Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 71


Jiraya didn’t expect that Sakumo would agree with such a “crazy” plan. He and Ryo were willing to sneak into the Sand’s camp and assassinate their Sensor Ninjas!

“I don’t agree with this plan. You are the Commander in charge of the Wind Country battlefront. Leave this to me.”

“Jiraya, you don’t trust my strength? Besides, I’m going in with Ryo. His Ice teleportation is becoming comparable to Minato’s Flying Thunder God in many respects, and you’ve just seen his camouflage technique. If we’re careful, we’ll be fine even if we fail.”

Sakumo’s words were obvious; he was indeed going this time, and Jiraya could only nod. 

After the three agreed, Sakumo learned the Chakra Hiding secret technique from Ryo, and spent another day practicing it.

On the third night, Sakumo and Ryo started their operation. They planned to sneak into the Sand camp under the cover of night.

The two were still in Sakumo’s tent when they hid their Chakra. Only the three of them should know about this operation, so they had to hide it even from their own Sensor Ninjas.

At night, Konoha’s camp is patrolled mainly by the Aburame’s insects, and those don’t detect the two. If the Hyuga Ninjas doesn’t receive a signal from the Aburame clan, they usually rest their Byakugans at night. So the two opened the barrier and left.

The Sand camp wasn’t too far off of Konoha’s. There was a small piece of desert between the two. It didn’t take them long to get near the enemy.

“Sakumo san, hold on.” Ryo stopped the sprinting Sakumo from advancing.

“What’s the matter Ryo?” Sakumo looked strangely at Ryo.

“We should wait some more before we take action. Most people sleep the heaviest between 2 and 3 in the morning. Even Ninjas should be relatively less alert at that time.”

Sakumo looked up at the location of the moon in the sky and agreed with Ryo’s proposal. 

At 1 am, the two began their operation. Sakumo looked for a weak spot in the Sand boundary around the camp, and then easily destroyed it. 

The two entered the Sand camp from that gap, and Ryo placed an Ice Scalpel placed ice scalpel behind before doing so. 

Once they were in the Camp, the two used the shadows of tents to hide themselves. 

With the infiltration being successful, Ryo started looking for the Ninjas with more spiritual power than that of other people.

Unlike Konoha, the Sand didn’t have families that specialize in Sensor Ninjutsu. People with outstanding spiritual power were scattered among clans. Sakumo needed Ryo to identify and locate Sensor Ninja, so the two could only act together.

They infiltrated the camp from its left-most side. Ryo used his Clan’s Telepathy to communicate with his leader, and the two started scanning the whole camp from left to right.

A Ninja is already much more vigilant than an average person. In particular, sensor ninjas have much more spiritual power. Therefore, they use that to perceive the world much more clearly.

But Sakumo and Ryo used the Sand Spy’s technique to hide their Chakra. The sensor Ninja’s throats were being cut one after anotherwith Ryo’s Charka Scalpel.

As for Sakumo, he didn’t use his usual Chakra infused blade, as that would emit white light. The target was just assassination, and he wasn’t in battle. 

Sakumo used an ordinary knife and harvested the enemies’ lives under Ryo’s guidance.

“Sakumo san, don’t go near that tent. I sense a lot of Chakra there, despite the fact that the whole tent has only one person inside. It should be Shukaku’s Jinchuriki.”

Sakumo was approaching that tent as he heard Ryo. So he just skipped it. 

After that, it didn’t take them much longer to eliminate all the sleeping Sensor Ninjas across the camp.

“Sakumo san, what’s left now are the ones on patrol. We’ve already killed 62 Sensor Ninjas, and now we’re left with 31 who are awake.”

“Ryo, how many people are patrolling the camp?”

“About 300. Like our camp, most of them are Sensor Ninjas and from the Barrier squad, with some Jonins to protect them.” Many of the Ninjas that Ryo has detected were watching the barrier. So he presumed that they were of the same class as those of Konoha.  

“We should kill them all. Now we should act as fast as possible without ever being detected.”

After Ryo cut the communication, the two proceeded to action. The 300 patrol squads, mostly composed of Barrier and Sensor Ninjas, pose no problem for the White Fang Hatake Sakumo.

His method was simple and brutal. He’d rush in on them and retreat, killing them stealthily and quickly one at a time, and before they know it, a whole team would be dead.

Ryo didn’t change his methods. However, he replaced the Thunder Chakra Mode blink with the use of his Ice Scalpel. He went in, located his targets, and placed his Ice Scalpels in advances.

With over a dozen of them placed in strategic place, Ryo teleported back and forth between them, killing his targets. In the blink of an eye, a whole other team was executed. 

In under an hour, all the Sensor Ninjas in the Sand camp were taken care of by The White Fang and Ryo.

“Sakumo san, now that we’ve finished our mission, you leave ahead of me. I have something that I need to deal with.”

“No, the task has been completed, immediately retreat!”

“Sakumo san, I placed an Ice scalpel where we broke in. You go first; I’ll follow you in 5 minutes.”

Sakumo knew of that Ice scalpel, so he was reassured and gave Ryo permission to stay that long.

After he left, Ryo took out his headband and put it into a Sensor Ninja’s hand, then melted all the Ice Scalpels in the camp.

Ryo’s purpose was to create doubts and give the Sand what seems to be a fake clue, affecting the Kazekage’s judgment. As long as there’s no action detected in Konoha’s camp, the Sand shouldn’t have them as their primary object of suspicion.

After being through with that, he ran to a place within 50 meters of Ice Scalpel on the left side of the camp; then he teleported there and rejoined Sakumo.

The two turned around and left, going straight towards Konoha’s camp. On the way Ryo explained what he just did to Sakumo. This way, He made sure that Sakumo won’t get the camp to do anything unusual in the three following days.

In Konoha’s camp, Jiraya was still in Sakumo’s tent waiting for the two to come. As time went by, he became more and more irritated.

“I hope Sakumo san and the Kid are okay. The enemy’s camp is close; they should be here by now!”

“Of course we’re okay!” Ryo’s sudden appearance jump scared Jiraya, who finally was relieved when he saw Sakumo following Ryo slowly into the tent.

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