Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 547


“Humph! This is Rinnegan’s eye power. Yamanaka Ryo’s eye power is just Mangekyou’s eye power. With this eye power, what can you do to me?” Black Zetsu said proudly.
“Indeed, the world of ice was once Mangekyou’s eye power, but now it is Rinnegan’s eye power.”
After saying that, Black Zetsu found that Yamanaka Ryo’s world of ice had changed again.
Before, the world of ice was a space between illusion and reality, and it was similar to Kamui time and space. Now, the world of ice had clearly become a real world, just like looking for Kaguya’s Imperial Sky.
After sensing the changes in the world of ice, Black Zetsu finally panicked. One had to know that the foundation of this real-world of ice was also Yamanaka Ryo’s eye power and spiritual force. The pressure brought about by such a real-world was much stronger than that of the previous world of ice.
As the real appearance of the world of ice was revealed, Uchiha Madara’s eye power was quickly exhausted. Without this eye power, Black Zetsu’s body was covered by ice in the blink of an eye.
The snowstorm was getting bigger and bigger, and Black Zetsu’s consciousness was also becoming more and more blurred. At the last moment of being sealed, Black Zetsu seemed to see the person who created him and stretched out his hand towards her. Black Zetsu revealed a smile and completely lost consciousness.
At this time, the body of Uchiha Madara in the outside world had been completely eroded by Kaguya’s chakra. Along with the continuous influx of chakra in the surroundings, Uchiha Madara was completely suppressed, and a beautiful woman appeared in front of Yamanaka Ryo.
It was not excessive to say that this Kaguya was beautiful at all. In terms of appearance, this woman could be described as stunning, but what made Yamanaka Ryo somewhat uncomfortable was that Kaguya was expressionless from beginning to end, occasionally looking left and right as if she was looking for something.
Finally, Kaguya’s gaze fell on Naruto and Sasuke, who were lying on the ground. Her eyes unconsciously shed tears, but after seeing the appearance of Naruto and Sasuke, Kaguya’s expression became indifferent again.
She slowly walked towards Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke had not woken up yet, so Yamanaka Ryo naturally would not let her go. Yamanaka Ryo teleported in front of her and blocked her way.
“Madam, do you mind having a chat with me?”
Kaguya did not even look at Yamanaka Ryo, she directly walked around Naruto and Sasuke. Yamanaka Ryo scratched his head in embarrassment. He did not expect to be ignored.
“Ryo, it is not that you are ignored. It is that… For this woman, except for Naruto and Sasuke –No, it should be Otsutsuki Hagoromo and Otsutsuki Hamura–. There is no one in her eyes except them. Just now, her attitude towards you was as if she had encountered something blocking the road and needed to go around it.”
“I know, but I’m still very unhappy! Korin, how about we make a move directly?”
“Sure! Anyway, we still have to seal her in the end, and it doesn’t matter whether we offend her or not.”
After reaching a consensus, Yamanaka Ryo teleported in front of Kaguya once again and directly froze the space in front of Kaguya.
After sensing that the space had been frozen, Kaguya’s expression changed once again. She looked up at Yamanaka Ryo, and the red Rinnegan between her brows instantly broke the frozen space.
“Who are you? Why do you have the power of the divine tree?” Kaguya asked Yamanaka Ryo.
“The divine tree? You mean Juubi?”
Kaguya was stunned and said, “I almost forgot that this is how you call the divine tree. I am talking about Juubi. Answer my question. Why do you have Juubi’s power?”
“Isn’t Juubi in your body? How can I have Juubi’s power? Are you mistaken?” Yamanaka Ryo pretended to know nothing.
“I won’t be mistaken. Juubi is with me, and you have Juubi with you. Moreover, your Juubi is connected to mine… Although the soul is independent of each other, the power is the power of this world. How did you do it?”
Yamanaka Ryo smiled and did not say anything.
Seeing this, Kaguya was a little angry.
“Humans are still so annoying.”
Saying that, Kaguya waved her sleeve, and powerful chakra instantly erupted, blowing Yamanaka Ryo away.
Yamanaka Ryo got up from the ground. He patted the soil on his body, “Is this power of the ancestor of the Ninja Realm? It is really terrifying.”
“Indeed, this woman has overwhelming power, but it seems that this place is not very good.” Korin pointed to his head and said.
“No, it is not that her brain is not good. It’s just that in her era, there is no such thing to do about her mental state Moreover, she does not need one. She can kill countless people with just a move of her finger.”
“Ryo, I finally understand why Brother Hagoromo Brothers want to seal her.”
“Why?” Yamanaka Ryo also wanted to hear Korin’s opinion.
“Because this woman is too indifferent to everything in the world. She has no feelings and has great power that no one can defeat. Such a person is too much of a threat to this world.”
Hearing this, Yamanaka Ryo revealed a smile, “Korin, you have really grown up to be able to say such words. But you are mistaken. Kaguya was not like this at first, and she was full of love for this world…
At first, when she ate the fruit, it was only to calm the chaos of war. However, once the balance of power was lost, it would affect the mind of people. Kaguya was the same. She was too strong, which made her view of the world change, from love to possessiveness.
She greedily wanted to control this world. She could not allow anyone to object, but humans were not a race that would only submit to fate. It made Kaguya very unhappy that someone resisted. Therefore, she launched Infinite Tsukuyomi to turn the people in the past into White Zetsu.”
[*Author Note: This place still uses the setting in the manga. In the animation, Kaguya was pregnant with a child, ate fruits, pacified the chaos of war, had a child, became greedy, and conflicted with the manga. Also, according to the manga, Kaguya has no husband, and the child is blessed.]
“So that’s how it is… It’s a pity that once a person changes, it will be very difficult for them to change back. I reckon that the little brother of Hagoromo Brothers also thinks this way, which is why he decided to seal their mother.” Korin muttered to himself.
When Yamanaka Ryo heard this, he did not say anything else. It was good for Korin to retain a trace of fantasy in his heart.
At this time, Kaguya had already walked to the side of Naruto and Sasuke. Namikaze Minato and the others wanted to stop him but were sent flying by her. She squatted down and reached out to touch Naruto and Sasuke’s faces, but Yamanaka Ryo stopped her.
“I’m sorry, Kaguya. Now is not the time for you to enjoy your love, and the two of them are not your children.”
Hearing this, Kaguya’s expression became ferocious, and she raised her hand to pin Yamanaka Ryo’s neck.
Yamanaka Ryo quickly froze the space around her, temporarily restricting Kaguya’s movements, and teleported to Naruto and Sasuke’s side.

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