Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 562


After sending Obito and Lain to the Sound Village and the main body of the slug, Yamanaka Ryo directly teleported to the space where Kaguya was.

During this period of time, Kaguya had been trying to save Black Zetsu. Kaguya felt that Black Zetsu would not die so easily because Black Zetsu was a product of Inyoton, with the addition of her will. Unfortunately, things went contrary to her wishes… Kaguya had worked hard for almost a month but still could not wake Black Zetsu up.

“Kaguya, I advise you not to waste your time.”

When Kaguya heard Yamanaka Ryo’s voice, she snorted coldly and put away Black Zetsu. She raised her head and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s nothing. I just want to tell you that we are preparing to go to Otsutsuki’s clan. Please prepare the passage.”

Hearing this, Kaguya was a little surprised. “Are you going to die so soon? I thought it would take some time!”

Haha, we are not going to die. Forget it, and I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you. In short, prepare the passage. We will set off within a month…

Oh, that’s right. I will give you one last piece of advice. The foundation of my Ice World is eye power, mental power, and natural energy. Black Zetsu has been locked in the Ice World for so long, and his consciousness has long been destroyed. Don’t waste your energy.”

After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo disappeared from this space, leaving only the livid Kaguya.


On the other side, in Namikaze Minato’s house, Minato and Yin Kyuubi briefly explained the current situation.

“I understand what you mean. In that case, how confident are you in succeeding in this operation?”

Namikaze Minato shook his head. “I really want to tell you that we can succeed 100. Unfortunately, we are facing the Otsutsuki clan, and I can’t say such words.”

“Haha, Namikaze Minato, you are really honest.”

“There is no need to hide it from you. In the years that I have been away, Kushina has been taken care of by you. In Kushina’s eyes, you and I are her family, and what is there to hide from her family?”

Yin Kyuubi was stunned and asked, “Namikaze Minato, are you playing the emotion card?”

Namikaze Minato smiled. “I’m just stating a fact.”

Yin Kyuubi fell silent. A few minutes later, Yin Kyuubi stood up and said firmly, “I promise you.”


The next day, Yamanaka Ryo brought Namikaze Minato and Yin Kyuubi and teleported to the desert of Wind Country.

Yin Kyuubi immediately came out of White Zetsu’s body, and a huge chakra instantly swept the entire desert. The sand around Yin Kyuubi was blown away by this chakra.

“Kurama, I didn’t expect you to be so strong now. You have already caught up with the you before the separation.” Yamanaka Ryo praised.

Kyuubi ignored Yamanaka Ryo’s flattery and urged, “Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s begin!”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded and made a series of hand seals, sealing Kyuubi into Namikaze Minato’s body.

Although it was called a seal, it actually merged Kyuubi’s chakra into Namikaze Minato’s body, allowing Namikaze Minato’s chakra to merge with his chakra.

The seal was quickly completed. At the moment when the seal was completed, red chakra bubbles began to emerge from Namikaze Minato’s body. These chakra bubbles piled up and soon became Nibi Bijuu’s coat.

Namikaze Minato sensed his own state, closed his eyes, and continued to merge with Kyuubi’s chakra.


A few minutes later, eight tails had already appeared behind Namikaze Minato, and his eyes also became scarlet red beast eyes. A whisker-like Naruto appeared on his face, and his mind was somewhat blurred.

When he was about to lose his mind, Namikaze Minato removed Bijuu’s coat and regained control of his body. Namikaze Minato breathed a sigh of relief, then wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said, “The negative emotions in Kurama’s chakra are really terrible. I was almost devoured.”

“From what I saw just now, the Eight-Tails is the limit. Minato ni-san, you and Kurama should still need some time to get used to each other,” Yamanaka Ryo said.

Namikaze Minato nodded. “I will grasp the power of Kurama as soon as possible. Please take care of me during this period of time. Kyuubi!”

Yin Kyuubi coldly snorted and did not say anything. Namikaze Minato smiled. He knew that Yin Kyuubi had agreed.


In the following days, everyone began to cultivate crazily, seizing every moment to improve themselves. Yamanaka Ryo was no exception.

After settling Namikaze Minato and Kyuubi, he teleported to the Ice World.

Yamanaka Ryo planned to achieve further evolution of the ice element in this final time.

It had been more than 30 years since Yamanaka Ryo discovered the power of the ice element. In these 30 years, Yamanaka Ryo has been using the power of the ice element almost all the time.

It could be said that no one in this world knew this power better than him, especially after fusing with the eye power of Korin and Rinnegan. Yamanaka Ryo’s ice had undergone a qualitative change, becoming a special existence that could contend with Truth-Seeking Ball.

But even so, with Yamanaka Ryo’s current strength and state, it was impossible to defeat the Otsutsuki clan’s Leader, who was stronger than Kaguya.

From the perspective of the power system, Rinnegan and Juubi were already the strongest forces in this world. Yamanaka Ryo could not improve himself from this aspect, so he still looked at the ice elements.

Now, Yamanaka Ryo’s ice could be said to have been developed to the extreme, reaching the level of freezing space. When the space was frozen, the people in the space would also be frozen.

However, this level was not enough. What Yamanaka Ryo wanted was to freeze even time, at least to the level of freezing people’s five senses, giving people the illusion that time was frozen.

There were only two ways to achieve this. The first was to increase his own strength and use his powerful strength to freeze the ice elements. The second was to reduce the temperature of the ice and close to absolute zero.

Yamanaka Ryo was temporarily unable to achieve the first method, so he could only think of a way to reduce the temperature of the ice. That was why Yamanaka Ryo came to the world of ice.

The world of ice was Yamanaka Ryo’s world. Because this world was made of ice, the temperature was much lower than the outside world. That was why Yamanaka Ryo came to the world of ice to merge with the ice and find a way to reduce the temperature of his ice in the world ice.

Just like this, time passed day by day.


Half a month later, Namikaze Minato had completely grasped Kyuubi’s strength. Obito also absorbed the eye power of that Rinnegan. One of his eyes turned into Rinnegan, and Lain also gained a lot from Katsuyu’s main body.

When the three of them returned to Konoha, Yamanaka Ryo had also completed his own cultivation.

When the three of them saw Yamanaka Ryo, they were all stunned. They were very sure that the person in front of them was Yamanaka Ryo, but the feeling Yamanaka Ryo gave them was very different from before.

“Nii-san, what happened when I wasn’t here? Why do I feel like you are a different person?” Lain asked a little strangely.

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