Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 551


The speed of the lightning was only one-thousandth of a second. When Kaguya finished all the ice, Kirin, who had Yamanaka Ryo’s power, had already arrived in front of her.
Kaguya’s face changed greatly. She could sense that the destructive power of this technique was completely different from the lightning chakra just now. She was sure that this technique would injure her.
Thinking of this, Kaguya quickly opened Kaguya’s Space and moved to another space.
Seeing this, Yamanaka Ryo revealed a smile. He froze the space and followed Kaguya to move.
This time, Kaguya chose to move to the gravity space.
As soon as he stepped into this space, Yamanaka Ryo felt that his body became incomparably heavy, almost about to be crushed by his own weight. On the other side, Kaguya was not much better. She bent her waist and struggled to support herself.
Yamanaka Ryo sensed this world and found that there was no trace of Naruto and Sasuke. Moreover, compared to the position of Naruto in the magma world just now, it seemed to be further away from Ryo.
“Ryo, be careful. Kaguya seems to be preparing to attack you.” Korin’s voice interrupted Yamanaka Ryo’s thoughts. He looked up and saw two things that looked like withered branches extending from Kaguya’s palm.
“Damn, this is [All Killing Ash Bones]. This woman really wants to kill me.”
“What is [All Killing Ash Bones]? What is this branch technique? This looks dangerous..”
“Well, this thing that looks like a branch is actually a bone. It is somewhat similar to Kimimaro’s shikotsumyaku, but it is much more dangerous than Kimimaro’s… If you get stabbed by this bone, your body will gradually collapse, and it will always be very troublesome.”
Yamanaka Ryo explained to Korin while dodging.
“So that’s how it is. It is indeed very dangerous. But Ryo, you actually don’t need to spend so much effort to hide. You just need to summon a piece of ice from the world of ice and put it in front of you. Even if the ice is broken into pieces, you are not afraid. You can immediately control the ice and reorganize it… You must know that in this space, you and that woman move very slowly. She can’t go around behind you to attack, and it is enough to block the attacks that can be seen.”
Yamanaka Ryo’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he immediately summoned a piece of ice to block in front of him. Every time Kaguya broke the ice, Yamanaka Ryo would reorganize. After repeating this more than ten times, Kaguya gave up, and she opened Kaguya’s Space again and moved…
Yamanaka Ryo quickly threw out the Ice Scalpel. At the moment when the space closed, he followed Kaguya to the desert space.
Here, Yamanaka Ryo sensed Sasuke’s chakra. Yamanaka Ryo looked at Kaguya and did not choose to go to Sasuke immediately.
Because he was sure that as soon as he left Kaguya’s sight, Kaguya would immediately shift and trap him and Sasuke in this space.
Yamanaka Ryo had the Ice World to escape with Sasuke, but in this way, he would lose the opportunity to find Naruto.
Thinking of this, Yamanaka Ryo decided to waste time with Kaguya and then find a way to notify Sasuke.
“Ryo, let’s do it directly! This space is bigger than the previous two. If you want to let Sasuke come over, you have to make as much noise as possible.” Korin contacted.
Yamanaka Ryo nodded and took out a few grenades from the seal scroll. The sound of thunder when the grenades exploded was not small, and Sasuke was not too far away from Ryo, and he should be able to hear it.
Ryo injected chakra into the grenade and then threw it at Kaguya’s feet.
Kaguya had never seen a grenade before, so she subconsciously took a few steps back, and then a loud thunder sound, accompanied by blazing flames, instantly exploded.
Sasuke, who was walking aimlessly in the desert, suddenly saw the smoke and fire around Ryo and then heard the sound of the grenade exploding. Sasuke’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly rushed towards Yamanaka Ryo.
At the same time, the glaring fire and deafening thunder made Kaguya understand what Yamanaka Ryo was thinking. She snorted coldly and directly opened Kaguya’s Space to prepare to move.
Yamanaka Ryo had already sensed the movement of Sasuke’s chakra. At this time, Yamanaka Ryo instantly moved to Kaguya’s side, pulled Kaguya’s calf, and pulled her out from another space.
Kaguya’s face sank, and a [All-Killing Ash Bones] appeared in her right palm as she stabbed it directly at Yamanaka Ryo.
Yamanaka Ryo moved sideways to dodge Kaguya’s attack, then used an ice scalpel to directly cut off Kaguya’s right hand.
At this time, Sasuke saw Yamanaka Ryo and Kaguya. He ran in the direction of the two people.
When Kaguya saw Sasuke, her expression changed greatly. She waved her sleeve forcefully, and a spatial crack opened on the right side of Yamanaka Ryo.
A large amount of acid gushed out from the crack.
Helplessly, Yamanaka Ryo could only temporarily give up on entangled with Kaguya and freeze the acid liquid. Meanwhile, Kaguya had already taken the opportunity to open the spatial crack and escape.
When Yamanaka Ryo saw this, he immediately froze the space. Meanwhile, in another world, Kaguya was doing her best to destroy the space that Yamanaka Ryo had frozen.
Seeing that the crack was about to close, Sasuke was still a distance away from Yamanaka Ryo.
At this time, Yamanaka Ryo noticed Sasuke’s Rinnegan. He thought of Sasuke and Rinnegan at the same time. Yamanaka Ryo released his right hand and let the ice scalpel fall from his hand. Sasuke immediately understood what Yamanaka Ryo meant.
Sasuke used his hand power to exchange positions with Yamanaka Ryo’s ice scalpel…
At the last moment when the crack closed, he arrived at another world.
Coming out of the crack, Yamanaka Ryo found that this was Core Dimension connected to all the worlds in Kaguya’s Space. He looked around and found that there was no trace of Kaguya in this world. Ryo closed his eyes and sensed Naruto’s position. Then, he reached out his hand and smashed the space wall on the left. He saw Naruto in the world of ice and snow.
After seeing Naruto, Yamanaka Ryo let out a long sigh of relief. Then, he shouted at Naruto, “Naruto, here!”
Naruto was stunned. Only then did he notice Yamanaka Ryo. He hurriedly ran towards Yamanaka Ryo, passed through the spatial crack, and arrived at Core Dimension.
“I’m saved. I finally see you! Just now, Kaguya threw me into that world full of ice and snow. That world…”
As soon as he arrived in Core Dimension, Naruto began to complain to Yamanaka Ryo and Sasuke.
“Alright, Naruto, stop talking. Go back and tell your parents about these things slowly. Right now, our top priority is to leave this place first. Kaguya has already left this space. I don’t know where she went, but we have to go out and find her as soon as possible.”
Naruto immediately shut up and didn’t say anything more. Yamanaka Ryo opened the world of ice and let Naruto and Sasuke enter. Then, the three of them left Core Dimension with the help of the world of ice and returned to the battlefield.
On the battlefield, Lain, Shisui, and Obito had been waiting at the place where Yamanaka Ryo and the others had disappeared.
When Yamanaka Ryo came out, the three of them immediately ran over.

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