Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 542


Ryo walked over to Otsutsuki Ryushiki. He’s reaching out his hand to search over Ryushiki’s body. Unfortunately, after searching for a long time, he did not find a second fruit.
“It seems that he only has one fruit. How disappointing.”
“Maybe he is hiding it somewhere else. Ryo, go search his memory and see if there are any other gains.”
Ryo nodded; he placed his right hand on Otsutsuki Ryushiki’s head and used his spiritual power to invade his brain.
As soon as they entered Otsutsuki’s brain, Ryo and Korin noticed that Ryushiki’s world of consciousness seemed different from that of the Ninja World.
“Ryo, there’s something wrong with this guy’s world of consciousness. Be careful when you check his memories.” Korin reminded.
“I know. I will be careful.”
After saying that, Ryo began to read Ryushiki’s memories.
Otsutsuki Ryushiki’s memories were unexpectedly simple. Before he was ten years old, he would cultivate in the same way. However, when he was ten years old, Otsutsuki Ryushiki opened his Rinnegan and was valued by the Otsutsuki clan, which made his life change.
He was brought to the school of the Otsutsuki clan with some youths of similar age. Here, he met Otsutsuki Momoshiki, who appeared in the original work.
[*Author Note: According to the setting of the original work, Otsutsuki Kinshiki is made by Otsutsuki Momoshiki.]
Momoshiki was different from him. His status was much higher than his, and he also had the Rinnegan since a very young age, so he had received the best education since he was a child.
Otsutsuki Ryushiki had always regarded Momoshiki as their goal to strive for, but what he did not expect was that a genius like Otsutsuki Momoshiki actually secretly used his Rinnegan to absorb the power of his clansmen and made them into a fist-sized fruit.
Momoshiki’s secret was accidentally discovered by Ryushiki.
Otsutsuki Ryushiki knew that it was the best choice to pretend that he did not see it. He repeatedly promised Momoshiki that he would not tell the secret.
However, in Otsutsuki Momoshiki’s eyes, only the mouth of a dead person was the most reliable, so he was ready to kill Otsutsuki Ryushiki and then use his body to fuse with the fruit of the divine tree, and then make an artificial human out of it. –Something that only obeys him.
Otsutsuki Ryushiki was not stupid. After sensing the killing intent of Otsutsuki Momoshiki, he turned around and ran back to Otsutsuki’s school.
In school, Otsutsuki Momoshiki did not dare to be too arrogant. He only secretly made things difficult for Rysuhiki. Otsutsuki Ryushiki wanted to go over and report this matter to the school leaders, but when he thought of Otsutsuki Momoshiki’s identity, he felt powerless.
Facing these situations, Otsutsuki Ryushiki did not give up. He had been looking for a way to deal with Otsutsuki Momoshiki.
One day, he accidentally found a book in the library, which recorded things about Otsutsuki Kaguya.
When he saw that Otsutsuki Kaguya’s two sons were stronger than the four elders of the clan, Otsutsuki Ryushiki was moved. He felt that there must be some secret in the world of the Hagoromo brothers, which could make them so strong. If he could also know this secret, maybe he would have a chance to live.
Thinking of this, Otsutsuki Ryushiki’s heart was burning, and he began to think of all kinds of ways to find information about Kaguya.
Unfortunately, the Ninja Realm had been hidden by Hagoromo Brothers, and the specific location of the Ninja Realm was not in Otsutsuki’s clan. Otsutsuki Ryushiki had searched for a long time only to find out that the sudden appearance of the moon was related to the Hagoromo Brothers.
In order to live, Otsutsuki Ryushiki decided to go to the moon first, but he was blocked by the people sent by Otsutsuki Momoshiki as soon as he left the school.
This person looked very strong, just like Otsutsuki and Momoshiki, with Rinneganin his palm. Otsutsuki Ryushiki recognized at a glance that this person was the one who often appeared beside Momoshiki.
The strong man attacked Otsutsuki Ryushiki without any explanation. After the two of them fought, Ryushiki found that this person looked strong, but in fact, the strength of both sides was not much different.
In the end, both of them were exhausted in the fight with all their strength.
Otsutsuki Ryushiki gritted his teeth and used his Rinnegan. In the blink of an eye, all the scars on his body disappeared, and his chakra also recovered.
Ryushiki, who had returned to his peak state, instantly killed the big man who had exhausted his chakra. Then, Otsutsuki Ryushiki made up his mind and cut off the arm of the big man with Rinnegan. He used the space-time tunnel built by the Otsutsuki clan to teleport to the moon.
In the face of this uninvited guest who suddenly appeared, Otsutsuki Clansmen in the moon immediately surrounded him. Still, they soon found that the person in front of them had the same supercilious look.
This made the people of Otsutsuki Clansmen less hostile. After a friendly talk, the clansmen who yearned for peace, let go of Otsutsuki Ryushiki and sent him to the ninja world.
Looking at it, Ryo felt bad. According to the plot of the original work, the Otsutsuki clan on the moon had been destroyed.
But in the current plot, the people of the Otsutsuki clan actually let Otsutsuki Ryushiki go. What was even more excessive was that they sent him to the Ninja Realm. –This kind of behavior of leading a wolf into the house was something Ryo regretted, and he regretted helping these people back then.
Korin was also speechless. She did not expect that the Otsutsuki clan on the moon were actually good people.
Ryo sighed and continued to check Ryushiki’s memory.
After Otsutsuki Ryushiki came to the Ninja Realm, he began to gather information about the Hagoromo Brothers. However, the Hagoromo Brothers had been dead for nearly a thousand years, and this world had long forgotten them.
Couldn’t find the secret of the Hagoromo Brothers made Ryushiki very disappointed. However, there was always a way…
Just as he was at the end of his rope, Otsutsuki Ryushiki inadvertently saw the battle between Deidara and the Three-tailed Beast.
Otsutsuki Ryushiki had never seen a Biju before. After the battle, he tried to collect the Biju Chakra that dissipated in the air, condensing it into a grain-sized fruit, and then swallowed it.
As soon as he ate the fruit, Otsutsuki Ryushiki found that his chakra capacity had increased significantly, which made him very excited, thinking that he had discovered the secret of the Hagoromo brothers becoming stronger.
So he set his eyes on the tailed-beasts, and Otsutsuki Ryushiki immediately captured the four-tailed beast, ready to turn it into fruits to devour.
But as soon as he touched the four-tailed, he felt two terrifying chakras prying into him. Otsutsuki Ryushiki immediately realized that it was the will of the Hagoromo Brothers, and he gave up the four-tailed without any hesitation. From then on, he no longer had any ideas about tailed-beasts.
Not long after, Otsutsuki Ryushiki met Yakushi Kabuto, and with the help of the Kabuto, he found a way to collect the fruits without disturbing Hagoromo Brothers.

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