Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 81


Leaving the seventh training ground, Ryo rushed straight home. It had been a year and a half since he saw his mother Chinse, and he missed her so much.

In his clan’s land, Ryo’s entrance wasn’t sensed. After all, everyone’s attention was elsewhere. 

The Yamanaka clan was all really busy. The clan’s head, Inoichi Yamanaka, was getting married. So everyone was preparing for the wedding. 

Ryo entered the house where his mother lived, and didn’t find anyone. He looked around and eventually had no choice but to enter Sage Mode. When he did that, he could easily locate her.

To his surprise, his mother was in a hotel in Konoha that’s usually rented by foreigners. Ryo did not remember that his mother had friends outside the village.

So he left Sage mode and entered the Ice Lightning Chakra mode instead. He blinked out and soon arrived at the Hotel.

It looked very luxurious and had a high-end feel to it. Ryo didn’t want to be stalled by the hotel clerk so he blinked directly to the second floor.

At his speed in the Ice lightning Chakra mode, even the three tomoe Sharingan could only capture his trajectory. No one was able to see him entering.

Coming in front of the room where his mother was, he heard a burst of laughter inside. Hearing his mother laugh made his feel warm inside.

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?” asked a woman in the room.

“Hello, I’m Ryo Yamanaka. Is my mother Chinse in the room? I…” 

He wasn’t through talking when the door was opened. Hearing her son’s voice, Chinse immediately ran towards him.

Looking at the son she hadn’t seen for a year and half, now almost as tall as her, Chinse couldn’t hold her tears.

“Hey, Chinse san, do you want to enter?” said the woman in the room.

The two entered the room, and Chinse remained excited. It actually took a good while for her to calm down. 

“Ryo, this is Kazuha, your brother’s fiancée.” Before asking about Ryo’s situation on the battlefield, Chinse introduced the other woman in the room to him. 

Ryo realized that this other woman was Inoichi’s fiancée. She was beautiful and very kind. Her eyes and eyebrows were actually similar to his mother’s. 

The main thing making her stand out was her civilian clothing. Well, Ryoko did tell him that she was indeed a civilian.

“Hi I’m Ryo Yamanaka, pleased to meet you!” 

“And I’m Kazuha, it’s my pleasure!”

After the introductions, Kazuha kept staring at Ryo for a while. She was very interested in this super genius Yamanaka that everyone was talking about.

“Chinse san, I don’t want to hide anything from Ryo. I heard Inoichi say before that the two are brothers.” Said Kazuha. 

“Mother, sister, what can I do for you?” Her words made Ryo embarrassed, so he actually bowed his head saying that.

“Kazuha is a Ninja from the Water Country, from the Hidden Mist village. Inoichi brought her back with him from the battlefield.” Said Chinse. 

Ryo felt thunderstruck by the news. He finally understood why Ino’s mother didn’t seem to stand out all. How did this happen?

After the 4th Ninja World War, the ninja villages became open to each-other. Mutual marriages became a common thing. 

But now, this is the period in which the 3rd World War is getting to its fiercest point. But still, Inoichi’s bride is from the Hidden Mist?

“Well, how did you get to know Inoichi Nii-san?” 

Kazuha answered him, and he understood how it happened.

It turned out that while she and her companions were on duty, they encountered Inoichi. In his battle against them, he got seriously injured.

So he took a window he found and grabbed Kazuha as a hostage to be able to leave.

To her surprise, her companions abandoned her, and the two were knocked down a river together.

Fortunately, her injuries were not serious. She saved Inoichi and treated his wounds.

When he woke up, he felt guilty about trying to take her hostage, while she felt disappointed with the Hidden Mist. With that, their relationship gradually developed.

Because of his injuries, Inoichi took a good while to return to Konoha’s camp. Within that time, the two ended up liking each other. 

In the end, Kazuha let him look into her memories to make sure that she wasn’t a spy for her village, and then voluntarily had her Chakra sealed to become a civilian and a new member of the Yamanaka clan.

“Mother, does the Hokage know about this?”

“He knows, Hokage Sama already agreed. It’s just that…” Chinse didn’t finish her words, making Ryo feel anxious.

“Mother, if there’s anything, just tell me!” Ryo urged her.

“It’s just that Danzo san does not agree with this marriage, and wants to ban her from the village. However, Hokage sama didn’t agree with him, and he had relieved him from his duties.”

Listenening to his mother, Ryo’s impression of the 3rd improved again. He actually felt that he needed to warn him about Danzo’s future plots.

After that, Ryo and his mother bid farewell to the bride and returned home, where they chatted until late at night.

After leaving his mother’s room, Ryo didn’t go straight to bed. Instead, he entered Sage Mode, and looked for Danzo.

He had never wanted to face him so early, but Danzo was interfering with his family. Ryo had to act.

With the enhanced perception of the Sage Mode, he located him easily.

“Root is actually underground!” Ryo left Sage Mode for the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode, rushing towards the entrance of their headquarters. 

After he took care of the guards, he left an Ice scalpel at the entrance and went straight in.

The place was large, and out of caution, Ryo placed an Ice scalpel every 40 meters. 

Since Danzo was dismissed by the 3rd, Root was forced to disband. Only a few Ninjas remained, so Ryo didn’t encounter any root members along the way.

When he went as deep as once could be, they started appearing. Still, there was only a bit over a dozen.

“Ryo Yamanaka, what brings you to Root?” After having over a dozen men surrounding Ryo, Danzo appeared.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, so I wanted to say hi, Danzo san!”

Most of the men around him were Tokubetsu Jonins, and there were 2 jonins among them. Danzo was hiding his arm that’s been cut by the Sakumo under his cloak.

Ryo was Kage tier now, so he didn’t fear any of them. Besides, if any problem accrues, he can always use the Ice teleportation to escape. 

“You greetings have been received, you can go now!” Danzo asked Ryo to leave.

Ryo didn’t seem to pay attention to him, but he still smiled slightly. Then with a flash of lightning, he stunned all of the men around him.

“Danzo san, please be a bit more careful in the future. Sakumo san was able to cut off that arm of yours. A Yamanaka could do the same again.” Danzo’s face showed indifference to Ryo’s words, before he disappeared.

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