. He immediately opened Mangekyō, and hand sealed with both hands, Susanoo also appeared… Finally, a giant meteorite fell from in the sky. It smashed towards the Ninja Alliance that was enveloped by water vapor.

“Uchiha Madara can actually summon meteorites! Is it something that humans can do?” Jiraiya swallowed saliva. He couldn’t believe what he’s seeing.

Hearing this, Ōnoki quickly said, “Don’t say such nonsense. Let’s stop the meteorite first! If the meteorite falls, I am afraid the Ninja coalition will die.”

The remaining three people glanced at each other and moved towards the meteorite.


When they reached the battlefield, they saw Yamanaka Ryo standing by the side.

“Ryo, when did you come?” Jiraiya asked with a sigh of relief.

“As soon as you arrive… You can leave the rest to me!”

Ōnoki frowned and asked, “Yamanaka Ryo, do you mean you want to fight Uchiha Madara alone?”


“Mr. Ryo, isn’t it too dangerous? Wouldn’t it be better for us to work together?!” Gaara also objected.

Only Tsunade seemed to be very calm. She had learned about Yamanaka Ryo’s strength from Orochimaru before. In her opinion, Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha Madara had the strength to fight.

Yamanaka Ryo didn’t bother to explain anything. People are like this, they only believe what they see.

Yamanaka Ryo snapped his fingers, and the surrounding water vapor instantly solidified into small ice crystals. Then he controlled these ice crystals to form a large hand directly using the meteorite. —The temperature of the meteorite and air rubbing the surface was extremely high. However, the ice hand showed no sign of melting.

“Hehe, Yamanaka Ryo? I didn’t expect to see you… Let me see how far you have grown these years.” Uchiha Madara smirked and then summoned another meteorite.

“Did he underestimate me? He used the same method a second time!” Yamanaka Ryo muttered to himself.

Suddenly, Jiraiya felt that the temperature in the air was much lower. They all looked up and found that the second meteorite didn’t move.

“Look over there,” Gaara said, pointing to the space near the second meteorite.

The other three people looked in the direction that Gaara was pointing.

“Did Ryo freeze the space around meteorites?” Jiraiya also asked in amazement.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. There are ice crystals on the meteorite too.. maybe….”

Before Ōnoki’s finished, the second meteorite exploded in an instant and turned into ice crystals.


This time, everyone was silent, and Yamanaka Ryo didn’t say anything. Instead, he controlled the ice hand to crush the meteorite and then slowly walked towards Uchiha Madara.

“Oh! Uchiha Madara long time no see!”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time. It’s probably been almost twenty years!” Madara said.

The two did not fight immediately but reminisce the old-time like an old friend.

“Unexpectedly, you have become so powerful. Yamanaka Ryo, you are really surprised me. But you didn’t seem to fulfill your promise to me!”

“No, no, no, I am a person with integrity! I always hold my promises… I didn’t kill Nagato. I didn’t care about Obito doing things at Ninja World. I did everything I promised you.”

Madara coldly snorted: “hmph! If I remember correctly, our agreement back then was to protect the safety of both of them. Now that Nagato is dead… How could you say that you are a man with integrity?”

“Well, that was true… But my premise is that they cannot threaten the lives of my loved ones and friends. At that time, Nagato invaded Konoha directly. So, yeah….”

Madara’s face was hard to read at this time, and Yamanaka Ryo could tell that he was already on the verge of an explosion.

However, Yamanaka Ryo didn’t expect that Madara’s emotions soon calmed down. He maintained his expression and coldly said, “Yamanaka Ryo, tell me what you know about Ōtsutsuki Clan.”

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and took out a Scroll, which was the guess that Namikaze Minato had before clearing Kaguya’s space to Kaguya’s enemies: “I know everything here. So you can kill me and get it!”

Hearing this, Madara didn’t hesitate. He jumped from the stone wall, and Susanoo’s fist smashed into Yamanaka Ryo.


On the other side of the coalition headquarters, under Nara Shikaku’s instruction, Yamanaka Inoichi issued a notice to all Ninja coalitions. —The content of the announcement was that Yamanaka Ryo, the coalition leader, was going to fight Uchiha Madara alone for the victory of the coalition.

“Hey, did you hear that? Ryo-sama fights against Uchiha Madara himself,” said a Konoha Ninja to Cloud Ninja, who fought side by side.

“Ryo-sama, can he win?”

The Cloud Ninja didn’t understand Yamanaka Ryo’s strength, and he was doubtful that Yamanaka Ryo could defeat Uchiha Madara.

“Huh? What are you talking about! Ryo-sama is Konoha’s—no, the strongest person in the entire Ninja World!! Of course, he can!!”

Konoha Ninja’s tone was unyielding. It was the first time that the Cloud Ninja saw him show such a frenetic expression after fighting side by side for a few days.

‘Maybe Yamanaka Ryo really can!’

Thinking of this, the Cloud Ninja felt an unprecedented drive.

Such conversations took place throughout the battlefield, and the morale of the Ninja Alliance was boosted.


On the medical team side, Lain used Mokuton to subdue the unconscious Shodai Hokage. Then, the seal team in the medical team rushed to seal Shodai Hokage.

Lain turned her gaze to the battlefield, “big brother, you must win!”


On the other side, Minato and Kushina, who were also struggling on the battlefield, Yamanaka Inoichi’s transmission.

“We should also keep it up, too! As a teacher, I can’t be left too much by my disciple,” Kushina said while panting.

“Yeah! How can I say that I am also Konoha’s Hokage… Let’s go, Kushina!”

After saying that, Namikaze Minato rushed toward Ōtsutsuki Ryu.


At the same time, Naruto and Sasuke arrived at the place where Yamanaka Ryo told them. They glanced at each other and then walked towards the cave together.

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