Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 553


“To be honest, I didn’t expect a person like you to appear in this world. You can grow to such an extent with just a meager bloodline. What’s more interesting is that the power you use is different from me, Hagoromo and Hamura.” As Kaguya spoke, she turned around and sized up Yamanaka Ryo.

“Truth-Seeking Ball, Kekkei Genkai, Six Paths Senjutsu… You have used these powers for a thousand years or even longer. If I choose the same path as you, how can I defeat you with the same power? Not to mention that this is not my goal.” Yamanaka Ryo said seriously.

“Not just that? What else do you want to do?” Kaguya asked.

“I want to completely solve the hidden danger that the outside world brings to the Ninja World. My goal from the beginning is the Otsutsuki Clan!”

What? You want to go to the Otsutsuki Clan!” Kaguya was shocked by Yamanaka Ryo’s words. “Yamanaka Ryo, are you crazy? The strength of Otsutsuki’s clan is not something you can provoke, and you will bring disaster to this world.”

Really? I don’t think so. Kaguya, after you ate the fruit, have you ever returned to Otsutsuki’s clan?”

Kaguya was stunned and then shook her head.

“Then do you know that the Hagoromo Brothers once went to Otsutsuki’s clan? The two of them worked together to defeat the four elders of Otsutsuki’s clan?”

This time, Kaguya did not shake her head, and instead, she was stunned. In her opinion, these four people and the clan leader of Otsutsuki’s clan could not be defeated. “Hagoromo Brothers, actually…”

Yamanaka Ryo sighed. “Sigh! It seems that you don’t even know how strong you are now. I can tell you very clearly that if you have enough battle experience. Don’t mention me. You can even fight the clan leader of Otsutsuki’s clan.”

This... This is impossible. I swallowed the fruit and only had one Rinnegan. There are too many people in Otsutsuki’s clan who have Rinnegan. How can I be like this? You must be lying to me.”

Kaguya did not believe Yamanaka Ryo’s words. Or rather, she did not believe that she was so strong. Originally, her strength in Otsutsuki’s clan was at the bottom, and she only had the most basic Byakkugan. Even Rinnegan, that was in the middle of her eyebrows, could not open it.

After eating the fruit of the divine tree, the space between her eyebrows opened up Rinnegan. She only felt that her strength was equal to the geniuses in the clan.

But now, Yamanaka Ryo told her that she could already fight with the god-like person. This was something that Kaguya could not accept.

Forget it. Whether you believe it or not has nothing to do with me. Now, you should just obediently be sealed! The reason why you didn’t attack before was because of this passage. Now that you know the location of the passage, it is time for the game to end.”

Hmph! Do you think you can seal me with just you? You can indeed rival me for a period of time, but my chakra is infinite, and your strength will be consumed with time. Where do you have the confidence to seal me?”

“I can’t seal you alone, and I have never thought of sealing you with my own strength. Don’t forget that there are still Naruto and Sasuke outside! The two of them have obtained the power of Hamura and the technique that Hamura used to seal you back then.”

Kaguya sneered, “Hehe, the spatial crack outside has already closed. They can’t come in, so stop bluffing.”

“We can’t come in from the outside, but we can go out! Just now, I sensed that this is the lowest level of a castle, and the outside world is still snowing. Rather than saying that this is your space, it is more accurate to say that this is my home ground.”

As he spoke, Yamanaka Ryo controlled the ice and snow outside to condense into a pair of huge hands that lifted the castle up from its original spot. Then, a dragon formed from snowflakes suddenly appeared and smashed Kaguya out of the castle.

Yamanaka Ryo teleported to the snow dragon head. Kaguya had an immortal body. Since she couldn’t die, Yamanaka Ryo didn’t have so many scruples about attacking. He had no intention of showing mercy at all. An ice knife condensed in his hand.

It directly chopped down towards Kaguya.

The impact of the Snow Dragon was too great. Kaguya was unable to get rid of it for a while, and Yamanaka Ryo’s ice blade was about to fall. Kaguya clenched her teeth, and a lightning chakra burst out from her body, forming a lightning armor similar to the lightning chakra mode.

Yamanaka Ryo’s ice blade fell on the armor, but it didn’t break the defense of the armor. At this time, the impact of the Snow Dragon gradually weakened. Kaguya’s eyes lit up, and she took the opportunity to get rid of the Snow Dragon and fly into the air.

Then a Truth-Seeking Ball appeared in Kaguya’s hand. She controlled Truth-Seeking Ball to change into the shape of a whip and was ready to use this attack to resist the ice and snow.

Seeing this, Yamanaka Ryo also guessed Kaguya’s intention. However, Yamanaka Ryo did not think it was useful. This space was filled with snowflakes. In this place, he had the advantage of the time and place.

The two of them looked at each other from afar. The atmosphere was a bit tense. In the end, it was Yamanaka Ryo who attacked first. He condensed the snowflakes in the space into a giant and attacked Kaguya.

Meanwhile, Kaguya waved her whip to resist the attack of the giant. Whenever the giant attacked, she would use the whip to whip the place where the giant was about to touch and disappear.

However, this world was filled with snowflakes everywhere. No matter how Kaguya whipped, the giant’s size and appearance did not change at all. It was still the same as when it just came out of the station, constantly attacking.

Yamanaka Ryo, who was at the side, smiled at the tired Kaguya. Just as he was about to take Kaguya out of this space secretly, Rikudou Sennin’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

‘Yamanaka Ryo, wait a moment!’

Yamanaka Ryo frowned and stopped what he was doing.

‘It’s like this. Just now, Hamura returned to the moon and gave his power to his younger generation, Otsutsuki Hana. Of course, Otsutsuki Hana was the same as Naruto and Sasuke. She knew about what happened back then… However, she has a different opinion of us sealing Mother. She thinks that our conflict with Mother is partly because Mother is greedy and overbearing. On the other hand, we have never revealed our thoughts to Mother.

Hamura thinks that her words are very reasonable. However, I am a little confused, so I want to hear your opinion.’ Rikudou Sennin said.

“Since you said so, I will talk about my opinion. To be honest, when I fought with Kaguya, I noticed that she had deep feelings for you two brothers. She didn’t want to hurt you… It was only because of the fear of the Otsutsuki clan that she developed a desire for power and gradually became greedy. You two brothers didn’t notice this but simply felt that your mother had changed, which was very unfair to her. And you should also have a deep attachment to your mother. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come to stop me…

“Then, are you interested in talking to Kaguya?” Yamanaka Ryo asked with a smile.

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