Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 544


At this time, Uchiha Madara had a head of white hair, and eight black Truth-Seeking Ball floated behind him. He held a black tin staff in his hand and wore a white gown, and the collar of the gown had black magatama on the cuffs.
Everyone looked very serious. Just now, they learned from Kyuubi that Madara had become Juubi’s Jinchuriki. In other words, Madara had concentrated Juubi’s power into his own body. Now, Uchiha Madara’s power could be said to be unfathomable.
“Let me try first.” After saying that, Shisui controlled the Full Body Susanoo to throw two green magatamas at Uchiha Madara.
Uchiha Madara glanced at Shisui’s magatama and smiled contemptuously. He controlled Truth-Seeking Ball behind him to turn into a black barrier, blocking Shisui’s attack.
Kushina frowned and shot a bijuudama at Uchiha Madara, but the bijuudama was blocked by the black barrier just like Shisui’s magatama.
“What is this black sphere? How can it have such strong defense?” Naruto muttered to himself.
“This sphere is called Truth-Seeking Ball. It is the power of the Rikudou Sennin. This small sphere contains the power of all elements, which can easily destroy a village as big as Konoha. Moreover, people without the power of the Six Paths can’t touch it casually. Otherwise, they will disappear into nothingness in an instant. Therefore, ordinary Ninjutsu has no effect on this sphere.” Kyuubi said to Naruto.
Hearing this, Naruto immediately relayed Kyuubi’s words to everyone. After hearing this, everyone’s face became a bit ugly.
At this time, Sasuke suddenly said, “Everyone, if the ninjutsu is ineffective, how about we try Senjutsu? Moreover, Madara has fused with Juubi, so he should also have fused some of Juubi’s characteristics. Using Senjutsu to attack him should be more effective, right?”
“We can only do this for now. However, Shisui and Kushina can’t use any senjutsu, nor do they have seals like Sasuke’s. So, the two of you can help us out first!” Namikaze Minato said to the two of them.
Kushina and Shisui nodded and left the center of the battlefield. They ran to the left and right sides.
“Then let’s begin!” After saying that, he drew his bow left and right and shot an arrow at Uchiha Madara, and Minato’s Flying Thunder God followed closely behind.
Uchiha Madara, who hadn’t done anything until now, felt that the addition of natural energy finally reacted. He withdrew the barrier of Truth-seeking Balls and dodged to the side.
Seeing this, Minato immediately teleported to Flying Thunder God’s Kunai position. The Rasengan, in his right hand, patted Uchiha Madara on the shoulder, leaving behind the Flying Thunder God Mark.
Uchiha Madara coldly snorted,
The black staff pointed, locked the space, and reached out to pinch Minato’s neck.
Minato smiled, lowered his head to dodge Uchiha Madara’s attack, and then used teleport to return to Naruto and the others.
“You are worthy of the title Kiiroi Senko.” [TL Note: The Yellow Flash of the Leaf (Konoha no Kiiroi Senko)]
“It is my honor to be praised by Uchiha Madara.”
“Unfortunately, no matter how fast you are, without matching attack power, all you can do is to run for your life.”
Just as Minato was about to refute, he suddenly felt that the seal on the space was lifted. He gave Naruto a look, and Naruto was stunned and then immediately understood what Minato meant.
Naruto controlled Kyuubi to spit out a huge Bijuudama to Uchiha Madara. Uchiha Madara immediately flew into the air, but in the next second, the Bijuudama was directly transferred to Uchiha Madara by Minato.
‘How could this be? Could it be at that time…’
Thinking of this, Uchiha Madara hurriedly looked at his right shoulder and discovered the Flying Thunder God Mark.
“Damn it. I was tricked.”
Just as Uchiha Madara finished speaking, a huge explosion occurred in the air. In the instant of the explosion, Uchiha Madara used Truth-Seeking Ball to protect his body. However, the Bijuudama was too close to Uchiha Madara. Despite the protection of the Truth-Seeking Balls, Uchiha Madara was still blown away by the explosion.
Korin, who was watching the battle in the space not far away, exclaimed, “Konoha’s people are not bad! To be able to make the Sixth Path mode Uchiha Madara suffer a loss.”
“Suffer a loss? It’s just that he was blown away. The Sixth Path mode Uchiha Madara almost has an immortal body. The attacks of Minato and the others will not have any effect.”
“Then why don’t you go out and help? Aren’t you afraid that something will happen to your companions?” Korin asked.
“Of course I am, but I care more about that guy than my companions.” Ryo pointed to the ground and said.
“There is nothing there. Wait, are you talking about the Black and White Zetsu?”
“Well, to be precise, it is not the Black and White Zetsu, but the Black Zetsu. This guy is Kaguya’s will. From the beginning of the war, that guy is here.”
“Why don’t we just catch it? Isn’t it troublesome to keep watching?”
“I also want to catch it, but now is not the time. When Mei and the others arrive and set up the enchantment, I will do it.”
“Why do we have to wait for Mei to arrive? Why don’t we just seal it in the Ice World?”
“If we attack Black Zetsu now, it might have some means to run away. It has already suffered a loss in the Ice World, so it might have used a method to deal with it. That’s why I held back. When Mei comes and sets up the barrier, it won’t be able to leave even if it wants to.”
“So that’s how it is. Just now, I sensed that Mei and the others are very close. They should be here soon.”
“En, that’s good.”
At the same time, underground, Black White Zetsu was also discussing something.
White Zetsu was still a little worried about Black Zetsu’s next move. “Black Zetsu, are you really going to do this later? The success rate of the sneak attack on Madara-sama is too low!”
“If it were for someone else, it would probably be very difficult to succeed. But, in Uchiha Madara’s opinion, I am his will, his own thoughts. No one will do anything to harm themselves, and he will not be on guard against me. I have to do this for mother.”
“You restricted Madara sama’s actions? Can she really come back? She has been sealed for so long, maybe…”
Before White Zetsu could finish his words, Black Zetsu interrupted him: “No, mother is connected to this world. As long as the world is still there, she will not die.”
“What about Ryo? You restricted Madara sama’s actions. Aren’t you afraid that Ryo and Konoha will catch you?”
“It only takes a moment for Mother to resurrect. Yamanaka Ryo’s Ice World couldn’t seal me in such a short time, and I also stole some eye power when you helped Obito replace Rinnegan. There shouldn’t be a problem.”
White Zetsu said with a complicated tone, “It seems that you have been prepared.”
“Of course, I have been planning for nearly a thousand years. This time, I must succeed. White Zetsu, I hope you can cooperate with me. Don’t forget who made you.”

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