Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 539


On the other side, Fourth Raikage and his coalition of ninjas were on their way to the battlefield when they encountered Suzune and Sakura, who were also rushed there.

After a few chilling words, Fourth Raikage asked: “Are you two the only medical team who comes?”

Suzune nodded: “brother said that the strength of other medical ninjas is too poor, not suitable for fighting. Going there will be the same as dead; it is better for them to stay and wait.”

“Ryo-sama’s decision was the right one. Medical ninjas are really not suited to such battles. I could sense that the final battlefield was not far ahead, and I could sense the horror of chakra over there.”

Hearing Fourth Raikage’s words, Suzune wondered, “Juubi? I don’t know how to compare it with Xiaolin.”

Suzune and Fourth Raikage were unfamiliar with each other, so, after a few simple chats, they had nothing else to talk about, just rushed to the battlefield with Ninja Coalition.

After a while, someone suddenly said, “Raikage-sama, Suzune Young Lady, I sensed the Chakra of Tsuchikage-sama and his allies.”

“Onoki is nearby?” Fourth Raikage asked.

“Yes, they are on our right. They are also heading for the battlefield, and it is expected that we will reach there at the same time. But on our side, there are two huge chakras fighting, so I think it’s better for us to get around it.”

Fourth Raikage agreed, “it’s better for the coalition to change direction and meet with Onoki before entering the battlefield.”


When the coalition forces met, the ninjas all looked excited. The ninjas in each village were looking for people they knew well.

Fourth Raikage went directly to Onoki and asked, “Onoki, how about your side?”

“Fortunately, most of the enemies we encountered were ninjas in Edo Tensei state. One of the more difficult was the ninjas of our generation. Sealing them is not a problem, so the loss was not great. What about you?”

“Most of the people injured on our side were by White Zetsu, but there wasn’t much damage because of the help of Uzumaki Naruto.”

Hearing this, Onoki was relieved. On Namikaze Minato’s side, Otsutsuki Momoshiki killed more than 10,000 ninjas in a second, so Onoki has always been worried if Raikage’s side was in a similar situation. It would be a massive blow for Ninja World if something happened to Iwagakure.

Fortunately, everything went well on Raikage’s side, which is the only consolation in this war.

As a village Kage, Fourth Raikage understands what Onoki is worried about. He was also worried, but the stone in his heart has landed after seeing the Kumogakure ninja in the Onoki team.

“Well, don’t stay still. They are waiting for us!” Jiraiya interrupted the two and pointed to the battlefield.

After that, Fourth Raikage and Onoki took the lead and entered the battlefield.


At this time, Naruto and the others were dealing with Juubi splits.

But each time they finished one, a large number of Juubi splits fell.

These monsters seem endless and fearless. No matter how many they’ve killed, these monsters will rush up immediately.

Soon they were surrounded by Juubi splits, and the larger splits took advantage of Naruto’s attack on the small splits. It began to attack Kyuubi and Susanoo.

“Are there any ways we can kill these bastards, Kurama?” Naruto communicated with Kyuubi within-the-body.

“There are too many of them, and even if you kill some of them, there will be new ones to fill up, don’t waste chakra. Wait for a while until the reinforcement comes.”

“Reinforcements? Are there any reinforcements?”

“Of course there are, they are…”


Before Kyuubi finished, a cuboid dropped from the sky, encased in a larger split body, and then destroyed the split body in an instant.

“Jinton? Is this Tsukage grandfather?” Naruto asked with excitement.



On the other side, the raging Raiton Chakra wrapped Fourth Raikage, and the same blow destroyed a larger split.

“Fourth Raikage? It seems that the reinforcements have arrived.” Sasuke muttered with a sigh of relief.

After the two made their gorgeous debut, the rest of the ninja coalition appeared, and Gaara’s sand rolled up dozens of split bodies.

Jiraiya and Tsunade stood side by side on Gamabunta’s head, and Bunta waved his blade to cut over a group of split bodies.

Suzune was not alone; she summoned Mokujin to join the battle.

The other ninjas also exhibited divine ability and attacked Juubi splits.


“Haha! Madara, did you see that? Isn’t that what we’ve been looking for? ninjas unite to advance and retreat together.” Senju Hashirama said with a big smile.

Uchiha Madara snorted coldly: “hmph! you’re still so naïve, it’s just a compromise they make in the face of a powerful enemy, and when the threat disappears, they’ll go back to where they were before.”

“With the first cooperation, there will be a second, third time, and one day people will be able to put down the hatred and really understand each other.”

“It’s just your fantasy that such a world will never exist.”

Along with the controversy, the battle between Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara becomes more and more intense…


At the same time, The Coalition Headquarters.

After learning that the Ninja Coalition had arrived, Yamanaka Ryo immediately handed over command to Nara Shikaku and several staff officers and then integrated the power of Rinnegan and Xiaolin. He immediately moved outside the coalition headquarters to make a barrier.

just as Ryo was about to leave, Pakura ran out of the headquarters, and she looked at him and said, “Ryo, take me, let’s go together.”

Ryo was a little hesitant. He was hoping that Pakura could stay here… the battlefield uncertainty is too much, and he doesn’t want Pakura to get injured.

“Ryo, I want to be with you… whatever it is, let us face it together.”

Hearing this, Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said: “Okay, let’s face it together.”

After saying that, Ryo teleported to Pakura and took her away.


At the coalition headquarters, Nara Shikaku watched the two leave, and then he turned around and said, “guys, the ninjas in front are fighting for their lives, and it’s time for our fight to start.”

“Inoichi, please contact Mizukage-sama and tell her that it’s time to get her to the battlefield.”

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